Wednesday, January 31, 2007

fuhh...jz came back from band practise..
no voice d..ahaks

anyway, finally have an own song :-


Verse 1
February has come
The month of sweetness
Not everyone but some
Will receive chocolates

Pre-Chorus 1
I’m hoping to be
One of them
And you’ll be my valentine

I wish you choose me instead of him
I wish you know how I am feeling
I wish my love for you can be seen
I wish you’ll be my valentine dream

This is a song I wrote for you
There’s nothing else that I can do
Words just dn come out
Cz I tremble when I see you

Pre-Chorus 2
I’m hoping to be
So you’ll be my valentine

I wish you choose me instead of him
I wish you know how I am feeling
I wish my love for you can be seen
I wish you’ll be my valentine dream

d melody sounds emo, as the lyrics comment..LOL
very simple english la i used..
but i just write what i feel inside la..ahah

anyway, gotta perform this song n 2 otehr songs next Friday, 9th February 2007..
for college, some MTV-UK promo thing..
not so sure..

so, since it's February, i thought of writing a song for VDay..
n connect it to myself..ahaha
n guys, drop by on Friday support! hehe


Friday, January 26, 2007

dunno how to describe my current mood..
just can say that i'm in, really down..

didnt sleep last night..
ended up watching Infernal Affairs.. :)
watched this movie again to get some ideas for my short film..
n also, to not think of other stuff tht makes me down..

but after movie, went back to the down mode again..
fuck it then..

currently facing probs on the short film, gotta change the story alil bit
an d main actors time cant cope wif ours..
nvm, where there's a will, there's a way again..hehe

another prob, not the filming prob, but something personal..
wat i fear most all these while for the past 6months..has come..
actually not very big deal, but my negative mind made it big..
this 1 not bout got will no will ar..must c respond from other side 1..
will how big also no use..end up clapping wif 1 hand..ahah


Thursday, January 18, 2007

currently doing 3D modelling for Greek Temple...
but now resting..akakaka
actually finished modelling the basic shapes d..but lecturer critic..
so again, i tak puas n went re-do a different approach..ahahha
nvm, kinda fun to play wif this MAYA software..though i faced troubles cracking its stupid file..

2 years in TOA..3D modelling is the 1st class that the lecture goes on non-stop for 4 hours..
2day worse..nearly lecturer talked non-stop..
break 5 minutes..continue again...kesian la..haha
she said alot of things to teach in MAYA...
n seriously, ALOT...i also cant remember wat she taught d 2day..too many too stuff inside my brain man..ahaha
it's like MAYA MAYA MAYA,play MAYA,sleep MAYA...wat also MAYA...
"MAYA is ur life" she said.

guess listening to lecture itself wouldnt help, i gotta play around wif the software still..
but there's seriously alot of functions..dunno which to play wif 1st also..ahahha

an unrelated thing..also another subject, Storyboard & Conceptboard class..
also another hectic 1..
basically a class where u do make ur own film..of cz, in a team..
in a team, have alot of sound cool posts la..director la,art director la,camera-man la,lighting supervisor la,composer la,producer la,script-writer la,editor la, n etc.

my team, im the Producer.
well, i dn like this post.ahahahah

why?cz it's paper work in..when v need to get letter for shooting approval, tht's my job.
I HATE DOING THAT...damn mafan
of cz, tht's not the only thg a producer do..there's ALOOT more man..

basically a producer is the leader for the team, n anythg the im to contact everyone..or everyone contact me..(waste my fon credit..iskk) ahahah
then, im the one who set the working time for "i want all of u to finish shooting this scene by 2day!!", here's the cool part la..ahhaha
but if my team doesnt work on time, i'll kena!!!ahahaha
besides, producer also go around looking for actors and actresses..but!!he doesnt choose them..
i'll be getting a bunch of people to the director, n ask them act in front of d director..the director will decide who will act..
n this is the prob im facing now...LOOKING FOR ACTORS n ACTRESSES

the 1st production is only snapshots film..
it's a story on gangsters la..erm..those Infernal Affairs feel i guess, but of cz not so kao lat la..
is MORE KAO LAT...wahhahahahahaa

for actors, i'm looking for ppl to act as those gangs...u know la..gangster alot hengtai 1...
for actress, i'm looking for ppl to act as those "fei lui" hotties who always hang out wif gangsters 1..
so where can i find these many ppl???

anyone interested, tell me k.. pay 1 la..but belanja u drink can la..wahhahahaha
eh..u might b famous k...
no..u WILL be!!!hehe


Saturday, January 13, 2007

tht's the word for the day.

n cz of sien-ness, i became very moody 2day..
just EMO...for no reason
this sem, saturday got no class...whether it's a good thing or bad thing..i dunno
i'm like so free the whole day!!!
got assignemnts to do actually, but..i dunno which to start with...some, i dunno how to start..n ONE, i cant even i dn have MAYA software..

so i just stayed at home the whole day, doing nothing..totally nothing
n bro also took the car out 2day, cant go out also..
got too bored, n slowly turned emo
thn my little cousins came to my hse awhile...1 of them snapped my acoustic guitar string...
another 1 worse..dragged my ELECTRIC GUITAR from upstairs 2 downstairs!!!!!
i heard something banging n hitting on the staircase n i thoguht "wat are the kids playing la??"
n when i got downstairs, i saw the guitar on the floor n 0_0 OMFG!!!
my heart was like *OUCH* when tht happened...
n that made me more moody after that..

i just cant stay at home d whole day man..
tried looking for ppl to go out yum char, ta kei or wateva..
but seems everyone's bz..nvm

the worst part is, since 2weeks back, days have been hard for me cz i'd quit smoking..
n 2day, a boring yet moody day, is the HARDEST day..ahaha
aihz..wat to do..kong tak chut, yiu chou tak tou (cantonese)...

the bottom line is, i just need to go out!!!
*not go out buy cigarette lor*

Monday, January 08, 2007

college has started!!
started badly----lol

class suppose to be from 2pm - 9pm(2 classes)
so i didnt drive 2day cz mom needs the car at night..

reach coll, ppl tell me night class canceled.
char tou---if know, thn nonit take train, cab n all...waste dunno how much money there d..
thn nvm... so the class starts..
after 1 n half hour lecture, can go back d..(it's a 4 hrs class anyway)
lagi char tou---travel all the way thr for 1 1/2 lecture!!!

n then!!!! 1st lesson assignment already sound crazy d..(man, im complaining) lol
the lecturer showed us a picture of a scenery n v're suppose to look at the picture n observe everything in 3minutes!!memorise everything
the color, the shape, the elements, the design n so on...
just observe, cannot jot down anythg..
n then go back, draw out the picture u saw and marker render it!!!
sounds crazy n hard eh?
but, u nvr try it, u nvr know!!hehehe...must think positive!!
i can do it!!! *i hope*

d other day was talking to 1 of my lecturer,Tammie bout how is this sem gonna be like..
basically this sem i'm goin into 3D moddeling stuff d..hehehe
but, also a busy n hectic sem..
dn even think about holiday for animation students...damn
she said most of the work needs a long time to finish, in 3D modelling..n i sure will stay back in coll till very late, or even stay overnight there..
unless my PC at home is good...

so...should i buy a new PC or buy a sleeping bag to sleep in coll??

nvm, since stepping into animation, i'm ready for all these!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

finally got the pics at Genting during New Year countdown..
gonna share alil bout tht day :)

basically there were 17 of us who went...
n v only rented 2 triple rooms and it's big enuff!!worthy!!!
so 1 room for the gals, n 1 room for the guys..

actually..Genting..beside the cold wind, there's nothing much there to enjoy d la..
Theme Park..sien d..
so v actually just go for the atmosphere, the wind...hehe
got nothign to do over there before the just went makan, chilling in room and bowling..boring huh???
but guess the gals had more fun than the least they had a GAME to play...ahahaha

after getting ready, bout 1130pm all of us rush to the countdown spot n went crazy over there!!
snapping pictures, greeting everyone, anyone, even polices Happy New Year..
chased bomba spray by those party spray..
running around singing...of cz, there were other ppl who v dnt know joined us..
it's the 1st time im being so crazy in the public....when not drunk..
its like u feel so free, can do wateva u want man..akakakdn care bout wat ppl thk n stuff..
u tend to lose ur self-conciousness!!!
not only me, the others also went crazy!!!
n the fireworks is Genting is realli nice, because u're nearer to them
superbly beautiful!!

after that, all went back to hotel, exhausted...
but of cz, the night is still young!!
n it's time to yam seng..for 2007!!!n our new year's resolutions!!!!
ok, i was the drunkest 1 tht day...AGAIN..thts really sad..ahahhaa
sooooo sorry to my frens cz i was rude to u all when i was drunk and sorry also if i had said anythg wrong..LOL
it seems i was going around high5 wif ppl, scolding ppl, hiding in the cupboard 0_0??!! , pumping, arm wrestling....n God knows what summore..

after that, went to see sunrise!!!!

was suffering from the alcohol effect tht time..feel damn heavy,tired n sleepy gonna collapse anytime man..ahahha
but cannot collapse man..if not ar..damn point goin there also
i fought wif myself tht time, and i won!!!(sounds weird)

in the end, din c sunrise..know why???know WHY????
because v dunno where is East n West!!!!!
so v just main tembak..n...actually waited at West, thought tht it's East..AHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!
next time remember bring compass man!!!!!

n it allll ends here...
i felt relli happy in this outing anyway..
n seeing the others who went happy, i also happy d.


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!woooo-hooooo!!!!!
it's 2007!!!no more TEEN in my age already..
so, time to grow up!!!

i thk my mentality did grow up in 2006..
the way i thk has changed compared to the previous years..
i am more aware of what's good and what's bad. aware of people around me, aware of things around me...
the biggest thing i learn in the year 2006 is not to take things for granted and treasure the thigns and people around you before it's too late :)
of course, there are more things tht i learned, and infinite things to be learn.
u never go thru it, u nvr know...

so Year 2007 resolution!!!!
build up my portfolio!!!!!!!!!
work out!!!!!
change some habits and...yeah!!!

so far tht's what in my mind la..akakakak

did a great celebration for new Year's Eve at Genting,
it's the best New Year Eve i ever had!!!
i miss it so much now..
the moments, the atmosphere, the craziness, the everything and of course, the PEOPLE!!!hehehe

will find time to blog and post pics on the celebration...
maybe not...

-Happy New Year * 2007-