Monday, April 16, 2007

it's 530am..n i got up early at this time to actually do my work..
ytrday had high fever, so rest early n now can do my work.

n guess wat???
ALL my softwares to do my work is gone.
Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, all has been deleted! *yay*
so wat can i do now is just stare at the pc n smile. like a retard.

delete d, nvm..the thing is i cant even install it back. *double-yay*
dunno wats wrong wif d C:/ capacity...mayb kena virus or sumthg..

so, here i am, suppose to be painting in Photoshop, but turn out blogging over here.
yeah, things are still coming..even at the last week of coll.
teach me, how?
every single day, a new prob will occur. im like kena sum jampi d..
so..wat's next??

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a picture that shows my current situation

1 more week..1 more week, im gonna be free...
this the most problematic sem..
things just come n come n come..
u dunno which to settle 1st.

just had a conflict wif filming group members 2day...
planned to do VO for the film, so i made a meeting time wif Abby for VO..
she actually waited for quite some time for VO..
reach video lab, ppl tell me microphone lost, script din bring. apa pun tak ada.
so i burst la. scolded them for not bringing the script.
yea, i overeacted tht time..but im not angry at their was angry tht..y didnt they tell me earlier about it???
made me meet wif Abby all d, bring her to Video lab, go ZQ hse tk mic, but it's lost..oni u tell me u din bring script. should have tell me earlier, thn nonit make Abby wait n all..
anyway, sorry for that..i shouldnt lose my temper..

now im home, got time for my other assignment, MAYA..
but i cant start my MAYA..i dunno why. relly dunno why.
just..gotta reinstall it. but i dn have the cd wif me now.
nvm, can install other day. but FUCK. what am i gonna do now???
im free now. such a nice time n mood to do MAYA..but i cant.
its like i planned my time nicely, the mood is there, everything is there.
but now it's spoiled.

it's like..i fall, trying to get up, half way getting up, sumthg push me again, n i fall back. n it just go on n on n on...
not to say i din plan, but my plan is always spoiled by sumthg.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

People say an artwork can tell d artist's personality and i find it true..

d other day our 3D lecturer, Tammie was viewing everyone's work n talked about it in the class. she can tell everyone's personality thru their work n also their progression, n wat she said is true! not only mine, but also for others..

so this is what she said when she view my work :

"Ckin ar Ckin...ur still life..not bad! good! better than ur progress. At 1st i c ur progress ar..i thought u sure gone d 1 ur progress really bad eh..but the final outcome..not bad!

u learn things fast, u catch up fast. You always catch up with ppl better than you 1. I know u 1..when u c ppl better than u ar, u kenot tahan edi 1..You dun like to lose 1..This is good la, but..dn too much la cz this means u're lost, u dunno where ur strenght is..u wanna master in every strength, but u dun master in a main strength, then u dunno where to go already.

n then har, u very easy fall down 1. push u abit, u fall d. BUT! u always get up again. but push u again, u will fall again. then get up again. push, fall, get up. This 1 also good! but dangerous ar..very dangerous. cz once u become lazy to get up, u byebye edi. so u careful la har.."

n she's true. everything she said is tepat 1. ahaha!! yes, i'm competitive, i dn relli like losing n tht is wat made me pushing myself to catch up wif the others. n im relli afraid 1 day i would relli fall n wouldnt get up anymore.. x)