Thursday, June 21, 2007

515am..finally kao tim color thumbs for Concept Art...
actually can finish earlier but stupid Photoshop fatal error when im half way...n i din save my work!!!! again. so, re-do lor. xD

can go to bed now, but i tak mau. i scared cannot wake up for tmr 930am class. LOL!!
i dn trust myself anymore after missing 2 classes in a week cz of overslept. akakaka
now waiting for time to pass until time to go coll, another 4hrs to go.
lemme cerita bout my Concept Art wat is it all about la then x)
basically each group come out wif their own storyline thn character design n background design.
so my group's story is base on Keong Si (Chinese Vampire)..
since after those old chinese movie, v dn relli hear about Keong Si stories anymore, so i thought of bringing this up in our story.

1stly, biar aku intro character character for the story:

these are d color thumbs i did jz now, n as u can c, there're 3 main characters in d story, a Taoist, a young vampire n an old vampire. haven think of their name i dunno chinese, kinda hard to think for chinese names. LOL
so, if u guys can help me, by all means, go ahead. ahaha!! oh, no more Xiao Xue, Ah Zhe n all..PLEASE
d story's bout a small Vampire Village, setting in China of course.
it's a peaceful village n all the villagers are these Keong Si(s) n they live in harmony, happy family n bla bla bla. they dont harm human.
but then, human are afraid of these vampires n wanna get rid of their village, so they sent this very cinkak Taoist to go hapuskan them.
in d village, there's d old vampire, who's like the oldest,with his grandson, the young vampire. trying to protect d village from that Taoist.
so these vampires are very good in martial arts lor. the Taoist also good in martial arts,but not so keng la. but he got those bomoh magic n jampi all larh. so, he's quite hard to dikalahkan. ahaha!!
as for the young vampire, he's very mischievous but his kung fu is d best in d village.
so in this story, human are the bad character n vampires are the good ones.
came up wif this story also wanna create awareness among us on how selfish we are, destroying other habitats like forests, river for our own sake.
well, all these sounds childish huh? but thats my assignment la. u relli gotta think every single storyline detail to bring up the characteristics and mood, so u can design properly.
now next step is design the village's disco, pub, mamak, restaurant n all 1..dn play play..ahahah!! concept of design is, coffin. x)
guess thats it!
still got 3 hrs++ to class...urggg
alone go mamak makan, come back PRISON BREAK!!!! then go class oh yeah!
my time managment is so well-planned xD

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


yoyo kawan kawan sekalian yang teramat disayangi serta dihormati dan jugak dibenci..ahah!
selamat sejahtera saya ucapkan.
here are you all punya STRESS pics..doing KTM stuff-- xD

currently waiting for time to pass then go for band practice, blardee studio fully booked -_-, blog larh!

as u can c, there's uchin wacking her own head la,abby stress stress la,ningli la, belle la, chyuan zhi la, amanda la,Ginseng la, n ShiShi if i dn spell it wrongly x)
all of us at Waffle World after class, thn they like rushing their KTM logo design..sad betul~~~

i sound like im damn free huh?ahahaha!!
got time watch Shrek 1 jz now tim..LOL!!jz feel like chilling 2day--

an unrelated thing here, i received a letter from maybank ytrday saying :
"Kami mendapati akaun anda telah mengeluarkan rm5000 dalam kurang daripada 7 hari di ATM ATM yang berlainan. Jika anda mendapati sebarang keraguan, sila menghubungi kita. Bersama sama kita mencapai Wawasan 2020 dan save the world!"

LOL!!!once i read the letter, terus burst out luffing..ahahah!!

1st i receive this, INPUT

n then i get this, OUTPUT

Thursday, June 07, 2007


gosh, spend relli kao this
just sold d tics to australia for 5k..
n in 2 days, poof! habis dah d

but!i got 2 new gadgets in return x)

1st i bought a new hp, W300i..haven change my fon for YEARS...
not a brand new model tho, but aku suka larh
im just aiming for a flipping fon that suits my budget..
anyway, not bad d fon!! syok sendiri--

d 2nd thing i bought is a PC..akakaka
this 1 relli took my "chuin fu san ka"...ahaha!
d old PC cant relli support Maya, so bought a better performance PC, n of cz, if it's better performance, price also better performance 1 -_-
but ok la, it's for my future work also, it's an investment!!!

and now, Chess Street Studio is officially open!!!ahahaha

well, my working table is messy i know..i guess u guys punya table also lidat 1 riteeee...
sama sama TOA student..i tau 1 la..u understand, i understand la har..ahahha!!

arh, ningli, u ask me to show my cash right...
nah, this is d amount of cash i "chuin fu san ka"
HAHAHAHAhahaa!! hou kong ar...

*so uchin, still think i'm wealthy?lolx*

back to the poor me again xD

Sunday, June 03, 2007

High School

woke up at 730am to go renew my license...*yawn*
scared will be alot of ppl, so went earlier la..mana tau, takde orang 1..
so went home..wanna sleep, but kenot sleep edi -_-

nth to do, so i browsed thru my pics folder n saw my high skool pictures! x)
realli miss high skool life..summore jz the other day was sharing with ning bout my high skool, make me miss it more..ahaha

here are some pics to share---

during form3, basketball 7, my favourite number x)
form5,basketball team, still no.7!! wuakakak!

form 4, volleyball team..forgotten wat number was it d..but confirm not 7 -_-
and form5, my class!!5 YAKIN!!! all crazy

n this is our class teacher during form5, Pn.Zakiah..
when i was givin up my Biology for SPM, she encouraged me to just read thru, n me, budak baik..listen to her n i managed to pass the paper!!hehe..

relli good teacher, got passion n heart to teach 1..not like other teachers all "mou sam" teach 1..

that's all i guess? x)