Friday, June 30, 2006

i've got a grreeeaaaaaaaaaatttttttt news 2day!!!

class starts at 2pm 2day..
i was in the class, chit chatting n all, lecturer not thr yet..
thn a woman came in d class n asked "is Ng Chee Kin here??"

thn i looked up n put up my hands.."i am!"
i was blur, i thought she wanna tell me something bout d scholarship...
but to my surprise, to everyone's surprise, she said "CONGRATULATIONS!!!you've wont eh 1st prise for the Aquaria Mascot Design!!!!"

i was like "OMG!!!!u muz b kidding man!!"
my frens were all like "serious shit???"
this is realli a shocking news to everyone!!hahahahaha!!
thn i talked to the lady...she asked me to mail her the design in JPEG format n said the management will see me to refine a lil bit on the design...
n i asked her.."how did i win???i mean, im not so satisfied wif my design myself u know???"
she said "the other designs were to cute..Aquaria want a heroic looking mascot..a macho 1..n ur gave the feeling of what thy want.."

1st of all, i wanna thank my frens!!who gave me comments on the design n teach me to improve it better..n also some of them encourage me to go for it..

remember tht there's 1 point i nearly gave up??hahahah!!
haihz..u c..hard work pays off...n also, where there's a will, there's a way...akakakak
so ppl, dn give up till the last minute...
miracle does happen sometimes... =)

now i've got 2 tics for to Sydney..ahahahah!!!woo-HHOOO!!

i wish MeiYee would share this wif me..but..haiz..
but i did send her an sms bout this..i told her i was very happy..
i just wanna share this wif her la..haha

well, when bad things are over, good things, dn b too upset when u're goin thru sumthg bad.. =)


Thursday, June 29, 2006

29th June's my birthday 2day!!hehe
plan wif my frens to watch Superman Returns 2day..
so v were goin for the 1130am movie..

i reached pyramid, n get the the tics 1st since the others hasnt reach yet..
ok, my frens gave me a surprise..
they are KienMing,ZQ,ChentCheat,Ningli,Valerius, n YewJin!!
this is what thy do..
thy gave the cake to the TGV staffs..n asked them to keep it..n bla bla bla..
so when it's time for movie, Ningli asked me to buy her popcorn..

Ningli : eh, go buy popcorn for me faster!!

Me : u cant buy urself ar??y me??

Ningli : u like to belanja 1 ma..go lah faster!!!

Me : okla okla..teng~n since when i like to belanja???haha

thn without any curiosity, or doubt, i went to the counter n ordered for a regular caramel popcorn..the staffs were readying the cake in front of me, but i din c it..ahahahaha!!!!
n suddenly the cashier gave me a popcorn n a bday cake!!
n there goes the birthday song~hehee..i'm really surprised!!hahaa!!
but i have to pay rm4.20 for the popcorn..
so..u have to pay huh to get a surprise..HAHAHAH!!!jus kidding la..
anyway, relli thank them alot..
thanks to everyone!!Yewchin,Wayne n Abby who came n join me makan...
thanks to BoonLim,CKeat,Ramsey,Nic,SooHwa,Fadzil,GimChoon,my sis, my bros,my aunt,Joanne,EngJu,Winnie,Esther,Amanda,LingLing,Carol,Leeping,PakYin,Stephanie,Cynthia and Rachel!!! thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!

oh ya..i missed out 1 person..yes, it's her..MeiYee..
n no..she din wish me..i din hear or even SEE any birthday wish from her..
how sad huh when d person u wish to hear from doesnt wish u..
whether she has forgotten it, or just duwan to wish me, i dunno..
but..after all, we've been very close once..
well, who am i to her now??nobody...

anyway guys, i did had a happy birthday~hehe
thanks again!!

but sorry, tear's rolling down my cheek now..

-still waiting for u-

Saturday, June 24, 2006

got up this morning n saw the car back from workshop!!!
although not my car, sis 1, but i!!!
it's like "i've been thru quite an experience wif it"

when i look at it 2day, i was like "hey!!!u're back!!"
i also was like.."dude, im sorry..."

i miss her(MeiYee)..dunno y, but i just miss her =)

-miss ya!-

Monday, June 19, 2006

went to coll 2day n 1st cloass wats Life Drawing..
what v're doin in this class now is sculpturing..
so there's like no lecture in class, just do ur work, build ur sculpture of a human..
n there were these few classmates, get bored, did this!!!!

u c what i learn in coll now?AHHAHA

boys and gurls, don't try this at home..ekekekek

thn aftr my 2nd class, was goin off to watch Tokyo Drift..i passed my sculpture to a fren,ZQ cz im talking on the fon..thn a few Astro Supersport staffs approached us n ask ZQ to let them shoot the sculpture e's holding n also wanna ask him a few ques regarding the World Cup..

thn ZQ said "this thg is his 1!!"(point at me) n he gave the sculpture back to me..

im like.."wat the hell????"n the next thg i c, the cameraman on his position n all, mic in front of sculpture, next to me..LOL!!!

so blardeeeee embarrassing!!!!im not ready!!!!!!!!AHHAHAHAHA

n 1 of them started asking me questions bout World Cup..i mean like..c'mon, im not a football fan...hahaha!u ask the wrong person!!!!but i did watch some matches like Brazil, England n Japan..i din watch other teams..hahaha!

so thy ask me questions bout USA, Czech Republic n i just main tembak the answer, making myself like a fool in front of the camera..LOL!!!!

n finally he asked me the easiest question.."who u thk will win World Cup 2006?" n i just say "Brazil." hahaha!main tembak also la..but i guess so..Ronaldinho's Godlike~hahaha

other teams have good players also...hard to say la Word Cup..the ball is round...hehe

anyway, went n watch Tokyo Drift..its a woo-hoo~

people, watch this's so chunted..the driftings, the cars, the hawtties~but i focused more on the driftings..its like..HOLY SHIT~when i 1st saw them drifting n banging..reminds me of the accident...LOL!!!of cz, not as cool as tht la..hahaha!!

anyway, go watch the show..the storyline..aint tht bad..but just go n watch for the sake of the driftings...far better than Initial


Sunday, June 18, 2006

woke up 2day from a dream..a bad or good 1, i dunno
i dreamt her, pregnant, came to me with him
hahahaha!!!silly huh???
but who knows in future this might happen??haha
me tht time mayb wif my 2nd or 3rd child already..ekekeke~

i still think of her..i still miss her...
i still keep our pics my wallet, on my coll ID tag, in my fon, in my wardrobe...
y huh??i thought i said b4 that i'd already found an end??
izzit so hard to let someone go?
takkan i cant let it go?
this is so not me...

nvm, this proves that im serious in the relationship with her..
n yes..MeiYee, from the beginning, i am serious in our relationship..
i never thought of playing with ur feelings or ditching u half way n all..
never thought of whether we will break some day or what...
i always think of how our future is gonna be..
i only think of how to make our relationship better...
i always think of how to make u happy, how to make both of us happy 2gether..
im always true to u...
i always thought we can compromise..

but u gave up half way..
n all i have to do is to just watch you go..
continue on with my own life, going after what i desire..
n at the same time hoping that ure doing alright..
guess i need to learn from u, start looking for my own happiness =)
which had left me 2 months ago...


Saturday, June 17, 2006

i dunno where to write the title for my posts!!!lol!!listening to Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies songs..thy do punk covers for other songs..example, thy make songs like "I Believe I Can Fly" to punk rock's nice!!listen to them..
have their songs wif me long time ago edi.suddenly fel like listening to them 2day..hahaha!into punk rock mood~

2day's boring, went to coll n bla bla bla...class finish early..blardee wasted rm10+ for the taxi, just to go for a 2hr class..
aftr class, went n look at figurins in Anime-Tech to get some ideas on my weapon design...
they're like wow~~
wanna start collecting figurins edi..hehehe

been working on the weapon designs whole day..still not quite satisfied with the current, i'm not creative enuff, cant make a nice chun, beautiful weapon...
wa nna make 1 where my lecturer will go "Wow!this is good!!!"
have to hand in the whole design next Friday..arggg~

need to look for more reference to build ideas edi..
here are some sketches..


Friday, June 16, 2006

nothing to say bout 2day, but i'll say a lil bit bout ytrday, 15th June 2006
its a fren's bday, NingLi..

v planned a surprise bday bash for her..
d day b4 she's like asking us to go The Curve..but v said its not convenient..v have got not enuff cars thr..just go sumwhere near our coll n eat la..
thn she said "oklor..haiz..but i wan The Curve la.."

actually i had everythg in plan..v actually have enuff cars..ekekeke
so, to her, v're goin sumwhr in Subang to have dinner for her bday aftyer her class, at 730pm..

it all started like a normal day..everyone went to coll n bla bla bla..
aftr my class, i went n look for her with KM..she's wif Auntie Anne's (pyramid)
i told her i couldnt make it for dinner cz i have to rush for my assignments..but KM nthe otehrs will be joining her..thn i left

she has class from 530pm-730pm..between tht time, YewJin,ZQ,CC,Shaun n I went n get a present for her n a cake..

it was 710pm..Uchin n CZ told Ningli tht thy cant make it also..uchin not feeling well, CZ have to go to Ningli, there's only 4 left joining her for dinner..she's unhappy~~~wahahhaha!!!syok~syok!!!(too bad, no video cam..)

anyway, aftr Uchin left, she called me..around 711pm...

Uchin : OIH!class finish d..u all ready edi?

Me : what???soi early 1???still buying present la..havent buy the cake..try to slow ningli down

Uchin : i cant la..she thought i goin abck d..

Me : aiyak..okla..i try to rush

so i rushed n grab the cakes n all n tell Uchin n others to meet at 6th floor car park(where ningli parked her car)

so v look around the whole area for her car..n found it..v placed the cake n prezzies on top of her car booth, light the candles n all..
thn while everyopne's getting ready, i went to the place whr u pay the parking tic to check whether ningli's coming anot..

thn i saw her n give signal to the others to start hiding..together wif her was KM,Amanda,Abby n Fad..

v hid pathetically n v waited..QUITE long again..Ningli actually forgotten whr she parked her car!!!OMG...tht gal ar..haiz...

anyway, she found her car n she's like "y my car on fire 1???"hahahaha!!! thn she saw the cakes n all..she was surprised, i guess..n all of us came out from the places v hid n sang the bday song for her..
there were a few gals who parked beside her car got shocked by us..AHHAHAHA!!!
anyway, who would expect a bday surprise in a carpark?
pathetic?i guess's fun~

from 4 person dinner became 10 person..ahahaha~

Ningli's "dream" came true..v went The Curve n have dinner in the end..n yea..had lotsa fun thr~went to TGI Fridays..
here r the pics...

the Birthday Girl, buncit Ningli(ekekeke)

-mission accomplished-

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i finally finished the Aquaria Mascot Design!!!
i used Adobe Illustrator n Photoshop..
as i said, where there's a will, there's a way...hehehe
i started doing it at 830pm last nite until 7am this morning, non-stop...
here's the design

k, im not gonna talk about y i chose shark, y this y!!!
it's not tht perfect yet..hmm..not enuff time..


guess wat..2day i went to college, print the design, put it all in an envelope n hand it in..
n u know what????
someone told me.. "the competition's deadline has extended to 21st June.." which is 1 more like..WTF?????i rushed like 1 sohai ytrday n now u telling me this???
relli char dou...
if i know earlier, i would have the time to make it look betta n add some interesting backgrounds for it..but i already printed it n hand in..the printing is expensive though..

nvm, jz let it be...
u know y the dateline is extended?because there are only 5 ppl who actually join this competition...AHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!

it will b proud to tell ppl... "hey, i got the 5th placing for the Aquaria Mascot Design competition"
anyway, the 1st prize is 2 tics of trip to Sydney...dn playplay...ekekek

ok, gotta work back on my assignment..weapon design..


Monday, June 12, 2006


this is for my Aquaria Mascot Design Competition which i mention b4 in my previous blog..
the dateline is this Wednesday, 14/06/06 (it HAVE to b 14 ler..damn..)
anyway, i have now n tommorrow to finish the design..

i came up with a design n concept its time to choose which media im suppose to use...
so i tried it yesterday...

-i used marker(grey n black) which i jz learn, on the 1st fren said looks rather boring..the color looks dull..

-i used poster color n marker 2gether (doesnt look as dull, but i shouldnt color the character grey..not attractive..)

-i used poster n yellow..(cz of my bad skill, the whole work looks rather dirty n i din reach the expectation i want..

so i have 2 ways left..marker(blue+yellow) or use Adobe Illustrator+Photoshop...
i chose marker cz im more confident wif it..
so i went to the shop to get the blue n yellow color, but they have no
thn i left the oni way, computer..
i borrowed the Adobe CD from my fren..i went home, the cd rom spoiled..WTF!!!!!

so..what does this mean???wanna push me till the end???duwan me to join???i left less than 2 days to finish the whole not oni gonna do 1 piece, but 4-5 pieces!!!

anyway, my frens n cousin said the character looks good..the conceopt is also there..

i gotta find a way out of this..iskkk...there's always a window in a locked room...
if u ask me to jz use poster color n all, erm, i'd rather not pass up an ugly piece of shit.. =)


Sunday, June 11, 2006

was thinking 2day...
i realise tht my frens n family cared for me much more than i used to thought...
the car accident tht day opened my eyes to these..

like i said, i thought thy're gonna screw me but thy didnt(my family)
my frens were like asking me how am i doing n all...
even ppl who im not close to also asked me..
n even ppl who used to hate me asked bout my condition..
ppl who i betrayed also asked bout my condition..
the guilt in me grew stronger cz of this..hahaha!!

but..where is she??
dn thk she even know bout it..

anyway, anythg wif me also have got nothing to do with her already...same as the other way round..just need to get use to it..

anyway, what im trying to say here is..dn thk tht the people around u doesnt love u or care for u..they do, but u wont know..
so, treasure them when u still have the chance...

n for those who're heartbroken, there are still many out there who needs ur love n ur care..
my frens used to tell me these when im heartbroken tht time..haha!
its easy to say, hard to do..i know..i've experienced it..

besides people, there are also things which need ur is FOOOOOOD!!!

love food people, love's the most beautiful thing on earth

wanna go grab sum pizzas now


Saturday, June 10, 2006

it's the 1st post here in Blogger!!for my last posts, refer to my friendster acc..
EngJu asked me to change to othr blog..there are some others also suggesting me to i did now..hehe

watch Cars animated movie by Disney n Pixar...
at 1st i thought this movie is so-so oni..i watch it for the animation thy do only..
but, this movie is real good..ill rate it 5 out of 5...humourus, touching, n has moral in it..actually every Disney Pixar movie also have these
but the storyline for Cars is nice also..

i read an article bout Cars..the people did lotsa researched for this took them bout 4 yrs to complete it..thy do stuffs like going for an actual race and snapping pictures in carparks to understand a car more..i mean, the movement..aiming to make the car as lively as possible..thy intended to make the audience have a differnt feeling on cars aftr watching the when u c a car, u know it's characteristics..

bout the movie, go watch's worthy

here roughly shows the progress of a 3D animation..picture speaks a thousand words