Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Story To Share

wow, it's been awhile.....again. lol
no special updates recently tho...but not today x)
i've something to share here!

Just this morning i was watching this video on Facebook about some policeman being rude to a woman n all that...but i think tht's quite an old story already if im not wrong cz the video looks familiar to me.

but when i got home after work, Gwen told me this incident, that actually happened this noon!

here's what happened:

Gwen n her colleague went out to look at furnitures somewhere in Balakong, and suddenly an Indonesian lady came crying asking them for help, saying that everyone she seeks for help all ignored her n left.
Well, of cz, nowadays there're so many crime n scams out there, it's quite usual to be precautious.
But Gwen n her colleague layan-ed tht Indonesian lady, and listened to what she had to say.

It seems that she got robbed and need a phone to call her husband.
After dropping her kid in school, and went home, about 5-6 men dressing in police officers' uniform went to her house and said she's suspected having illegal permit in Malaysia n need to check her home.
Being a foreigner here, she's definitely freaked out and let them in to check.
So these men started taking her jewellery n money, telling her that they're all fake stuff and asked her to follow them to Balakong Balai.
She can't do anythg but just to follow. And these men forced her to take her motorbike along to the balai.

Half way there, those men asked her to get down, took her motorcycle, n ran off n left her at the place where Gwen met her.
Gwen asked for the husband's number n gave him a call, and the husband scolded the wife really loud and all and then came n picked her up from the place.
That's the end of the story.

So, you people out there be really careful ya!
I told Gwen that lady's story could be true, but also could be a made-up. The husband could be a pakat for some scams they're planning to, I don't know. Just to take precaution x)
You never know, they used Gwen's phone, got her number n stuff, n God knows what they'll do with it. hahaha mayb i think to much.
but let's all avoid before anything happens xD