Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Months Later...LOL
sorry for the long-din-post. lolz
for those who doesnt know, erm..I'd quit Young Jump after 2 months. LOLz
very big contrast with my previous post eh? ahahah
Come ask me if you wanna know why^^

anyway, I'm now in Fly Studio as CG Artist. it's in Kelana Jaya n of cz, NEARRRR. ahhaha
over here we do nearly everything but mainly TV Commercials lah.

I like my new job and pictures that you're gonna see answer it all..hahah
Here are the pictures taken in Fly Studio during my 1st week working there xD

something i did during 1st day, waiting for my workplace to be ready lolz

and YES! i came on the right time!! 1901 time! LOLz for those who dont know, every 19th of the month 1901's hotdog cost only RM1.99. but oni for 2 type. go check it urself^^
at 930am me n another colleague were waiting in Pyramid's 1901 stall. there are 2 stalls. we conquer both. LOLLL altogether, 75 pieces we bought ahah

and we have our very own superhero, Fly Rider! ahha super cool design

that's the man behind the mask. HAHA