Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Story To Share

wow, it's been awhile.....again. lol
no special updates recently tho...but not today x)
i've something to share here!

Just this morning i was watching this video on Facebook about some policeman being rude to a woman n all that...but i think tht's quite an old story already if im not wrong cz the video looks familiar to me.

but when i got home after work, Gwen told me this incident, that actually happened this noon!

here's what happened:

Gwen n her colleague went out to look at furnitures somewhere in Balakong, and suddenly an Indonesian lady came crying asking them for help, saying that everyone she seeks for help all ignored her n left.
Well, of cz, nowadays there're so many crime n scams out there, it's quite usual to be precautious.
But Gwen n her colleague layan-ed tht Indonesian lady, and listened to what she had to say.

It seems that she got robbed and need a phone to call her husband.
After dropping her kid in school, and went home, about 5-6 men dressing in police officers' uniform went to her house and said she's suspected having illegal permit in Malaysia n need to check her home.
Being a foreigner here, she's definitely freaked out and let them in to check.
So these men started taking her jewellery n money, telling her that they're all fake stuff and asked her to follow them to Balakong Balai.
She can't do anythg but just to follow. And these men forced her to take her motorbike along to the balai.

Half way there, those men asked her to get down, took her motorcycle, n ran off n left her at the place where Gwen met her.
Gwen asked for the husband's number n gave him a call, and the husband scolded the wife really loud and all and then came n picked her up from the place.
That's the end of the story.

So, you people out there be really careful ya!
I told Gwen that lady's story could be true, but also could be a made-up. The husband could be a pakat for some scams they're planning to, I don't know. Just to take precaution x)
You never know, they used Gwen's phone, got her number n stuff, n God knows what they'll do with it. hahaha mayb i think to much.
but let's all avoid before anything happens xD

Friday, July 17, 2009

Masa Lapang Aku

Introducinggg WolveHULK!!!!
1st TVC job done, and am too free for this. LOL
of cz, this is not part of the TVC larh xD


Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Months Later...LOL
sorry for the long-din-post. lolz
for those who doesnt know, erm..I'd quit Young Jump after 2 months. LOLz
very big contrast with my previous post eh? ahahah
Come ask me if you wanna know why^^

anyway, I'm now in Fly Studio as CG Artist. it's in Kelana Jaya n of cz, NEARRRR. ahhaha
over here we do nearly everything but mainly TV Commercials lah.

I like my new job and pictures that you're gonna see answer it all..hahah
Here are the pictures taken in Fly Studio during my 1st week working there xD

something i did during 1st day, waiting for my workplace to be ready lolz

and YES! i came on the right time!! 1901 time! LOLz for those who dont know, every 19th of the month 1901's hotdog cost only RM1.99. but oni for 2 type. go check it urself^^
at 930am me n another colleague were waiting in Pyramid's 1901 stall. there are 2 stalls. we conquer both. LOLLL altogether, 75 pieces we bought ahah

and we have our very own superhero, Fly Rider! ahha super cool design

that's the man behind the mask. HAHA


Thursday, April 09, 2009

finallyyyy xD
i'd quit being a tutor in TOA and moved on into Young Jump Animation, in Cheras.(farrrrrrrrr)
but luckily, i have a bunch of friends to carpool with me xD

all under same company, but i'm in a different department.
they're all in Animation Department, I'm in Mocap Editing department, for a month they said x)

Mocap (Motion Capture) is this.

i guess everyone has seen this before rite? btw, this pic is Googled. LOL
so basically what i do is cleaning up the mocap animation.

For example, after shooting the actors in those black MoCap clothes, the data recorded will be generated into d computer and keyframed.
Then my department's to clean up unwanted frames and also refine the poses. And later on will pass to the Animation Department to animate the details like Facial Expression, fingers, legs, camera n so on.
Including me, my department only has 7 ppl...

we're currently working on Saladin, an animated TV series and is to be aired in Arab x)

TIRING!!! cz of the travel time..
but it's great to learn new thing! n i miss Maya..LOL cz we use Motion Builder for Mocap

already a week in Young Jump, and I'm still getting to know everyone. as usual, I'm very quiet when i meet new ppl..ahaha
gimme another month...heheheh xD

being a student n tutor in TOA for 4 years....I MISS TOA. i feel it already. LOL

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shortfilm - Mirror (Director: Christopher Low)
Hey peepzz!!
If you remember Christopher Low, your photography lecturer or visual storytelling lecturer OR your "8TV I Wanna be Model" judge; here's a shortfilm he directed.

The title is Mirror, shot in Terengganu.
It has won him and his team 2nd Prize is Astro Kirana Shortfilm Competition!!
congratz congratz~
It also won the Best Editing Award.

For more info on the competition, and to watch Mirror, log in


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm not sure if everyone is feeling the impact of world economy crisis yet, but for me, I still don't feel it, but I see it from many others.
Big companies are losing money, closing down, bankrupt, and so on.
Nearly everyone is affected I can say. Even the rich, they became poor. And of cz, the poor, became "poorer".

But I still see ppl spending money like nobody's business. LOL.

I asked ppl bout what they think bout this situation n how it affect the industry i'm in.
basically ppl are cutting their budget n try not to spend more on CG production n stuff.

anyway, this post is not so boring larh actually. I just wanna share with u guys a inspiring positive thought towards this economy crisis.

Someone told me,
Yea, economy crisis affect my company, but I'm happy. Why? because those succesful ppl now are successful because they've gone thru bad situations like this, n theirs is actually worse. For example, World War, 1997 Economy Crisis and so on. But us, we are too comfortable, have not experience any such situation and now is a chance for us to try it. And when we get thru this, we'll get something in return.
well, tht's a very positive mindset and i definitely like it. haha

He quoted in his pm "A smooth sea never make a skilled marine." ^^

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gwen Lee & Vianne Lee! xD

This is a lil bit too late i know..haha
jz got the pics only x)
basically there were 2 events last weekend :
14th February was Valentine's Day, 15th was my niece, Vianne's full month celebration xD

at 1st it was a headache on where to have our dinner on Vday.
so i surfed thru the net and found this rather interesting place where I've heard bout it for quite some time, but just didn't have the chance to make a visit there.

now that's Fullhouse i'm talking about! with its "landmark", a blue Mini Cooper right at the entrance.
everytime when i go to the net seeing posts on Fullhouse, this Mini Cooper is definitely there. LOL

this place is at this quite new area called Niu Ze Xui aka NZX, in Ara Damansara. u can get here from LDP or the Subang Airport way...somewhere behind PAWS. xD

Now as u can see, some food pics were..eaten half way. HAHAHA!
this was due to our hunger, that we forgotten to snap pic.
cz we waited for the food for an HOUR!!!lollll
but the food was good anyway x)

some shots of the interior n exterior of Fullhouse.
basically it's concept is somewhat like The Curve's Apartment, but this is more to like a Bungalow with garden,bedroom,living room, toilet, etc.
i'd say it's a nice place to chill at. x)

as for that day, both of us felt as if we were in another world..LOL
we were actually observing the couples around us and we realised, most of them dressed up quite KUA CHEONG lor....LOL but sweet looking also if we were in some wonderland like that.

we even saw a guy next to our table, suddenly got up n kneel down with a rose and PROPOSE to his gf to marry him. AHAHAHAHAH
nothing wrong with that, it's just that i thought i only could see this on TV.
and when the GF agreed, she went to toilet, we saw tht guy's face like masam muka d. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! must be start counting d ler..LOLLLL

anyway, NZX is also a nice place to hang out too. it's just that, no air-cond. LOL it's like a open area kinda place, with lotsa stalls selling cool stuff n gadgets. i like the things they sell there, just that...i sweat easily -_-
k, these is what i meant by cool stuffs n gadgets. AHHAHAH! anyway, there're more than these larh.mostly also decorative stuff x)

and these are the gifts that we exchanged x) so ngam, we both gave each other pop-up cards. she made mine all by herself, whereas i "customised" hers. LOL!

n of cz, not forgetting the place we sat. x)

next is my 1 Month Old niece!!!
wow, this post is long! but it's cz of the pics la x)

she stared and smiled at meeee LOL ahahah!
and that's Vianne with her mom, my sis x)

n guess who i met that night.
i met LEO (IL Dept. Head) with his gf, Debbie of AD Dept. LOLLL
such coincidence! Debbie is my brother-in-law's cousin+kai mui!
LOL...such small world it is.

k, that's it this LONG post!! thankz if u actually stayed n read till now. HAHA


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Proper Artblog

I've created another blogsite, particularly to update on my artworks, ideas and also CG industry sharing when I have one. x)

Please feel free to visit CK Art!!!lolx

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

so fast, CNY over liao...T.T
i havent had enoughhh...mayb cz i din play any fire crackers? usual lah..
feels that i started shopping, cleaning n stuff like..just yesterday..but NO. it's over. xD

didn't do much these CNY, as usual again...ahha! eat, sleep, receive ang paos, visiting, and...GAMBLING. din gamble much too! LOL very kuai this CNY. LOL!! mayb started working d, tend to sayang money more...ahahah

most of the time i was having dinner here n there, lou sang here n there, playing with my NEW BORN niece^^, hanging out at Gwen's place..
snap pics here n there, but not with my family, cz we don't play with cameras over here. LOLLL

the only thing that's different this year during CNY is that my dad, bros n i alone prepared n did all the prayers for Chor Yat n Tian Kong!!! since mom's over sis's place taking care of baby...
it was a tiring, yet funny experience..hahaha 4 ma lat lous dunno how to pray 1...

anyway, let's wish all of us have a fantastically wonderful COW YEAR!!!!!xD

Friday, February 06, 2009

Save My Chatterbox.

got an email from Flooble Chatterbox today n i went LOL.
if you can't read what it says, this is what it says :

"We have noticed that there has been no postst to thischatterbox lately. It is part of flooble policy to delete chatterboxes that have fallen into disuse. Therefore, unless something is posted to your flooble chatterbox, it will be deleted shortly."

sound damn sad wei. LOL
so peeps, please help save my chatterbox...T.T

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

finally, i took up the semangat to play "more" with a 3D software, ZBrush.

alweh lazy to play with it cz dunno how to kick-start using it..
but 2day downloaded a super duper basic tutorial on how to use the software...
got semangat, i came home and started playing with it...

n here's the outcome of my 1st "playing"..

Gwen named it Rambutan-Man. LOLL can la can laaaa
this is actually very FAST n easy. finished in..30mins? hahahaha cz i keep on redo n redo, spent 2 hours on it..LOL..they call this 3D sculpting x)

while playing around, realise tht i need to see more tutorials..there's alot of time i got stuck, dunno wat to click or how to continue...even render it out also dunno...AHHAHAHA
nvm, try again next time..

2day Tatsun's(my da lao ban) son came into the department to lepak..he's only 13 yrs old...but damn, he's smart wei. LOL betul betul Tatsun punya anak. ahahah
i was sketching on the paper, trying to sketch a Spartan the same time, i had a reference on my PC.. that looks like this..

so i was applying tht holes on the mask....on my character's Spartan helmet...
n that smart kid saw n said :

Kid: Why are you appying those holes on your character?
Me : Oh, i'm just adding some design lor, make the helmet look abit different...
Kid : That characrter on ur PC has those holes on his mask so that he can look thru his mask...but ur character doesnt need's not necessary..
Me : (stunned...) hmmm............................... (think very long) ...............true. (malu d)

ahahahaha!! betul betul anak Tatsun..^^
yeap! he got his point! in the end, i erased those
some of u might not understand what's happening here, but i learned somehting from here..."anyone could be your teacher." xD