Thursday, April 09, 2009

finallyyyy xD
i'd quit being a tutor in TOA and moved on into Young Jump Animation, in Cheras.(farrrrrrrrr)
but luckily, i have a bunch of friends to carpool with me xD

all under same company, but i'm in a different department.
they're all in Animation Department, I'm in Mocap Editing department, for a month they said x)

Mocap (Motion Capture) is this.

i guess everyone has seen this before rite? btw, this pic is Googled. LOL
so basically what i do is cleaning up the mocap animation.

For example, after shooting the actors in those black MoCap clothes, the data recorded will be generated into d computer and keyframed.
Then my department's to clean up unwanted frames and also refine the poses. And later on will pass to the Animation Department to animate the details like Facial Expression, fingers, legs, camera n so on.
Including me, my department only has 7 ppl...

we're currently working on Saladin, an animated TV series and is to be aired in Arab x)

TIRING!!! cz of the travel time..
but it's great to learn new thing! n i miss Maya..LOL cz we use Motion Builder for Mocap

already a week in Young Jump, and I'm still getting to know everyone. as usual, I'm very quiet when i meet new ppl..ahaha
gimme another month...heheheh xD

being a student n tutor in TOA for 4 years....I MISS TOA. i feel it already. LOL