Saturday, September 30, 2006

ytrday was the day my friends and i went and do out very first assignment for Basic Photography class..
a class where you really learn alot of new things which not many ppl know bout it, but also a class where you can fall asleep..ahahah

was really a tiring day the morning went and play basketball wif Zq,Kobe and others..muscle aching d now..but it was fun!!sometimes a lil bit of exercise is good man..

aftr that, went ZQ's hse n lepak until bout 3pm, met up with more frens, and the 10 of us began our photoshooting "adventure"...
destination, Shah Alam..the place i

the topic for this assignment is "Garden" and "Building"
so the 1st palce we went was Shah Alam's Lake Garden..
it's just beside the PKNS building
if u ask me where is PKNS building, i'd say it's beside the Lake Garden.. =.=
this place is where i used to play during my childhood time, with my family..
used to go over there nearly every evening when i was like 5-9 yrs old..n nvr step into there, until ytrday...wahaha
the palce has changed alot..not as pack as before..
last time, it's always full of people..but now.............nah...
actually tht place is clean, just that it's not famous..

k, here are the VERY few pics i took over there..

one of the pic, if u know which, is a pic where i actually lied my whole body on the ground and snap it..semangat giler..wahahha
but i guess none of those are goin to be accepted by the lecturer..i dn thk it's
it was so hazy, n the sun..wnana come out, duwanna come out lidat..n v're also rushing..sharing camera summore..
so..kinda not convenient to take good pics ler..

after that, went to the big blue mosque, near my house..
i guess u ppl have seen it least in ur Kajian Tempatan book during primary..LOL
living over here for 19 yrs, drive from house not even 5 mins can reach d, but ytrday was my very 1st time, so close to the mosque..wahahah
b4 this, the closest i was to the mosque was like..few meters away from the main gate, and i dn even look at it also when i passed it...

this is Masjid Sultan Aziz Shah....if i'm not mistaken... =P

i thk these pics will also not be accepted by the lecturer..wahhaha

suppose to take another building, but i forgotten bout;s the Shah Alam Stadium.. day go shoot..

ytrday, i realise the place i live actually have nice n beautiful places..
guess it's just tht i dn have any frens around here..haha
n yeah, the shopping mall over is DARN boring..

-peace- <-----------miss this?haha

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Congrats to RayVin, he n his band won a band competition, 1st prize!!!
big applause for him!!
it seems Reshmonu was there during the competition, but i dunno whether as a judge or not..

lemme talk alil bit about this fren of mine..i knew him since like..yeah..VERY long edi i know him..haha~!v split up during primary, n met back again in secondary..
he plays the drum in the band, he used to be in the same band as me..v started the band 2gether, wif the others of coz..
1 thing, he DONT go for drum classes..hehe..he leanr by himself..
i still remember, during our 1st perforamnce..he was actually practising wif his pillows..hahahah!!n thn borrowed an electric drum from fren n all..
till now, he still dn have a drum set..salute him dude!!

was suppose to join this competition wif my coll frens..but end up no news..hahaha!!bz wif assignemnts..lz n!

worse is, i dn have a band rite now..Lucille has split!haha
miss those days..

just now, Sean P., used to play guitar in our band, called me up n ask for my guitar strap..thn he told me he's having a performance for Halloween, at Laundry Bar, at The Curve..
i was like "wow..big time edi la.."

thn Sean L., told me he's having a performace in the coming month...he used to play bass in the band..

RayVIn just won himself a trophy,

I myself also have a performance in October, for Mooncake Festival celebration in
everyone starts toi have their own performance..everyone's on their own..

i thk BoonLim, another guitarist in the band, is also having sum performance sumwhere in Australia la now..hahaha!!

i'm always looking forward for the 5 of us to play 2gether again

the problem is, all of us have diff taste of music..tht's wat made us cant corporate wif one

actually, im on wif any songs..just tht cant songs i cant sing, cant perform ma..
aiseh man...sad la..sing so many years d still lidat...hahaha

Friday, September 15, 2006

i would get into some trouble for blogging this..
but i'll face it..

i've been smoking for the past 4 months..
but i've stopped recently, about 2 days ago..

i dunno what others feel when they smoke, but ill tell what i feel when i smoke..

how did i started smoking?
back when i was in form3, i learn to smoke, but fail...keep!tht time i know, just wanna try how it is..
n thn, in form5, i tried again, n i successed this time..i mean, i know how to smoke already..
but i didnt take up smoking..tht was just trying..
one thing funny is, when i smoke tht time, i get high easily..i feel dizzy..lke taken sum big drug fren all laughed at me tht time..

to me, smoking affects ur health n makes ur life shorter is one thing..but when the time comes, it comes rite???
so, i dn relli bother about life shortening..
but im not into smoking is cz of the money...wasting money...
so i've told ppl, i wont smoke, no money to smoke la..

so i became a social smoker..i only smoke when i go to clubs.just to get high..nonit to pay for the drinks, just ask one or 2 sticks from my fren, i can get high d..hahaha!
but i dont go clubbing often, the last time i went was like.CNY 2006?

until she(MeiYee) left me..i became a smoker..daily smoker..
i have sleepless nights tht time..feeling depress, cant sleep n all..
thn i would tk my bro's cig n smoke...n thn i get dizzy, n sleep well..
funny way ya? but tht's how it was!!!
i was lost..

a stick per night, i start gettng my own pack of cigs..
n it slowly adds 3 days a pack...14 sticks per pack..
thn i get used to it, i dont feel dizzy anymore..but i still cant take realli heavy ones..
it became a habit, n from habit, it became an addict..
i start smoking when im waiting for sumthing, appointment, bus,trains n became a habit..
thn i got addicted to it, i smoke a pack per day...

i feel that cig is a new fren to me..when im down, i let go off my depression on stress n all..k, i sound abit crazy now..but tht's how it is..
i feel tht his always there for me when i need him..hahaha!!
just like a fren la..a new fren..who replaced her..

recently, i tried to quit smoking..
look at the amount of money i've spent on it man..i could've bought comics for each packs i least i can do research wif the comics i buy..haha!!
n my frens have been asking me to quit n all..
so i was so me..i threw away the box, left 1 cig inside only anyway..haha!!
the next day, i feel so something's missing..but i controlled myself...
until night..
i went for dinner wif my frens..i cant tahan d..i went n get a pack..

d next day, i gave tht pack to a fren,who is a smoker...
i gave it to him, inside still left alot...but b4 i passed it to him, i tk 1 stick out 1st..hahaha!!
n tht was my last stick..i promise..
until now, i havent touch any of those..but i felt as though i've lose a "fren"...
but i'd rather lose this "fren" than losing my other frens im having now =)

it's 4am now..i've got class at 9am..
cant sleep..alot in my mind..assignments, projects, daily expenses, stuffs to buy...iskk
dn worry, i wont smoke to sleep again this time..hehe
cz it doesnt make me dizzy anymore!!

if any of my siblings are reading this, i hope u understand me.
it's not something i want, i was just lost tht time
sound stupid, but it is.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

went to my high school, SMK Methodist ACS Klang 2day..
to collect my SPM certificate..
it's been awhile since i step into tht school

got down from the car n there goes the noise which i havent heard in a loong time, the students shouting everywhere..
left n rite, boys in white shirt n army green pants...
gangster, nerds, so-so, bapok, prefects...all type of students
for ur info, i'm from a boy school..
thank God, im not in the bapoks..ekeke

walked into the foir(dunno how to spell), students running in n out..
passed the staff room, teachers busy chit chattin, scolding students, marking work..
all the same faces of teachers i saw..just a few new ones..
thn went into the office and asked for my certificate
so i waited for the person in charge to search for my cert..
then i heard another noise, which i miss soooo much!!
the school bell rang~
when i heard that, i was like...flashing back the times in school..
standing under the hot sun during assemble and sing Negaraku, kacau-ing the person in front of me, looking at the Form6 girls(wat to do,,boy school ma..hahaha)

aftr taking my cert, my fren ponteng class n came to look for me..
he's having his STPM this year..he haven study a thing...sad la..hahaha!
thn he brought me look for my ex-teachers, Pn.Zakiah, Pn. Ariza, and Pn,Salawati
these are the teachers who i'm really close with when im in high school
they encouraged me in studying..hahaha!
i remember back then i gave up Biology..i told them im not gonna go for tht paper during SPM..
thn thy say say say..n i got affected..
n i decided to sit for tht!!
in the end, i spent a month on tht subject from nothing, and i got C6..lucky din fail..wahahha

back to my teachers...
they din change at all, n thy say i look different..but i dn thk so lor..dn grow taller, fatter, thinner, shorter also
so thy ask me wat im doing currently n all, thn bla bla bla..

aftr tht i thought i wanna go look for the other frens who's also taking STPM, but most of them ponteng school 2day..haihz..
understandable la..STPM is near, thy need to stay at home study..hehe
i used to do that when i study for SPM..ponteng to study..go school cant study..opposite case...

i asked my fren to bring me go walk around in the school..n he was like "wtf???u're here for 5 years already, u still wanna walk ar??"
hahahha!!miss school ma...
miss the basketball court, miss the volleyball court, miss the hall, miss my class with broken windows for student to run out, miss the gambling spot, miss the smell of the toilet, and last but not least, the canteen, with it's food...Wahab Nasi favourite...hahaha

walked around n look for other frens, but thy're all missing in action, some cabut edi, some din come, some..i also dunno la..

after that, went home sleep, get up at 6pm, go for my class at 630pm..sad huh????
The One Academy ma...haihz...