Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2day received an sms about an 18 yr old gal got kidnapped at SUbang Parade rooftop,
by 5 Malays...hope she's ok...
at 1st i thought it's just an sms ppl simply send n kacau...
but a fren of mine said Hitz.fm was talking bout it also..
n my mom also receive the sms..
wat's wif the world man..
ppl harming one another..physically..
and also, emotionally...

currently im into Jay Chou's new song, the one she duet wif a famous old chinese veteran singer..
the MV for this song is so touching..

im confused whether i still have MeiYee in my mind or my heart...
i mean, i thought i already let everything go?
in the last post..i said i bumped into her..
guess where did i bump into her..
opposite Ichiban Ramen in Pyramid..which is also the place where we 1st met...
funny rite???hahaha..haiz..

im confused...i told my fren..the other day when i bumped into her
v actually bumped into each other twice..
the 1st time i was wif 2 frens..aftr i saw her, i went yum char wif my fren..
the 2nd time, i was alone..n aftyer i saw her..
i went to a place not so far n also no too near from MeiYee n her bf..
i just stood over there n watch them..from far..
my heart was crying..watching them datin n all..haha
aftr awhile..i thk it's silly..i walked away n continue doing my work..

if tht time, there's a music playing..wah..become an MV edi..

anyway, forget bout her..she's someone else edi..
not the MeiYee i used to know..
not the girl i used to have..
not the girl i used to love..
not the girl i used to care..
n definitely not the girl of my life...

1 more week to go before the coll starts..
got the new timetable..
got a few interesting subjects..Cartoon Character Design and Basic Photography..
sounds interesting yea??
tht's y i like this field..hehehe
but the sad part is...classes from Monday to Saturday...
and there's a class which starts from 630pm - 930pm...so late!!!
those ppl finish work d, but time for me to go class..lol!!!
worst case is..there are 2 subjects which i need to buy the art materials that cost alot...

sei lor....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

was working 2day, as a promoter for Digi at Pyramid...
n i bumped into her, MeiYee wif her bf..
MeiYee is my ex, who dumped me for this guy(for those who dunno)
im such a failure huh?hehe
anyway, v just smiled at each other n walked off..din even like "how r u" n stuff..
i mean, it's been 4 months++ since i last saw her..which is also the day she left me but when i see her 2day,im just speechless...
last few weeks, im still like dying to see her, but i dun c..
but now when i already let everythg go, i see her..this is a funny world..

anyway, she was holding her bf hands soooo tight...as if it's crushing my heart..
yea, it did..a little..
back then i felt alil bit emo n lose the mood to work..
n i went on thinking bout the past..
the moments v had..happy moments, sad moments, n also the moment our relationship ends..
it's all past tense already by the way..i know i shouldnt b thinking of all these again..
felt abit funny..we were once so happy 2gether, but when v see each other 2day, it's like.."hey, i dunno u"...
this is HUMANISM...

went looking at my old pics the other day...
the lil boy who screw things up..

well, this is me in the age of 2-5 i thk?hehehe..i like the pic which i look like curi makan..wahhaha
n i grow...n grow...

n this is me in the age of 15 - 17..n i grow again..one of the pic is when im studying for SPM...lol..brainstorming~

n me currently!!!19~

i went on9 n did a short test..n i got these answer which i think is very true..


Your Stress Sources
Feels that life has far more to offer and that there are still important things to be achieved--that life must be experienced to the fullest. As a result, he pursues his objectives with a fierce intensity that will not let go of things. Becomes deeply involved and runs the risk of being unable to view things with sufficient objectivity, or calmly enough; is therefore in danger of becoming agitated and of exhausting his nervous energy. Cannot leave things alone and feels he can only be at peace when he has finally reached his goal.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Trying to calm down and unwind after a period of over-agitation which has left him listless and devoid of energy. In need of peace and quiet; becomes irritable if this is denied him.Feels that he cannot do much about his existing problems and difficulties and that he must make the best of things as they are. Able to achieve satisfaction from sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective
Longs for a tender and sympathetic bond and for a situation of idealized harmony. Has an imperative need for tenderness and affection. Susceptible to anything esthetic.

Your Actual Problem
Has a fear that he might be prevented from achieving the things he wants. This leads him to employ great personal charm in his dealings with others, hoping that this will make it easier for him to reach his objectives.

have a nice day-

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

fooooooooooo~~(hard gay introduction)
*for those who dont know who's hard gay, check him out in Youtube..just watch any of his clips, u'll luff ur ass out!!*

it's holiday, i've been working as promoter for Digi, but just for certain days, in Pyramid..no holiday,sunway..holiday also sunway...ahahha!!

have been spending my time working, dramas, animes, DOTA, vector art, movies and basketball...also not forgetting, watching Hard Gay clips!lol!

went to Curve 2day for The Ant Bully...nice show!!go watch peeps!

thn came across this game in the game shop..a PS2 game..
it's called Dirge of Cerberus : Final Fantasy VII
hehe...it's Final Fantasy..how can i miss it!!!so i grabbed it..

the main character, Vincent Valentine..DAMN YENG...
he's the main character this time..not Cloud..hehe
anyway, this game is a First Person Shooter view game..like Resident Evil..
i just started playing it bout an hr ago..so..not so used to the gameplay..
but i was soooooooooooooooo in love with the 3D graphics and effects..omigosh...
i wonder how long thy took to this...these people are really crazy...
of coz, it's still the Final Fantasy style..hehehe..
it's reali awesome...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

jz few days ago, i posted tht i'm free from stress n depression...
but it didnt last long..

it was 2am in th morning..im still in college, doing my assignment in the 2D animation lab...
together wif 7-10 other classmates, we were all doing our work n at the same time, having fun, chit chat, sing, n lotsa crap v do in the lab...

everyone gets hungry eventually..so Samuel n i volunteered to go ta pao Ramly Burger for them..
while waiting for the burger with Samuel, my fon rang..
it was my mom..

Mom : where are u now?

Me : still in college..y?

Mom: you still have alot to do?u wanna come back anot..v come pick u up..(thn my bro took the fon from my mom n continued)

Bro : r u done wif ur work yet?

Me : not relli..need another hour..where u all now?how come suddenly wanna pick me up?

Bro : Ur uncle has just passed away...

ok, aftr hang up, i just stone over thr..Samuel know wat happen d..he jz comfort me la..d burger's still cooking..i just stand thr..thinking..still dont believe what i've just heard..think n think..the past wif my uncle..she's my mom's brother anyway...

went back to the lab..pass the burgers around..but my face expression was a total different from before..my fren asked me y am i so cool out of a sudden..i told them bout the call..n i jz cant stand it, i went out of the lab, to the toilet n wept...

sitting down, in the toilet..crying..n thinking..
he's one of my fave uncle..he's a happy-go-lucky person..he's only in his 40's..he will tell u jokes u nvr hear b4..but now he's gone..somewhere relli far away..
i asked myself.."when was the last time i seen him?" i cant recall..i feel sooo bad..

back in those days, when i was still a lil kid, my siblings n i always go to his place...
but now v seldom go there..bz wif studies n all..when he comes to my place also, v're always upstairs in the room either sleeping or doing work..thn he'll come up wif his kids n all..
n whenever u c him, ur tension's gone...

y did he leave us so early?i miss him...

i have a final project to hand in tmr..sumthg like the robot design, but this time design a scientist and a vehicle..
i haven even draw a line for tht..
b4 this, i already planned my time n all..
but suddenly have this bad news, my time all went wrong..even my emotion...
this would b my last project of the term..i have another 15hrs to hand it in..
hope i can make it in time..
the robot itself i took about 2 days+..
i wonder how am i gonna manage this...challenge

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm having lotsa assignments and projects waiting for me..alllll due this week, cz this is the last week of the term n then TERM BREAK!!!!woo-hoo!!!but oni break for 2 weeks..sucks yea?

anyway, i'm not feeling stress at allllllllllllllllll!!!!i dunno why, but i'm damn relax!!!lol!!let's c wat happen then..akakaka~
i thk it's because i already let her go...i mean, yea..this time is for real..i dn feel sad about tht anymore...not at all...it's like..i feel so light rite now..no burden at all!!!
though many work to do, but i'm enjoying every single bit of it!!!

gonna have a long blog 2day..i feel so..semangat rite now..
2day, i was thinking..I'm actually very proud and lucky being in this field..animation field..
what my principal, Tatsun Hoi said is true.."we in this field relli need to thank God"..
we're actually having our career and hobby at the same time..v do our hobby, and money comes..ain't tht great, people?

thn i tried to compare u c..mayb im wrong, but so far, this is what i thought of..
i compared what im doing to what my other frens in other colleges are doing, in different field..engineer,business, ALEvels, or watever...lets talk bout assignments 1st, and exams..

i c my frens do their assignments, do their exams and all..wat's all this for?
to pass their semester..yes, of coz..tht's not wrong..n also to gain their certificate..but when u're out there in the future, is all these answer in d exams n asisngments useful?no, not at all..BUT the certificate u get is very useful..there's no doubt bout it..

i start to thk bout what im doing..drawing..animating..designing..as my assignments n projects..is all these assignments n projects useful in the future?YES, indeed!!i can use them for my portfolio..but, have to be nice la..haha!besides, if i do weel enuff, i can have a nice certificate too!!n i thoguht "hey, i'm shooting 2 birds with 1 stone here!" i dont do my work for nothing, my work can be useful in the future...unlike those writing exams, i answer, mark n forgotten..
besides, every projects i do, i gain new experience..i learn sumthg new..n if im more passionate, i would go do more research on a particular thing tht i wanna learn, n i dn need my lecturer to teach me..but to guide me..am i making sense here?hahaha!this is just my point of view..correct me...nobody's perfect yea?

to my frens in The One Academy, treasure all ur assignments n projects..put ur heart in doing it..nonit scared ppl say u kiasu or wateva fcuk..JUST do it..because, v actually need to start building our portfolio now..it's very competitive out there...i'm also not very good in designs n all..i am lacking of art sense still..2nd year d..still lidat..sad la(ningli, if ure reading this...hahaha)
but i put all my heart in completing my work..not all, but some..might not look nice, but im very happy wif it, cz i did my best..no regrets!

another thg i wanna say here..i have a fren, wanting to change major..from Digital Animation to Multimedia Design..she said..too stress..affecting her health..
er..tht's not an excuse u c..yes, v might not know wat condition u're in now..but when there's a will, there's a way..besides, EVERY major u go into will also be a stress..u cant runaway from it..
it's matter of how u handle it..find a way out..u change major, doesnt mean u already overcome ur problem..it means u're running away from it..u may run away from it now..but it'll come back to u someday..

will stop here..talk to much d..whahha!!
anyway, everythg i said here, no offense yea!jz saying what's in my mind..
u may leave some comments to oppose me..i wanna learn from mistakes.. =)

fucking off now

Saturday, August 12, 2006

FINALLY!!!!i kao tim my robot design...
have a look =)

so..what say u? hehe..i asked my tutor whether is this qualified to be in the gallery? she said dn thk so...
now u know y am i struggling...i did these so hard n effortly, but it's not good enuff...lol!!!but i enjoyed every moment in doing this..n also learned a few things.

anywya, lemme blog bout ytrday...
ytrday was a...i would say unlucky day for me..my class starts at 2pm, so my frens n i were planning to go to the new shop in Pyramid, Bar-B-Q and have or lunch there at 1pm..
on the way thr, i asked my fren to go 1st, i need to go to the toilet.

i went in the toilet n there was this man, in his 30's standing in front of the mirror..
normal la rite..so i went to the most end area n "rescue fire" la..
while pee-ing, i realise that man looking at me at a kind...he's still standing in front of the mirror..
ok..he starts to come near me...nearer n nearer n the next thing i know, he's standing right next to me...
ok, fine...u wanna pee beside me, ok...go ahead...

here comes the most er...horrible part..
he stares at me, n then, looked at my u know wat...
k, i know this person has some problem d...so i said to him in a tone "EXCUSE ME!!!"
n thn he said "u have a nice 1 there man...u have a nice 1..."
OMFG!!!!!yuck!!!blardee gay arsehole!!!!

of cz, i wanna get out from thr..
thn he touched my back n took out his fcuking lil penis n said "u c mine...u c..here...its nice too" OWH FUCK!!!!
thn he ask me to go inside the place where the toilet bowl is, wif him n guess u know what he want..

darn disgusting!!!i just ignore him then..

since i was at the most end part in the toilet, i was very close to the wall..n tht guy was like in front of me..i was aaallllll ready to smack that bastard if he tries to do anything...
luckily, he din do anythg...lucky for him, or lucky for me, i dunno..hahaha
thn i quikly get my stuff, wash my hands n get off...while i was going off, he keep asking my age n my study palce n all..
man, GO FUCK YOURSELF 672 times!!!!!!!!

i'm approached by gays 3 times d..once at the bus stop, once in KTM n this time in the toilet n this time is the worst...
do i look like a gay???crap man...lol!!
hoping for gals to come, but guys come..i'm a FAILURE la!

Friday, August 04, 2006

jz came back from Jazz Fest at Mont' Kiara...
wow..the guitarist is really Godlike..

anyway, there are some paintings being sell over there..most of them are oil paintings..
thn i saw this painting, cost abour rm200+ and it's the most expensive among the other paintings over there...

tht painting is done by looking at a person play the saxophone, n u jz draw him without looking back at ur drawing during the whole process..
the outcome will look like a kindergarten drawing..relly out of proportion...
but it cost rm200+....AND this style of drawing is what i;m learning in my life drawing class..the model will b in front of us, n v draw him/her without looking back at our drawing..n of cz, the outcome is ugly...
but there are people who will appreciate this kinda artwork..

my lecturer says "please keep everything that you draw...looks ugly nvm..sure got ppl will appreciate ur work 1.."

what he said doesnt relli convince me until 2day..when i saw tht painting being sold at rm200+, i mean the most expensive among the other drawings...

this really open my eyes...