Friday, November 30, 2007

8TV Trip

here's a lil sharing on the 8TV trip my class went on Thursday.. x)

2 days ago, lim peh went 8TV station under class's field trip...not very bad, but quite..sien. not as interesting as i expected.

the exterior of the building, everyone, say HI~

this is HotFM's studio, where the DJs will be inside there entertaining radio listeners..i like tht room tho, hawt colorr.

this is their Mini Studio, where they have their live shows there, like 8tv Quickie n E-News..mmm tak nampak Gary kat sana..seems he sedang make-up

this is the heart of 8TV. mmm sounds important, but takde orang jaga 1. lolx!
this is their main control room larh.. *kalau tak salah* paiseh cz i wasnt listening when the "tourguide" is u can c, i sedang SS taking pics. wuahaha

thn finally get to go to the Creative Service Department..
t 1st kenot masuk n c 1..n soo lucky, terserempak wif the Creative Director there..n being generous, he let us in..masuk his office summore..
then show his work..then ask questions, who answer correct will get a cd of their
he said they oni recruit 8 new designers in a year...

d smaller creative studio
d bigger creative studio

ini Creative Director punya office. thats him.

this place is..erm..i also dunno wat u call them..ahha! can say another creative department, where they do all those pop-ups when a show is goin on...
n here is where we met Paul Moss, itu Malaysian Idol punya judge...

i was telling everyone to start singing when we saw him muahaha!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

my hse has become a studio 2day. lol
whole group came over to for animatic editting cz ive got no car 2day x)
since it's oni editting, 1 PC already cukup larh
everyone came at 4PM...balik rumah 5AM -_- i thought editting would be fast...mana tau...
snapped sum pics while others were bz doing their work, i just walk around bising bising kacau kacau wuahahah

was bored, n started stickig all these papers around the room create more feel. AHHA
so let's start with 3D Studio.

they're Kok Kang n Jothan, the editors of the dayyyy!!they seriously did a great job here 2day..
conquer my PC tim...

we haveee..

kai keat and yee jenn, artists of the dayy! lol
poor kaikeat gotta draw on d window, cz i dn have lightbox for him to trace...n yeejenn, she ownself choseto sit n draw lidat 1. biar dia. xD
everyone's currently doin the pre-production animatics for our final final final final si beh final project for 3D Animation short film next term..
basically our story's about 2 Vampires goin after a Thief in a Museum.
still dunno wat title to give yet...any ideas????

this are the concept art of the mood n feel of how the film is gonna be like...the thief looks diff, cz both painting by diff person. ahah! paiseh...
so, feel it n think of a title for this film!!!
n will be coming soon on May 2008! xDDD
n finally, Christopher's gonna bring d class to 8TV this week to c how things work in a studio..ini macam baru COLLECT maaaaaaaaa wuahahahaha

Sunday, November 11, 2007

been sitting in front of the PC snce 3pm!!! now is...4AM. xD
have been listening to the same list of songs over n over n over again.
after touching up 3D work, i lukis lukis lukis lukis until my hand gonna patah d.
backbone also aching d now. urggg..

have been drawing storyboard for the past...8hrs? crazy rite. draw non-stop, think of camera angles non-stop, think of how to continue the storyline non-stop.
in the end, im quite satisfied.
n CHristopher!!!! PREASE!!!PREASE prease!!!!!approve the storyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
dn ask me LE-DO liao laaaa
n thanks to him, i thk i'd improved in playing with camera languages.. x)
n also THANKS to all of his LE-DOs, that made me did DARN LOTS of drawings, i hope i improve in drawing skills d kua....
if not arh, sat pai arh!! can chop off my hand d tht time.

ok, better continue mi work..
blogged just to de-stress myself.. xD
or else ill go greet Dunhill, Pall Mall, Marlboro all d. long lost frens...........that kills. LOLx

imagine, i've been here WHOLE DAY.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

woke up early today.
after settling a small assignment, i looked at the weather..
n i thought "wow, nice weather to go jogging..."
at a 2nd thought, "hmmm...nice weather to sleep also..."
fcuk it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Another Post
went to coll an hour earlier 2day, cz havto go bank b4 it close.
after bank, dunno wat to do, ended up chilling at Ming Tien ALONE x(
n there's 2 guys aka MA LAT LOUs sitting beside my table and OMG la itu orang. memalukan kaum lelaki oni.
1 of them, i thk age 26-30 larh, a Chinese bastard. he speaks hokkien and speaks as if his dad owns the world lidat.

here goes: his conversations in Hokkien..

1) he double parked his car (still got space for d car he blocked to come out), n when d other car was reversing out, he was yelling "careful arh! can go out rite? dn scratch my car!!" (he's oni driving d new Camry, not Fairlady,BMW, or Mercs also)

2) he cursed 1 of the Ming Tien uncle go die n say "if u dn die, how the Coffin Shop gonna have business??" <---this is kinda funny to me btw. ahah!
n then he said to tht uncle, if he's driving a Wira, better dont drive.

3) every girl/lady pass by, his eyes LOCKED on them,especially their ass..its normal for guys,i do tht too sumtimes,haha!
but..he did it ALL the time n VERY OBVIOUS. then he told his fren "if wind blow or tht girl falls arh..fuiyo!!free show" LOUDLY, in hokkien...u can imagine how hamsap the tone is.

4) the Ming Tien uncle looked at girls also...n tht guy ws like telling him "aiya...nonit look d la, i also kenot have tht girl, u think u can meh...."

when he ciao, i was like FINALLY....this is relli typical MA LAT LOU. curse his car kena scratch kao kao 1 day.
anyway, i currently doin mt Portfolio Website assignment...YAWN.
so jz blog to relax sikit. wuakaka.

looks kiddy huh? wanted to change d whole thing, but lecturer advised me not to. said she likes the concept and style (3D mix vector). but i thk it look very childish. AHAH

my concept is a factory, which produces artwork? n since i like character designs,i thought of putting a character in all pages. for Home, there's a Secretary, for Gallery there's a guard/watcher watching over the products produced, and for Contacts, there's a Messenger looking at contact list n bla bla bla.

now, gotta chuck these into Dreamweaver n start the html.