Sunday, August 24, 2008

the COLORS of Life?
currently waiting for 3D render to finish..n she already masuk tidor..
cant do anythg else cz the PC will lag while rendering. -_- so, BLOG. ^^
this blog is LONG. LOL cz i know the rendeing is gonna be long too. LOL
1st i'm gonna COMPLAIN bout my job, then a HILLARIOUS experience my fren just gone thru, and a SWEET thing Gwen gave me x) *anger>humour>romance* LOL

basically, i'm quitting my job x) why?
1st of all, things doesnt turn out the way i expected from the beginning. If i am to go to work nearly everyday, i'd rather join a proper animation studio out there which i'd love to. I don't quite enjoy doing motion graphics FYI. i'm doin this at 1st just for the sake of extra income cz i had some struggling moment at that time, and thought it was a somehow like a freelance thingy...
but it's not like wat i thought and told somehow. So, i decided to quit n join an animation studio that i like. i somehow lose trust already -_-

a fren of mine just got chased by cops today. ahahah!! this is funny.
he said he drove thru the red light, and a police car was coming from the other direction. (i can imagine the whole scene) LOL
he didn't stop his car n he looked back, the police was making a U-Turn already. and he start speeding off, thought he has some time to outrun the cops. LOL
made some wild turns n all, but the cop was pretty fast tho and they caught up to him, and start turning on the siren and flashed him. no choice, he have to stop.
surprisingly, the cops didnt ask him why did he run, just ask y went thru red light, study where, live where, parents work as what, berapa ribu he has wif him now n all..-_-
then he started bullshitting his dad is a clerk, works in PJ..kenot if his dad knows, will beat him up..he got no money..HAHAHAHA!!! n he got away with it, no saman, no bribe. LOL gam du dak.

ok, those who scared geli can skip this part. ahah. i just wanna express my appreciation here x)
quite awhile ago, while i was still after her, we were talking bout ppl changing bf/gf like changing shoes lidat..and i asked her to get me a shoe brand name Gwen. *yeap, a lame way to confess* haha! but somehow we skipped tht topic and didnt mention bout it already..
ytrday, went out wif her..while sending her back, tht siao poh suddenly turn behind the car n ask silly question "eh?y u put ur umbrella behind?" then start shifting th umbrella around. i was like.."huh?" then when i got home, she told me she left her shoes in my car n i thought she really did. HAHA! so i went searching for usual, usually search for shoes under the seat 1 ma...
then she say its NOT under the seat. it's behind the seat. where u put books or magaxines inside 1...and yeap, ther's a small little Shoe Keychain inside. LOL n she said thats the shoe i was asking for.
well, i was touched seriously. haha i didnt expect her to remember that SHOE thingy cz everytime when i remind her bout something she say she forgotten it edi 1. ahah

-awww- xD


Monday, August 18, 2008

baru-baru ini, banyak! busy wif work... -_-
especially last week..from monday to saturday. GOSH
last week had soft launch for the GOssip Event that the company is working on...

that's Hannah Yeoh, ADUN of Subang Jaya...right? ahaha sorry, i suck in politics. LOL btw, i also dunno wat's her role in this event. not very clear bout those.

then QnA session...that guy's my boss Bernard Hor. screening of the event's opening video...spent 2weeks on this thingy -_-.

then were asked to go for Latte @ 8 season2 at pyramid's starbucks the other take Jason Lo's he, together with Hannah Tan and Suki are the role models for this event..

that's Jason Lo, Malaysian artist from Sarawak. his songs are nice tho x)

arh..i cant upload the GOssip video on youtube..file too big kua..
will try again next time.

next week will be pretty bz week also as there's another video to be done. and sis's wedding!! muahahahaha
finally, d family has something BIG happening x)

tmr will be meeting up with James, Jeff n Martin discuss bout songs to play during our graduation day. hehehe...after a year+, i guess everyone's itchy and karat d. long time din play 2gether d...dunno Samuel will be available to join us anot this time..aiks.

let's hope everything goes well and put on a good show for everyone! xD

and GOSH, i found myself a new dream car. LOL thx to akmal.
let's go rob some bank please.


Friday, August 01, 2008

tagged by Way Wen

Six people to tag
Joshe Moshe
Hannah Tan(i wish) LOL

Six things I’m passionate about
1. food
2. music
3. film
4. design
5. animation
6. play

Six things I say too often
1. haha
2. nahh
3. cannot lidat wannnnn...
4. where there's a will, there's a way? lol
5. anything can happen
6. fcuk you.

Six books I’ve read recently
wrong question.

Six songs I can listen to again and again
1. Switchfoot - Dare You To Move
2. All American Rejects - Straight Jacket Feeling
3. Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
4. One Republic - Say All I Need
5. Boys Like Girls - Holiday
6. Oasis - Stand By Me

Six things I learnt in the past year
1. every bad has it's good
2. leadership
3. telling stories thru camera
4. feel of total loneliness
5. stay strong
6. always a new beginning of an ending