Sunday, February 25, 2007

how to sleep???teach to sleeeeeep?????
dah la alot of stuff playing in my mind..made me cant fall asleep..
now adding my's getting worse..
i cant luff, i cant speak loud, i cant even do a light exercise or work..
just lying on the bed, so hard to breathe already..
now sitting down, still ok..
so how???sit down n sleep???ARGGG!!

ok, duwan sleep..go do assignment..but fcuk it man, d color i want for marker no ink..
just kill me man

thk tmr go c doctor n get MC d..
but i cant miss my marker classsss!!!cz the assignment must do on the spot!!!
so if i dn go class = i dn do 1 assignment..
urrggg...kill me again man


Saturday, February 24, 2007

i'm so stuck.
stuck in everything.
stuck in work issues, stuck in personal issues.
n now, i'm stuck in blogging...dunno exactly wat i wanna say.

1 more day, coll is starting. thk back wat i did this whole cny holiday, nothing valueable...
not even my assignments..urgg...
everytime i touch my assignment, i'll get stuck n question myself "what do you want?? what kinda design you want?what kinda mood you want??"
n until now, i still dont have a clear answer on it..and when i dunno what i want, i cant fcking start my work.

for Maya still life modelling, i KNOW what i want. but i DONT KNOW how to do, i'm stuck again.

this whole holiday week is crappy to me. i wasn't at all happy or enjoy during this holiday.
if u ask me y, i dont fcking know. *guys do have period sometimes* :)
not to say i dn go out n have fun...i did, went gambling, clubs, visitng n all..but i just dont realli enjoy all of em. just feel something's missing.
besides, im having a slight asthma at the makes me hard to breathe by just climbing the damn stairs..goshhh

most of d time i jz stayed at home watch anime, guitar n play PS2 racing
oh ya, d thg tht i enjoyed most during this CNy is the foooooddd!!! especially d spaghetti n roti jala wif chicken curry at Sean's place!!! yummy yummy~

n i actually watched a talkshow..about living a happy life.

* this part is rather boring, n u might not understand wat im saying cz myself also dn! skip it if u wan :)

basically its like an interview on a person to share his experience in life la.
sounds boring, but my bro was watching, so i jz joined him lar.

so this man said "i ask myself everyday, which day is most important to me?which day is my wonderful day?"
everytime when he's not happy, he wish tht the day will pass faster, n the next day come faster. to him, "2day is a miserable day...i want a new day to come quickly."
d next day came, still d same..miserable for again, he wished for the same thing..
after many many many days..he still have miserable days..
but this time, he realise th most important n wonderful day in his life is actually Today. not yesterday, not tommorrow, but Today.
how many TODAYs have he wasted n living it unhappily?
for a human, only have approximately 36500 days to live. and that is a very very very small amount.
even USD36500 also is a small amount right??

so basically, it's like the chinese saying "unhappy, u'll still live that day..happy, u will also live that day. so y not live ur day happily?"

n now, i regret i didnt enjoy my 1 week holiday happily..n i know, i will nvr get back those days.
but if God would give me a chance, i duwan back this holiday.
i want back the day, which is like a dream to me..that happened weeks behind X)

anyway, d bottom line is, ENJOY UR TODAY TO THE FULLEST!!!

arrgg..still ahve tonnes of assignemnt waiting for me..
man, i want back my holiday to do my work!!! AHAHAHA

Monday, February 19, 2007


i would say this CNY is rather quiet..aint as fun n happening as b4.
mayb cz i dn c ppl playing fire crackers and lion la, but VERY little.
the mood...takde.

for my part of CNY, also the same..not as fun as b4!

1st Day - as usual, go grandma's hse..whole family wore RED RED! ahaha!!
thn went to stuffy and hot there, n also super lotz of expected, 1st day of CNY.
every CNY 1st day, d whole family will go for movie..n this kinda outing is relli once a year for my family..ahhaha
but not this year..i was suggesting Protege, but none of my aunts n uncle are interested..if it's Jackie Chan, they sure go..
Andy Lau...ok-ok la..dun go also nvm..ahahah
so just stayed at grandma's hse watch TV n eat..thats all..not even gambling!!omg..
din relli do any visiting, my family's d only place, grandma hse..ahaha
at night pulak, stayed at home, hoping my fon to ring so tht ppl will call me out *sad eh*
ended up playing PS2, Maya, on9. watch anime..AHAHAH!! n tht's my 1st day CNY.

2nd day - same. go grandma hse again. ahaha
din do much also, same as d day b4, watch TV, eat...n still, no gambling. so so so weird...whole family dn seem to have the gambling mood among ourselves this year..wonder wats wrong man..ahaha
but at night, d fun came..Jalan Catur Casino finally got customer...wahahah
few of my frens came over to lose some money. wahhaha!!
but i no win no lose la...teng~
after that, went to some port in klang, but not PortKlang, n ppl fishing. thn mamak.
ahahaha!! wat a CNY!!!

guess d coming days will be more happening, cz most frens are available by tht time..
iskkk...y la u all go back hometown sooo long~~~so sien la me over here!!!!

better save some days for assignments..urrggg
lecturers, assignments banyak...ang pao satu pun tak adak!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy CHinese New Year to allll my frens!!!
just a blink of eyes, it's already CNY...darn fast the time passes..

i realised something 2day..
i'm kinda interested in filming. im kinda confuse now..
i wonder after getting my diploma in animation,
i thought of like..continue my study, but in in more to b a director mayb?
but that's near impossible la..unless i try for scholarship

animation is also part of filming anyway..
but wat i learn in animation is d design n technical part..

what i wanna learn in filming is do u direct movies..
bottom line, im interested in learning to direct movies..ahha
though, im already learning some basics in filming from my storyboard class..
but i actually wanna know more

so wat i can do now, research n know more..
n watch MORE movies..wakakaka.. *frens, know wat to do la huh?i know u all very free 1* bwahahaha

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday was a horrible day i would say..
went Ruums for Blastoff final, but entrance closed, v're too late..
thn frens had some probs also..
thn i was LOST in Cheras for 1 1/2 hrs!!! *getting lost alone, dunno where on earth u are is rather scary* besides, my fon no batt..
so i guess my frens n i had a bad day tht day..
10th February 2007, i'll never forget u..

since everyone is not happy on tht day, here's a funny thing to cheer u guys up!!!

BoonLim's goin back to Aussie on d 16th, so v went out yum char la wif few more frens..
my fren was coming to pick me up, go Asia..
so i was waiting for them..
n i saw a car came..i thought they're here already...i thought..
i went down, head to the car straight.
i opened d door, goin inside the car d.. *1 leg already inside, was about to sit down*

i said "yo man!!!how u guys??" selamba je..
thn i look d back seat, a boy sitting there...i tak kenal 1..
so i thought my fren brought along some fren who i dunno..

thn i continued "eh?who's this?ur fren ar?"
i turned to the driver seat......a malay guy..i also dunno 1..
thn i quickly turned to the front passenger seat...ALSO tak kenal 1!!!

3 of them stared at me, blur blur... "apa?"
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA...OMG, im in the wrong car!!!ahahaha!!!how dumb am i!!!
thn i quickly "opps, sorry sorry, salah kereta..." n ciao
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH..luff till stomach pain after that...LOL

tht was soooo embarassing..luckily not gonna c them anymore...
all tak kenal 1..LOL!!stupid sialll

anyway, Blastoff winner's Aunty Mable!!woo-hoo!!
believe it or not, when i was having band practise for some performance, Aunty Mable was actually practising in the next studio room of ours!!!
thn thy came into our studio room n sang along while we're practising!!
i feel kinda proud eh!!ahahah

-there's good in every bad-
cheer up!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

tired gilerrrrrrrrrr
430am..just finished shooting the film tht i mentioned...
n it's only 3 scenes!!!!
v have a total of 8 scenes altogether, ytrday already shot 2 scenes which also took us blardee long hours.
now left 3 more scenes to go!!n gonna be done tmr...die..
BUT, not bad the shots that v'd taken..turns out like the way we want it to be...
here are some of the shots i have..

drug dealing scenesgang fight scene one of the gang leader..LOL
3days of shooting non-stop really kills...n it's only snapshots..
i cant imagine how the next final project gonna be man..summore it's real filming d..not just pictures...

this week gonna be reeaaaallll hectic..
1) need to come out marketing questionnaire(f.y.i : my marketing lecturer is d 1st lecturer tht i truly hate n dn respect in TOA)
2)thn perspective drawings, 2 pieces summore..wif shading n crap..
3)thn presentation for Social Etiquette..
4)hand-in storyboard shooting..
5)n performance..
AAALLLLL in THIS coming week..
chi kao sin 1...

luckily 3D modelling just do research, but ALOT of, consider killing also la..
but still, i enjoy my works la..except for marketing n

oh ya, handed-in my 3D Temple..
changed the lighting d..


Thursday, February 01, 2007

just finish my very 1st 3D modelling work, Greek Temple..

cant say it's 100% done, still can improve...but i dunno where
this is a free assignment, as in like we can choose wat kinda temple we want, as long as its a temple...
n also what background and mood we want..
i chose Greek Temple,
n for the mood, i thought of a forest in the night, n this temple is just in the middle of the forest..
can feel it ar??looks kinda creepy temple huh..
to me, i thk the 2nd pic is in..more feel la..
but tht pic i only use 1 light source, the main light..
but my lecturer wanna c more least 3, cz tht's the lighting principles..Main light, Fill light n Kick light..
so i add lights here n there, n there it is in d 3rd pic. yawn----
still prefer 2nd pic..
ok, next battle,...PERSPECTIVE!!!