Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Daemon

find out what ur Daemon is here

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Chemical Romance
a tribute for My Chemical Romance's concert at Stadium Merdeka on d 9th of December. LOLx

it was drizzling that day and everyone rocked under the rain!!the crowd was amazing, as in the number of crowd..but then...i'd say that they're very oraganised and ber-moral? no pushing, all queued up nicely and me d crowd's kinda dead la. no umphhh!

bout the concert, i think it ended kinda fast lor...when they end, to me is like "eh?macam baru nak start saje..." n nobody shouting for "WE WANT MORE!!!" also. boring die larh the crowd!!
somehow dont feel like im at a concert more like a show/performance.
jz feel diff from Linkin Park n Simple Plan's concert i went last time...
n i dn relli know all of MCR's songs...ahah! paiseh...some songs i was like "eh Abby, wat song is this?"

anyway, i used to dislike the song Mama. but after the concert, i LOVE it!!! Cancer was relli EMO, n continued with a song, nvr hear b4 1..i think their new song kua..
Black Parade was chun also and they ended the concert wif 1 of my fav song, Famous Last Word!!!!woo-hooo!!

din relli take much pics from the concert..only recorded some videos for I Dont Love You, Cancer and I'm Not Okay...
dunno y cannot transfer Cancer to my pc. iskkkk
I Dont Love You is not complete cz half way recording, i tried to call itu LALA let her dengar..mana tau she din pick up. WASTED my complete recording!!!!aahahah!!!

and here are the videos that i recorded..nth to c also la actually. ahah! can dengar oni..but also not very clear. aihzzz..time to change phone.

I'm Not Okay -

I Dont Love You 1 -

I Dont Love You 2 -

owh and i took a picture of Gerard Way!! xDD

but only his silouhette la...ahaha...sorry man, i tried my best!!!!aihzz

while browsing Youtube just now, came across MCR's concert in London...

now this is what i call a CONCERT is!!!aihhzzz
n also a good recording xD

Friday, November 30, 2007

8TV Trip

here's a lil sharing on the 8TV trip my class went on Thursday.. x)

2 days ago, lim peh went 8TV station under class's field trip...not very bad, but quite..sien. not as interesting as i expected.

the exterior of the building, everyone, say HI~

this is HotFM's studio, where the DJs will be inside there entertaining radio listeners..i like tht room tho, hawt colorr.

this is their Mini Studio, where they have their live shows there, like 8tv Quickie n E-News..mmm tak nampak Gary kat sana..seems he sedang make-up

this is the heart of 8TV. mmm sounds important, but takde orang jaga 1. lolx!
this is their main control room larh.. *kalau tak salah* paiseh cz i wasnt listening when the "tourguide" is u can c, i sedang SS taking pics. wuahaha

thn finally get to go to the Creative Service Department..
t 1st kenot masuk n c 1..n soo lucky, terserempak wif the Creative Director there..n being generous, he let us in..masuk his office summore..
then show his work..then ask questions, who answer correct will get a cd of their
he said they oni recruit 8 new designers in a year...

d smaller creative studio
d bigger creative studio

ini Creative Director punya office. thats him.

this place is..erm..i also dunno wat u call them..ahha! can say another creative department, where they do all those pop-ups when a show is goin on...
n here is where we met Paul Moss, itu Malaysian Idol punya judge...

i was telling everyone to start singing when we saw him muahaha!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

my hse has become a studio 2day. lol
whole group came over to for animatic editting cz ive got no car 2day x)
since it's oni editting, 1 PC already cukup larh
everyone came at 4PM...balik rumah 5AM -_- i thought editting would be fast...mana tau...
snapped sum pics while others were bz doing their work, i just walk around bising bising kacau kacau wuahahah

was bored, n started stickig all these papers around the room create more feel. AHHA
so let's start with 3D Studio.

they're Kok Kang n Jothan, the editors of the dayyyy!!they seriously did a great job here 2day..
conquer my PC tim...

we haveee..

kai keat and yee jenn, artists of the dayy! lol
poor kaikeat gotta draw on d window, cz i dn have lightbox for him to trace...n yeejenn, she ownself choseto sit n draw lidat 1. biar dia. xD
everyone's currently doin the pre-production animatics for our final final final final si beh final project for 3D Animation short film next term..
basically our story's about 2 Vampires goin after a Thief in a Museum.
still dunno wat title to give yet...any ideas????

this are the concept art of the mood n feel of how the film is gonna be like...the thief looks diff, cz both painting by diff person. ahah! paiseh...
so, feel it n think of a title for this film!!!
n will be coming soon on May 2008! xDDD
n finally, Christopher's gonna bring d class to 8TV this week to c how things work in a studio..ini macam baru COLLECT maaaaaaaaa wuahahahaha

Sunday, November 11, 2007

been sitting in front of the PC snce 3pm!!! now is...4AM. xD
have been listening to the same list of songs over n over n over again.
after touching up 3D work, i lukis lukis lukis lukis until my hand gonna patah d.
backbone also aching d now. urggg..

have been drawing storyboard for the past...8hrs? crazy rite. draw non-stop, think of camera angles non-stop, think of how to continue the storyline non-stop.
in the end, im quite satisfied.
n CHristopher!!!! PREASE!!!PREASE prease!!!!!approve the storyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
dn ask me LE-DO liao laaaa
n thanks to him, i thk i'd improved in playing with camera languages.. x)
n also THANKS to all of his LE-DOs, that made me did DARN LOTS of drawings, i hope i improve in drawing skills d kua....
if not arh, sat pai arh!! can chop off my hand d tht time.

ok, better continue mi work..
blogged just to de-stress myself.. xD
or else ill go greet Dunhill, Pall Mall, Marlboro all d. long lost frens...........that kills. LOLx

imagine, i've been here WHOLE DAY.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

woke up early today.
after settling a small assignment, i looked at the weather..
n i thought "wow, nice weather to go jogging..."
at a 2nd thought, "hmmm...nice weather to sleep also..."
fcuk it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Another Post
went to coll an hour earlier 2day, cz havto go bank b4 it close.
after bank, dunno wat to do, ended up chilling at Ming Tien ALONE x(
n there's 2 guys aka MA LAT LOUs sitting beside my table and OMG la itu orang. memalukan kaum lelaki oni.
1 of them, i thk age 26-30 larh, a Chinese bastard. he speaks hokkien and speaks as if his dad owns the world lidat.

here goes: his conversations in Hokkien..

1) he double parked his car (still got space for d car he blocked to come out), n when d other car was reversing out, he was yelling "careful arh! can go out rite? dn scratch my car!!" (he's oni driving d new Camry, not Fairlady,BMW, or Mercs also)

2) he cursed 1 of the Ming Tien uncle go die n say "if u dn die, how the Coffin Shop gonna have business??" <---this is kinda funny to me btw. ahah!
n then he said to tht uncle, if he's driving a Wira, better dont drive.

3) every girl/lady pass by, his eyes LOCKED on them,especially their ass..its normal for guys,i do tht too sumtimes,haha!
but..he did it ALL the time n VERY OBVIOUS. then he told his fren "if wind blow or tht girl falls arh..fuiyo!!free show" LOUDLY, in hokkien...u can imagine how hamsap the tone is.

4) the Ming Tien uncle looked at girls also...n tht guy ws like telling him "aiya...nonit look d la, i also kenot have tht girl, u think u can meh...."

when he ciao, i was like FINALLY....this is relli typical MA LAT LOU. curse his car kena scratch kao kao 1 day.
anyway, i currently doin mt Portfolio Website assignment...YAWN.
so jz blog to relax sikit. wuakaka.

looks kiddy huh? wanted to change d whole thing, but lecturer advised me not to. said she likes the concept and style (3D mix vector). but i thk it look very childish. AHAH

my concept is a factory, which produces artwork? n since i like character designs,i thought of putting a character in all pages. for Home, there's a Secretary, for Gallery there's a guard/watcher watching over the products produced, and for Contacts, there's a Messenger looking at contact list n bla bla bla.

now, gotta chuck these into Dreamweaver n start the html.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

woot!! lama tak buat blog bout myself!!
recently oni do mou liu blog for entertain purpose..just wanna make ppl around me happy?then i'll be happy alsoo..wuahah say until so "wai tai" xD
happy go lucky baguss.

BUT this time is complaint post!!
1st i mau complain is, CHRISTOPHER!!!!!

he ALWEH!ALWEH!! not satisfied with our storyline..say very simple.
then he gave us ideas which is VERY NICE!!!relli Director standard!!
BUT!! his ideas altho are good and interesting, but alot of effects and characters and CITIES we need to do and create. -_-
Christopher, u no UNDERSTANDING that we're doin this animation in MAYAAA...not just go outdoor and shoot.
we need to model characters, texture, model the cities/towns, buildings, character rigging n last but not least, ANIMATE it. then he suggested thunderstorm scenes la, all those kao kao 1..
n we're like O_O!!! wah kih siao..but seriously, we suka his ideas and suggestions.

so everytime when i draw the storyboard, i will think bout Maya part, n i played safe. dare not go too far.
so when we do our PRE-ENTATION to him, he ALWEH reject. He sees the 1st page, then gave us ideas to change it n all...then.after change, the whole story at the pages behind no use edi. cz no link wif the new idea. which also means, RE-DO.
i think..overall, now we have 4 Versions of the story edi. LOLx
n then, from 2 characters, now we have 4 characters jor. sei kan.
luckily 2day, he LO-PROBREM with our latest storyline xD but effect kao kao 1.
but nvm, we'll do it! hopefully it'll turn out as nice as we imagine la.

n recently im into comedy drama, Kan Yan Kin!wuhaha funny giler ini show.
when im down or wat, just watch it. hehe
people, WATCH.

just now went jamming practise for Halloween Night and eventually we created a song. LOLx!!
very the old skool Punk style. Title is "Oi! Oi! Oi!" xD


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i have a bunch of crazy friends. really really crazy.
each and everyone of them is super gila kao kao obsessed with something, or someone.
Abby's obsessed with Michael Scofield, aka Wentworth Miller, main actor in Prison Break.
i wonder how long she'd took stalking for his pics..n she would spend HOURS watching Prison Break. her MSN is full of Scofield. from shoutout to display pic.
n thanks to HER!!!! i know bout Sara Trancedi's "case". DAMN!!! i'm also Prison Break fan OK...

Abby, this is for you x)

Uchin, not much difference from Abby, is also obsessed with Scofield. Same shit, msn all full of Scofield. Can even lick the screen with Scofield's pic man..LOL

Uchin, this is for you xD

and Ningli pulak, obsessed with Facebook! n now she's the new Pacman Godlike! ISKKK!!!! she's like damn active in Facebook, can be the ambasaddor already..ahaha! BUT, currently she started to watch Prison Break..sooner or later there'll be a duplication of Abby/Uchin. xD

n Ningli, this is for u. xD

i'm just too sien edi, then do such mou liu stuff..wuahahah!!
wat to do..u orang sudah obsessed..i got nobody to talk to...HAIHZ(sound damn sad wei).. ahaha
how i wish i got something or someone to obsessed with!! LOL

but i also kinda been duplicated from u orang geh...xD

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tagged by LALA


- The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
- Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
- Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
- If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.- Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

b4 i start, i believe tht there's no such thing as perfect. so all these are just my imagination or so-called fantasy larh.

1 . Not batang lor of cz. xD

2. got Attitude.

3. NO PAN-CUTE or super duper manja. once in awhile, or sikit sikit can la..but xtreme 1 arh..slap kao her! no matter how pretty/sexy/hot she is.

4. super hot/sexy body. which guy doesnt want that?

5.super love me.

6.don't expect me to guess wat's in her mind cz I AM only human n not God. just tell me wat u think or feel. n dont simply fat pei hei for no reason. got period, tell me. i know wat to do. xD tai siu che pei hei. i got no money to pamper her with materials.once in awhile is ok.

8.last but not least, good in bed. wuahahaha xD

got alot summore!!but tht'll take forever.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Impressed xD
just got the movie file from Samuel for the hang Tuah project.
it's a 3D competition held by MSC to promote Malaysian Folkstale, so they gave a few topics for costentant to choose n d group chose Hang Tuah.
it doesnt matter how many ppl u have in a group, 1 also can, as long as u design minimum 5 characters for the story in 2D n 3D form.

v started dividing d group into 2 teams:-
2D artists - Kobe, Boon Chee, Martin n myself
3D artists - Samuel, Jeff n KK

i'm relli impressd with the outcome btw. franly speaking, i admit i actually dn relli follow up this project closely cz of conflicts.
i guess, in d group, i did the least. summore im d one who brought everyone 2gether n decide to join this competition...yea, shit happens, v cant c wat's in d future..
all i did was just sketches, colors and clothes design n textures.

as for the others, they realli did a great job n effort x)
n also thanks to Jason n HuiLing from DG department for their advises n direction!

here, i present to you, Hang Tuah from all of us---

owh, n ytrday was just too bored n free, wanna practise for d coming performance but ended up i did a syok sendiri recording..
actually it's Secret by Jay la..i just play d guitar, lead n bassline separately n record separately then combine altogether using Premier..xD
then i rename it as Siqret! lamee...record in a cheapo way; HANDPHONE...

too bad, no drums n vocal, so..dn relli feel OHM la..n sum part timing abiiiiit out laaa
but nvm!! since it has got no vocal, YOU be d vocal!!!!! u can karaoke with it!! wuahahah
besides, i've already provided the lyrics in pin yin.

at 1st couldnt find d pinyin lyrics, so i semangat listen 2 d song n jot down every single word sang...then i found d original pinyin lyrics sumwhere -_-
then i compared...fuyoh...BIG difference. ahahah!

when i listen to it at 1st, not relli satisfied, but after listen a few times...start to like it already..ahaha...especially when i'm doing sumthg else sambile listen to it..sounds peaceful eh LOL

this Siqret i play got no intro 1, so u gotta start singing when the music starts...paisehh x)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

recently im into editting picturesss wuahaha!! oh, n of cz, drama
thanks to my sis n yian yian, i NEED to dl new brushes n fonts for my pathetic Photoshop.
have been doing namecard n logo design for sis, n poster design for yian yian
at 1st i thought "nah, this is not my thing...character design, animation all can larh..but these, i doubt..."
since im so free this hol, i ma help out lor..dunno y i so good..i usually do things when there's "cheok sou" for me,when im in d mood, or if i thk i can manage..wuahahah.. mayb i change edi?ehehe but still, im a lazy mutha fcka.
i enjoy doing these anyway. like just randomly use the brushes n hentam here hentam there...not nice, just Ctrl-Z larh. still not nice, Ctrl+Alt-Z lorh. wuahahha. syok sendiri.
then adjust lighting here n there, color, stamping n bla bla bla is also fun to play with! ahaha
then i started getting addicted to it -_- until my own photos also i edit edit, but also must c the photo nice n got feel anot larh. akakakka
but nearly every new pics i get now, i'll sure go kacau 1. at least the lighting.
now i know larh y Abby giler editting her pics b4 posting it up...ahahhaha!!
helping my sis was quite &(*#%@!!! cz she's quite yim chim. wat to do, cha-bo ma -_-
helping my fren was fast n easy-satisfied. haha! but also cha-bo eh o_O?
these are my sis's logo n namecard design, personally i feel boring, but she want it lidat so..biarlarh.

n these are the poster design, for Mr&Ms Monash event or sumthg lidat...

n also thanks to those brush n fonts provider on the net. ahakz!
Monash's new campus is cool anyway x)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

hoho..kenot sleep again..
n i did a syok sendiri mou liu stuff again, Lip "Sing" x)
kinda simply, but jz wanna have fun wif it. hehe

sumone plz knock me out rite now from all these crappy unprofittable shiet in my mind..

-knew that this would happen 1 day, but i'm not prepare for it yet.....i just....em seh tak...-
might not understand wat im saying here, but this is just a self-talk. sigh.

anyway, there's a brochure being posted to my hse; a promotion for Visit Malaysia 2007.

this brochure is called "Buku Panduan Pelancongan KLANG" ahahha!! i was like o_O?? Klang?? wat to lancong??? n it's quite thick summore u know??!! aahahha!!

so i had a look at pictures of old buildings, Royal Palace, temples,map n some histories la. i also dunno wats Klang's History..there's also a section saying "Syurga Makanan". ahaha!

of coz, there's a full page for Bak Kut Teh. it says:

"Bak Kut Teh is a soupy dish made with pork, pig's bone n Chinese herbs as its main ingredients. There are BakKut Teh stalls all over Klang, which subbed as the "home of Bak Kut Teh".

Bak Kut Teh stalls normally open for business in the morning and afternoon and it is most favoured breakfast among the local folks. Eaten 2gether with rice, "youtiao", vegetables and savoured over a pot of Chinese tea, having Bak Kut Teh could be HEAVENLY experience for you.

Klang currently has more than 300 Bak Kut Teh stalls, some of which specialize in seafood, dried pork, claypot and many other variations.

Local folks here usually have their own preferred Bak Kut Teh stall. They would visit their usual stall at a certain time. While savouring the dish, they engage in business discussion and or have a chat with their friends; this has been a way of life for the Klang local folks."

aint tht cool????ahahah!!yeah, syok sendiri...n wat is stated is relli so damn Klang..

but 2 things theydin mention bout Klang is the famous Klang River..not even a picture of it. AHHA!!even photoshop how many times also will still look dirty larh.

n another thing is, the Lalas in Klang is dominating also din say. where caannn...

dunno y, although recently i go there quite often, but..when i look at the pics in the brochure, i just look at it in a diff kind of view..some pics i can actually see myself in it, wearing skool uniform, lepaking. nostalgic eh?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Is Madnessss
this is driving me crazy...kenot sleeepp arhhh~tiuu..
rolled on d bed for 1hr++ d...dn feel sleepy at alll..
thts y im here typing some mou liu stuff. wuahha
wat to do, drama finish d, work also dn have..

hmm..mayb cz i woke up at 6PM ytrday..wuahahahaa!!
actually got up at 1pm, but then i hear got thunder..means gonna rain super heavily edi, means good weather for sleep!!
n since it's holiday, HOW CAN I MISS THIS CHANCE rite?????
so ma slept till 6PM lor...but seriously, damn syok. ahah

then wake up d, drama all the way till 3-4am.
gosh! i got no life man. ahah!!
but got do abit of logo design for sis geh...

12hrs already passed, should be can sleep edi..but dunno y..haihz..
prolly i fan this fan that larh. think here, think there..y this, y that...
n the biggest question in my mind is, "Am I Doing The Right Thing? Is this correct?"
still cant find a strong point to answer myself.

anyway, 2day was kinda happy, cz Choon got a performance n he kekurangan kaki n asked me to helped out..of cz, i agreed. hehe. anywya, we used to be in d same band b4..
besides, the songs v're playing will be MARIA!!!!! wuahahah!!
damn ngam mannn, while i was wishing to play this song, now got an offer for it!
n then another song would be Twin's song...dunno wats the title, aku buta cina.
this performance gonna be held in Monash Uni during early September..luckily right b4 d new term commence.

hmm..apa lagi nak cakap?

ok, now finally got someone's awake n on9, n yes!!he's RayVIn!!!!!
gonna drag him out for breakfast...hehee
BAH KUT TEH!!! IM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!wuahahaha
n yes, Klang Bah Kut Teh is always the bestttt!!so proud im from there. hehehe

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


yes,it's holiday finally, but i don't feel it at all.
i used to LOVE holidays especially during my 1st year but then now kinda...immune to it already..
mayb cz last time right after last day of class, v would all go wild till next morning or even till d holiday's over..but now, v seldom practise that anymore. sad huh? everyone grow up d la. ahah

for this term, i'd say it's rather free and easy, compared to the previous 1..Christopher's class, cant expect much. ahha.
n i dont feel anythg new in this term..mayb cz v din learn anything new or different for this term, besides SEA culture larh. all i can say, this term feels dull. lifeless.
for me, i'd say this term ended badly in terms of personal matters. for my grades, i'll cross my fingers n pray hard that i'll pass. ahakz xD
anyway, time for sum deviant over here. ahahah!
remember d chinese vampire story thingy i'd talked about?
it's done n all of us compile it into a book, like erm.."The Making of The Hopping Tale"
so there's sketches, color thumbs n finals in this book la. mau beli?

this is the cover of the book, i try to make it as simple n as mysterious as possible...which i dn thk it turns out workable. ahah

these are the final characters and background for the taoist's town and the vampire village.

do u feel like watching this movie???? ahaha! wait la, next time when got d chance, i'll make this movie. i already imagined the whole storyline. hehehe

i dn like the taoist's town. looks boring. ahaha. wat to do, when i'm doing this, was in a bad mood, but heck, gotta hand-in next day d.. yah, im being unprofessional for mixing my emotion with my work.

NEXT, is d lipsync animation. another pain in the ass -_- dunno faced how many fatal errors while doing this..nvr buy pirated stuffs! anyway, it's all done x)

these are the behind the scene aka Maya workplace. looks fun to play with huh? from such a small screen, u can make a movie without goin outdoors shooting or whatsoever. but i still prefer outdoor shootings x)
the link for the lipsync animation :


Friday, August 10, 2007

Ketawa Terbahak-bahak!

was kinda bored after back from coll, jz thought of clearing up sum stuff la..
then i took my old figure sketchings all n take a look..
relli had a good time n good luff looking at them!!!
all those drawn during foundation year, especially assignments for 1st term, became my bahan lawak for 2day!!wuahaha

so i flip flip flip sambil luffin.
they're relli tak boleh tengok those type 1 i tell u.. summore some got my SIGNATURE on them!!! AHAHAHAH!!!
that time still think "wah...this 1..nice nice..can la can la.." LOLX

then i continue flipping until i came across...


GOSH!! how can i throw this away maaaannn...this is like my masterpiece!!!
i got a name for it, i call this piece of art Limp Bizkit. wuahhahaha!!!
this was the joke of the term among me, Wayne, Edmund, Simon n Yewjin. AHAHAHAH!!!
after i produced this, they started calling me figure expert edi. LOL!!!

this isnt the oni 1, there were few more which look sumthg like that. ahahah!!!

taking a look at those figures realli made my day!!! xD SS again

Friday, August 03, 2007

Zhing san sai!!! after few hours of hibernation due to the kitchen war i had yesterday..wuahaha
there's this competition held in conjunction with the movie Ratatouille, where you gotta design a ideal kitchen and it has to be practical and functional. damn yim chim rite? ahah
so, i joined. xD

this is the movie im talking about. but.....June 29????? O_o huh??

actualllyyyyy (since it's August, gonna use Malaysian icon like Hitz.FM. wuahah!) so actualllyyyy i tried painting it in photoshop..but!!!!basicalllyyyyy it doesnt look nice! perspective out n all..color also...urhh...n i lost my mood, n everything in continuing. the i went tidor. x

got up next day, n another day is already the dateline...n i reconsider, wanna continue?

n i decided to continue. so i re-design the sketch again n bla bla bla...n off, started doing. but this time no more photoshop, i used Maya. dis is relli crazy. 1 day left and i plan to do in 3D, everyone's saying im crazy. kenot make it 1. no time. i also thought so, but i just give it a shot la..

so, this is it...basicallllyyyy~~i sat in front of the PC from 2pm - 3am..without moving my arse. pang sai also no time arh i tell u.

so, this is my advanced-technology kitchen!! not relly high tech la, but nearly everything this kitchen is computerised and u can control them from d pillar looking thingy in d middle there. tht's the only high-tech thing there. ahaha! others all looks normal kan? but that's on purpose cz i thought if i design a relli kao kao complicated computerised stuff like Transformers, it would confuse ppl.

i was quite satisfied with the outcome after i rendered it BUT!!!!! after printing it, it's a diff story...the color aint tht accurate from wat i see in the PC..n i oni can hand-in that printed 1. I used a Tiff file it has got nothign to do wif CMYK or RGB mode...d printing fella also told me kenot be 100% same 1..aihhz

apa macam? sei lor... this 1 oni God can help me d la..ahah

though it is done, i already let off 1 problem, but dont feel good cz i failed to paint it in 2D cz lack of skills...urrggg!!!

n owh, introducing u....

wuahaha, the Simpsonified me. SYOK SENDIRI.


Monday, July 30, 2007

take a deeeep breathe, lepaskan...phew!
Expression Test kao timm...wuahah
was having fun, playing wif facial expression of my character model..
but when comes to animate it, gosh...can die arh. was stuck n i gave up, duwanna do, went to sleep.
lying on d bed..iskk..feel tak puas, feel up n tried again.
n yeapp!! successful! wuahahaha!!!

actually quite simple oni, but i go think until damn complicated. -_-
blardee Maya actually faced fatal error 3 damn times n i gotta redo it, 3 damn times too.
anyway, this isnt d final 1..we're suppose to do lip sync for the character..but now is just showing their experssions n all larh..
so v're suppose to show = very angry, shouting very loud, big smile, sad, and very shock expressions..
then v gotta look at ourselves in d mirror n buat larh all those muka lawak + extreme
n then touch ur face, n feel where the muscles n bones are..

v actually need to adjust each n every part of d faces 1 by 1 to make a relli convincing expression.
for example: 1 model for left eye blink, 1 model for right eye blink then mouth la, nose la,cheek la, eyebag la..
altogether i got 12 models...i heard Chris did 30 models...SIAO 1. ahaha!

yes, it's Vampire again! wuahaha!!
duno y larh this term's work all also do vampire 1..wakakaka
n i thk d expressions can be improve still..

this 1 do for syok sendiri 1. wuahaha!! looks damn cinkak la. summore wif tht lighting n color.
here's d short video of d expression test, it's just a short playblast, haven smooth d character yet 1.. x)

ok, tidor.