Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!!!!!

here's a New Year E-card from me to everyone, and here i wish alll of you..
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!! *click on image to view the e-card*

my New Year's resolution:
1. kurangkan berat. LOL
2. learn and earn more
3. produce more good works
4. save some CASH (economy's bad)

i had a wonderful 2008 anyway x)
i turned 21, i graduated, i started working, i'm paying for myself, i found her, i'm getting a niece, i directed a fully 3D animated shortfilm, and last but not least i won something.
of cz, i do have my bad n disasterous times, but let us all forget the bad ones and look forward!
every bad, has its good!

btw, the e-card is done by DG Department of The One Academy x)
credits to:
Chin Kuan Win - layout design, graphic design
Chong Hing - butterfly modelling, animation, compositing
Kevin - butterfly modelling, visual effects

have a good year x)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malacca Trip, 20th December 2008
went to Malacca for the weekend with d Lee sisters and their bfs. LOL

thts Xipey, Xiyuen, Xiteng, Jun, Me, n Solou

stayed at Fenix Inn which costs us only rm98 per night/room. it's recommendable. clean and near to everywhere!

1st meal we had, of course, the Chicken Rice Ball. did our research on the net n found out this shop is the best 1. n we queued under the BLARDEE DAMN HOT sun. LOL. the chicken is great anyway x) RM42

for dinner, we went for Satay Celup, also research from the internet. n GOSH. 7pm queued until 8:30pm. from sky is bright till it's dark!
the sauce is special, but then NOT to say VERY nice till must queue till lidat lor....-_-
no "2nd time" value. RM0.70/stick.

the best meal we had during the trip! baba Nyonya food, taste really GREAT. rm92.40 for 6 person. x)

some group pics, and also my 1st time riding a Beca!! xD tian mi mi

the only time i look serious in the whole trip. LOL
n yes, i rewarded myself a box of brief. xD
it was a great trip, everything was goin smoothly as planned...except for the Eye on Malaysia. can see, but cant reach. LOL the roadsigns in Malacca suxxx

back to work.....T.T

Thursday, December 18, 2008

19th December 2008

a quick paint in Photoshop i did in office..LOL
the other day dreamt of..erm...my wedding. AHHAHA
it was a sweet one tho. and weird..
a wedding in a place like..somehow like survivor camp, got river to swim n stuff, people all wearing swimwear, some wearing tux with shorts. LOL
of cz, the main char is Gwen n I xD
went to office and did a quick sketch n paint just to remind myself the mood and environment.
so..this is somewhat the visual i had in my dream. haha

anyway, went for lunch just now at the new Dai hei Si beside pyramid Kim Gary...gosh, u should take a look at what i had....

i ordered wantan Mee, and this is the size of the Char Siu....
mlm (-_-) mlm

leaving for Melaka tmr for the weekend, hope i wont get disappointed by the food there!! xD
will post some pics when i get back
Happy Holidays peeps!-adioz-

Thursday, November 20, 2008

3DX Festival Singapore Day 2

today is my 2nd day, n also the last day for me in this event x)

in the previous post i said tht the 3D tht we're doing is actually 2D, sorry, i was wrong.
i asked someone today how do they categorize it, the 3D tht we're doing is still 3D, n the other 1 is called as Stereoscopic 3D aka S3D.

the topic for today was mostly about the programmes, projectors n cameras used for making 3D Stereoscopic.
i dn really understand wat they talking about, cz i dont know all these stuff. LOL

but Autodesk gave a sharing on the pipeline in making S3D.
we start our usual pipeline in Maya, then import it into our compositing softwares, like Combustion, n then put it into Autodesk Lustre n done.
k, from wat i heard, for S3D, we need to composite TWICE.....1 for the left eye and 1 for the right eye. n Autodesk Lustre is a software where u work on the S3D editting.
So, it is Maya---->Composite softwares------>Lustre------>render.
i hope i didnt get the wrong message. LOL

then we have sharing from Dan Glickman, Chairman of Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA) and Jim Gianopulous, CEO of 20th Century Fox. * u see how many big time ppl i meet in this event?lol*
k, basically their sharing was basically kinda same as ytrday, about the new film era, Stereoscopic 3D n how is this new era gonna help the world economy, especially at such time. After all, ppl still need entertainment!!!
besides that, Jim showed a very short preview of Titanic 3D!!!!!woo-hooo
guess u all cant wait to c the hand+window part in 3D eh? LOL

there was some discussion n argument on PIRACY n this is a BIG BIG BIG issue in our industry. it's OUR ENEMY! 1 said tht with S3D technology, nobody can do a pirate copy of it. but, he was disagreed by another person saying his new released S3D movie has ben pirated and it has the same 3D effect O_O!!! LOL pirates' technology damn keng also. HAHAHAHA
sooooo the only solution is, consumers, pls pls pls dn buy pirated cds. LOL

ok, thts all about the sharing.
in these 2 days, i had 2 new experience.
1st, imagine....u get to watch Bolt together with the President of Walt Disney inside the same cinema hall. LOL and also watch Journey to the Centre of the Earth with Brendan Fraser too!! LOL it was a good show. alot ppl say Journey was a bad 1, but i don't think so. i watch it in 3D at home...erm..pirate DVD, ahahha! but when i saw it in S3D 2day, it's really really, DIFFERENT. i'd say the director is good. the story isnt draggy, everything was straight forward. i dn feel bored at all. n fyi, i actually dislike adventure movies like this.

2nd experience is watching a U2 concert in cinema. lol.
yes, it's U2-3D. a U2 concert, shot using 3D cameras. and u really feel like u're there in the concert.

Anywya, today i asked someone whether my eye which is cacated will make me being left behind in this new S3D era, and he said : for an animator, story is the most important. nothing to do with 1 eye or 2 eyes.
i was happy to hear that x)

so my fellow CG Artists and animators, let's move on to the new CG era, Stereoscopic 3D!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3DX Festival Singapore Day 1

i learned alot from this festival. i meet big people. as in really, really BIG BIG ppl.
Brendan Fraser, i was sitting behind him oni. LOL Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation SKG; n Mark Zoradi, President of Walt Disney Studios Film Entertainment.

im gonna share with u what had they said here. it really got me start thinking more deeply in the CG industry in the future and inspired me.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation SKG -
The film industry is turning into 3D. Dreamworks Animation are all gonna start producing in 3D starting from year 2009, Monsters VS Aliens.
His 3D doesnt mean those 3D stuff tht we did n produce in Maya n all, but the 3D tht u need to watch with the special glasses. The 3D that we're all doin now in Maya is consider as 2D. haha
He said, in 7-8 years from now u will see all movies in 3D. From films,to TV series, dramas, ADs and so on. Being asked y is he so sure bout that, he said : when movie 1st started in many many many years ago, there's only pictures, but no sound. n Later on, there's sound. movies without sound were left-out. After that, colors were added. Then B&W movies were left-out. n Later on, 2D(the Maya 1) was created. n now, ppl wanna feel the movie, ppl wanna be in the movie. and 3D was created, sooner or later, the films u'reall watching now will be left-out as well...
1 day, 3D glasses would be a fashion trend. Everyone will own a 3D glasses that can be use as sunglasses when u're outside.
He then showed a lil bit of Monsters VS Aliens in 3D. it's more than the trailer u saw in cinemas. Nobody have seen it b4, besides the ppl in Dreamworks of course.
Basically he's trying to tell us to start making 3D movies. the CG world is changing. u can watch 3D from IMAX, cinemas or even, AT HOME. this is the important thing i take note of. x)
he also showed an 3D Animated film which will be release in 2009, Coraline. guess what, it's from the creator of Nightmare Before Christmas!!! MUST WATCH.

Mark Zoradi, President of Walt Disney Studios Filmed Entertainment -
He said, when we make a film, STORY is very important. ppl always go for story story story story but that is not wrong. but now, d demand has changed. start thinking bout story story technology technology. demand is high now,ppl wanna experience the movie. From motion pictures, now is EMOTION pictures. *wow,i love this statement*
He didnt talk much, but he SHOWED alot of Disney Pixar's future films' trailers. There's Beauty n The Beast 3D, Tron 3D, Toy Story 1 2 3 in 3D, Boltz 3D, Up 3D, GForce 3D, Cars 3D, and some concept arts for Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton and the Christmas Carol. ALLL these, none in the world has seen it b4. n another privilege, they showed Bolt 3D, the whole movie. it's not release anywhere in the world yet. haha! it's nice tho, LET IT BEGINNNNN!!!!

after all these, i guess u all know what this festival is for right? TIME TO CHANGE TO 3D!!!
n this is where a BIG question appear in me. how am i gonna watch? i got 1 eye cannot see 1. n 3D needs both eyes for the glasses. hhahahah! no answer still. LOL nvm, ill stick to 2D larh. xD

so these are the important thing i wanna share, and if i can recall anything tht i've missed out, ill update over here. x)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

random WIP

planning on a new shortfilm, n this is a render test to make myself feel the mood. LOL
this is still WIP, work in progress...done during free-time in office x)
will add on more details later on..now let u c ABIT ABIT 1st. ahhaha

i very sien. thts y i blog. LOL waiting for time to pass in office -_-

and now, i'm off to Singapore for 3DX Festival for 3 days...
will come back n feed info x)

-stay tuned-

Monday, November 10, 2008

3D Bites : A Shortfilm Competition

a competition organised by Autodesk and ACA Pacific and the event was today, at Avenue K, Quattro.

Team 4+1 took the chance to enter this competition.. a team consisting of 4 guys and 1 girl..

we started 2gether as the left-outs in class. when we group ourselves together, we knew, this is gonna be real hard. cz we're considered the weakest team among all. we don't have someone who's really strong in art or technical in the group...all of us are just...normal. but this doesnt bring down our team spirit.

we came out with a concept and characters

we started off with a story and Chris made changes on it until the whole thing gets reallly complicated and harder to do...LOL. we kinda lost faith in ourselves tht moment. thanks to Seng Han, we got a new idea. same characters, same concept, but new story. and it's like..few more days left to present the storyboard to Chris...

one of the storyboard where Thief is running

so we came up with the new idea and proposed to Chris. he doesnt advise us to do so at 1st, cz we dn have the time...but i promised him that we sure will vomit it out for him 1. we had a war for the whole night...and we showed him wat we promised...x)
our spirit was building back up edi this time...
then we had another war again another night for the final animatic presentation. tht 1..we vomit blood. AHAHAHAH

but, we screwed that presentation up. we kena bad comments and feedbacks from the people we presented it to. we were the worst again. LOL
nvm, we moved on with what we have and c what can we do in 3D stage.

after seeing the 3D characters we start to feel the film already. our spirit grew again. but we still lack of an ending. we do not know how to end the story...lotsa ideas we came up with, but it sounds..just not the right one.

after seeing the entire rendered still mood of the background, we totally feel the whole film already. we were on high spirit that time. so eager to c the final outcome...
we started together, worked on it together, finished it together,







and finally, we won together... x)

believe it anot, we did not have any conflicts among ourselves throughout the whole project...we're very straight forward. we always have an open discussion to voice any unhappiness in the team. i LOVE this team. x) even if we didnt win this, i still love this team. you guys feel me, i know. hahaha

here, i take the chance to congrat Zhi Kyu's team, Samuel's team and also Junn Tseng's team x)
for ur info, The One Academy's team all were shortlisted in the Top 5 and 1st 2nd 3rd place were sweeped by us. i am truly proud of The One Academy and thank God i didn't go to the wrong place. x)

here, I present to you The Chase.......!!!!!


and here, you can take a look at Berbird's team, Squeak n Franky:


enjoy!!!!! xD

Friday, October 31, 2008

Loving Halloween
final project is DONE!!!! oh yeah!!
it will be shown in The One Academy Gallery starting next week, together with other finalk animation projects of other groups!
tho, still need to refine abittt, but we're refining it for industry ppl to c, as for public, we're showing what we've done already x)

yea i know, i said it's gonna be done like..months n months agooo..but..i purposely wait it out for Halloween 1. acheh... hahhaha

anyway, 2day's Halloween, and i went for soime event thingy at Lagoon, n it was...boring. LOL u cant even c the performance..it's like..the performance on the 2nd floor, we watch from 1st floor....oni can c their heads -_-

took some pics and c ppl scaring one another n i ciaoz!

BUT!! 1 nice thing i did was..taking pic with 2 of my most favourite character!!!

finally it's out there to CATCH youuuuuu xD












will post more bout the project 2gether with the link next time x)


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

YESHH!! finally graduated!!!! xD
kinda too late rite to blog?LOL
i actually dn plan to blog, cz i dunno wat to say/write..but jz a couple of minutes ago while i was browsing thru my graduation pics, seeing myself in the graduation robe, i realised...

"this graduation is not really bout the 3 years in The One Academy..it's about..my FOURTEEN YEARS in studying, classrooms, schools, books and all that!!!"

1st is UPSR, i've spent 6 years in primary school..
2nd is PMR and SPM, i've spent 5 years in secondary school..
last but not least, it's Diploma, and i've spent 3 years in college..
and that's it!! done! BOH LIAO!!! wuahahahah!!
i believe, each and everyone of us, sure went thru a thought of "jior...when am i gonna finish studying arh????" when we're studying for exams n all rite? ahahha

yea, diploma oni ma..ahahah!!but in my field, i dont think cert is important. and i'm not planning to further my studies tho..

remembering all the times when i'm still in primary school, still super kiddy, dunno what is future and all that..all in my mind is friends and play. muahahah

then remembering all the times when i'm in secondary, a teenager already, kinda worried of what i'm gonna do in future and studied like others did cz i dont wanna feel left out from those smart fcukers among my best friends..HAHAHA
all in my mind that time was still friends, play, and paktor.LOL

and finally, remembering the times in The One Academy, young adult already..start thinking of future goal, who i want to be, how am i gonna be who i want, and how am i gonna survive in this society. of cz, friends play, party and paktor is still in my mind. xD
here i am with my fellow classmates...
it was indeed a memorable yet quite busy night..

2gether with my group members, Team 4+1, doing the keong si project, and i think the robes make all of us look like keong si only. LOL

these people are my gang in TOA!! known since 1st year, we paint, sketch, luff die, cry, sing, plesentation and understanding together all since Year 1 in The One Academy! xD
but sadly, i only took a couple of pics with them on that day..this is the only 1 thing i regret. x)
nvm, lets graduate again. HAHAHAHA

good luck to all of you in ur future undertakings. xD

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the COLORS of Life?
currently waiting for 3D render to finish..n she already masuk tidor..
cant do anythg else cz the PC will lag while rendering. -_- so, BLOG. ^^
this blog is LONG. LOL cz i know the rendeing is gonna be long too. LOL
1st i'm gonna COMPLAIN bout my job, then a HILLARIOUS experience my fren just gone thru, and a SWEET thing Gwen gave me x) *anger>humour>romance* LOL

basically, i'm quitting my job x) why?
1st of all, things doesnt turn out the way i expected from the beginning. If i am to go to work nearly everyday, i'd rather join a proper animation studio out there which i'd love to. I don't quite enjoy doing motion graphics FYI. i'm doin this at 1st just for the sake of extra income cz i had some struggling moment at that time, and thought it was a somehow like a freelance thingy...
but it's not like wat i thought and told somehow. So, i decided to quit n join an animation studio that i like. i somehow lose trust already -_-

a fren of mine just got chased by cops today. ahahah!! this is funny.
he said he drove thru the red light, and a police car was coming from the other direction. (i can imagine the whole scene) LOL
he didn't stop his car n he looked back, the police was making a U-Turn already. and he start speeding off, thought he has some time to outrun the cops. LOL
made some wild turns n all, but the cop was pretty fast tho and they caught up to him, and start turning on the siren and flashed him. no choice, he have to stop.
surprisingly, the cops didnt ask him why did he run, just ask y went thru red light, study where, live where, parents work as what, berapa ribu he has wif him now n all..-_-
then he started bullshitting his dad is a clerk, works in PJ..kenot saman..cz if his dad knows, will beat him up..he got no money..HAHAHAHA!!! n he got away with it, no saman, no bribe. LOL gam du dak.

ok, those who scared geli can skip this part. ahah. i just wanna express my appreciation here x)
quite awhile ago, while i was still after her, we were talking bout ppl changing bf/gf like changing shoes lidat..and i asked her to get me a shoe brand name Gwen. *yeap, a lame way to confess* haha! but somehow we skipped tht topic and didnt mention bout it already..
ytrday, went out wif her..while sending her back, tht siao poh suddenly turn behind the car n ask silly question "eh?y u put ur umbrella behind?" then start shifting th umbrella around. i was like.."huh?" then when i got home, she told me she left her shoes in my car n i thought she really did. HAHA! so i went searching for it...as usual, usually search for shoes under the seat 1 ma...
then she say its NOT under the seat. it's behind the seat. where u put books or magaxines inside 1...and yeap, ther's a small little Shoe Keychain inside. LOL n she said thats the shoe i was asking for.
well, i was touched seriously. haha i didnt expect her to remember that SHOE thingy cz everytime when i remind her bout something she say she forgotten it edi 1. ahah

-awww- xD


Monday, August 18, 2008

baru-baru ini, banyak! busy wif work... -_-
especially last week..from monday to saturday. GOSH
last week had soft launch for the GOssip Event that the company is working on...

that's Hannah Yeoh, ADUN of Subang Jaya...right? ahaha sorry, i suck in politics. LOL btw, i also dunno wat's her role in this event. not very clear bout those.

then QnA session...that guy's my boss Bernard Hor. screening of the event's opening video...spent 2weeks on this thingy -_-.

then were asked to go for Latte @ 8 season2 at pyramid's starbucks the other day..to take Jason Lo's pic..cz he, together with Hannah Tan and Suki are the role models for this event..

that's Jason Lo, Malaysian artist from Sarawak. his songs are nice tho x)

arh..i cant upload the GOssip video on youtube..file too big kua..
will try again next time.

next week will be pretty bz week also as well...cz there's another video to be done. and sis's wedding!! muahahahaha
finally, d family has something BIG happening x)

tmr will be meeting up with James, Jeff n Martin discuss bout songs to play during our graduation day. hehehe...after a year+, i guess everyone's itchy and karat d. long time din play 2gether d...dunno Samuel will be available to join us anot this time..aiks.

let's hope everything goes well and put on a good show for everyone! xD

and GOSH, i found myself a new dream car. LOL thx to akmal.
let's go rob some bank please.


Friday, August 01, 2008

tagged by Way Wen

Six people to tag
Joshe Moshe
Hannah Tan(i wish) LOL

Six things I’m passionate about
1. food
2. music
3. film
4. design
5. animation
6. play

Six things I say too often
1. haha
2. nahh
3. cannot lidat wannnnn...
4. where there's a will, there's a way? lol
5. anything can happen
6. fcuk you.

Six books I’ve read recently
wrong question.

Six songs I can listen to again and again
1. Switchfoot - Dare You To Move
2. All American Rejects - Straight Jacket Feeling
3. Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
4. One Republic - Say All I Need
5. Boys Like Girls - Holiday
6. Oasis - Stand By Me

Six things I learnt in the past year
1. every bad has it's good
2. leadership
3. telling stories thru camera
4. feel of total loneliness
5. stay strong
6. always a new beginning of an ending

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

some snapshots of The Chase x)

front door of the museum..

the CHIU PAI of the museum..LOL

1 of the important element, the bell...gonna change its texture anyway

a display cannon..muahaha

introduction of thief..

introduction for Dracula..
the part for Keong Si..haven render yet..ahah paiseh..

testing on the special effects....STILL testing...

2day, im disappointed...cz i dn c anything new, din c any new result or progress. and it's already August.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Another Phase
yo...long time no update x)
currently, i'm already working and STILL doing the final project...LOL
now in the rendering stage as well as some refinements..i'd say..approximately 20% more to go..xD

i'm happy indeed, cz 2day my group members showed our latest progress to our lecturer.
fyi, it's been awhile since we've shown our work to this lecturer...cz his expectation very high 1....we dn dare show. HAHA
surprisingly, he was fine with it...just a lil bit changes. i wanna tk the opportunity here to tell my group members, all of u have done a good job. and sorry if there's anything that u beh song wif me. muahaha...

aside from this project, i've started working already..due to situations that can't be avoided.
just 2weeks of working only, i've start to understand how my friends feel when it's a FRIDAY and weekend. hahaha it's like...TERM BREAK wei. LOL

i'm working for Summer Sands Creativity and Passion.
erm..it's an event management company and i wouldnt say it's a big company larh. basically there's no office 1. haha. our office is The Curve Starbucks or SS15 Starbucks sometimes. LOL
so, when u're around those area...find me for lunch larh!! wuahaha

basically, there're oni 2 person in the creativity division..including me..and we're short of hand.
SO, if u're a creative person and currently looking for some job to do..look for me la har! x)

before i end this post, i have something for Joshe Moshe Closhe Toshe! my Langkawi gay fren.
i know ur bday over quite long already...ahah! but here it is! the GIF pic x)

* i dunno whether it's working anot*