Monday, January 28, 2008

The Making?
sedang buat Dracula's modelling, n do do do, time to sleep. CANNOT sleep..
continued doing doing doing until fak man zhang d. n lost the mood.

wat im gonna show today is final project's production stage. erm..a small part of it actually..
cz there's still MORE to go.
since tak boleh tidor n no mood, i played around with wat i did just now..

1st of all, this is 1 of the character in our final project, Dracula (pls give him a name)
this is the Model Sheet, aka Orthographic Sketch where there's front,side and back views of the character
there're 3 characters in the film, 3 person will model 1 character each and I got Dracula's model sheet... SHIT.
ahaha..i like his character anyway. YAO YENG.

so i'll take the model sheet, scan it, and put it into Maya and start "tracing".
problems i faced modelling him is, the cape and the BLARDEE hairS. tu-kao-lan arh!!

and so, here's the outcome! x) it's not complete yet tho, there's are more details to be add on later..and the textures that i'm using are just simple ones..later gonna do kao kao 1, as in semi-realistic..since we're following Tim Burton's art style -_- tough...tough...
at d moment i can't guarantee we can do exactly same style, but YEAH! we'll do our best x)

after texture, then gonna put "skeletons" in him, make diff facial expressions, rigging, n when everything's done, including the background modelling+texturing, and off!! we animate. xD
then composite all scenes 2gether and add on effects that we need, render the whole blardee thingy and FINALLY--------------------SHOWTIMEEE~~ xD

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kelantan Trip

aight, my class is gonna start officially tmr, but not gonna go tho. lol

i know it's compulsary to go tmr but i got stuff to do x) sorry.

anyway, here's a lil round-up on d Kelantan Trip i went to wif my bunch of great kawans during d last few days of December 2007.

at 1st was relli malas to blog, but after reading Abby's blog, i got inspired. LOLx

n then SOME ppl's blogs like DELETED d..or ABANDONED d..

so, aiya, duwan let Abs blog alone larrrr...haha

so there's Abby's version, and here is My version. i hope to c Ning's version, Uchin's version, Ivy's version

k, if u'd read Abby's blog, im sure she said something bout TRAGIC and "ASK NG CHEE KIN" yea? haha!! here goes.

it all started with a click. LOL i'm gonna make this short ya

i did the booking for train to Kelantan. n it says depart at 2030 (24hours system)

and God knows HOW, i went n tell everyone the train departs at 10.30PM.

how? i bodoh lor...DUNGU lor...yaya...WATEVER!!!!! LOLx

n luckily, there's a bus still available to Kelantan during tht tragic time. haha!

n guess wat, that bus is FUCKING AWESOME!!! ahhaha!!

the very 1st meal we had there, Nasi Lemak. AWFUL 1. yeah, EVRYTHING's AWFUL. HAM PA LANG!!!!!! haha! watery rice..urgghh...

as Abby said, the hosts for this trip is BELLEH and LALA!!! relli thanks to them this time. for driving us around and planned things nicelyy. u guys can be assistant organiser d wei. LOL

besides, i also wanna thank the host' family members for their very 5 star accomodation!!!haha! n thanks for all the meals seriously. i had xtra 1 breakfast meal tho. hahahahaha!!

basically, there's no celebration for New Year's Eve in Kelantan...we'd expected that, so we memang planned to celebrate it among ourselves x)

our countdowns spot, PCB!! (phua chee bye) wuakakak *pantai cahaya bulan*


and i lost my Fly Kite Virginity there. xD

had a 3am BBQ, due to the rainy weather... n then, went to beach. n wait for sunrise.

wuahahha! seriously we, never!!! learn from mistake. we went to the West side n waited for sunrise. AGAIN. HAHAAHHAHAA!!!pai seh mannn..

but we really had alot of laughters, n erm...not too bad punya Teriyaki+Honey BBQ larh. ahhaa

went back to KL by train, yes, this time I c the time correctly...n we spent fcking 16hrs in the train. i'd say i've slept all over Malaysia d. the train actually went from Kelantan(north) to Johor(south) then only to KL. btw, it's an experience! for me larh.

i had alot of new experiences during this trip. i flied a kite, i slept in a long running train, n oh yeah, i ate, BEE i mean. no S. ahaha! belut also makan, Cow Jump also makan.

i miss Elaine n Sam. ahahaha!!

thats all larh bout the trip. but b4 i end, sumthg i must say....

THIS RETARDS NEED A COMPASS. xDD *curi from Abs blog