Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TOA Talent Quest 2007

has the performance for TOA Talent Quest 2007 video posted up in youtube, Jeff's work..lol
the links are:




there were a total of 3 songs v did on tht day, they are We Believe, Pieces n What I've Done.

anyway, we werent relli satisfy with the performance..v feel that it's incomplete somehow..ahah
got mistakes la when playing, me pulak play wrong chords a few times..
just few days before perforamnce v thought of what song to perform n ended up v spent only 2 days for practise and v did not have a soundcheck before performance due to rushing. -_-

AND TOA's microphone ar..wah lau..no comment....ahah
but i love the crowd!! they're lively...hehe

n the band is called Still Haven't Figure Out lolx

enjoy x)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


read this forwarded email from my aunt, like some nice quotes they have in there.
n im relli impressed byt these quotes..i mean, i think they're beautiful. lol
enjoy it x)

what say u? beautiful rite?ahha!
k, may i syok sendiri larh..
but wat's stated up there is true. these quotes plays as a reminder in our lives...i think.
we KNOW all these truths but v tend to forget it or ignore it.
why? cz v're human, always running away from truths.
among those quotes, d 1 i love most is "When we wake up in the morning, we have 2 simple choices; go back to sleep n dream, or get up n chase those dreams."
i love tht line alot..hahah! SS again
hmmm, i realised, im now lost. i dunno wats my aim already..
nowadays i always ask myslef "WHO exactly I wanna be?"
n now, i'm going to sleep, goin to dream, n get up n chase after that dream!!!
basically, i MAU TIDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

this is a "Nothing-To-Do" post.

453am...all i can hear is only the fan sound..
martin KO, Jeff KO... me, awake, rushing Maya head modelling -_-
frankly, IM VERY SLEEPY now...
thanks to my PC at home, i'm currently at Jeff's place, using Martin PC to do my work..
college's PC system down..LOL
my home PC.....dunno wat down larH

i should be doing my work now, but im here blogging whahaha!
*sometimes need some short break 1 maa*

tho its a HOLIDAY, but still bz wif work sial..
went to coll also dunno how many times d during this holiday..
doesnt feel like holiday at all..more like Exploration Week...

went to Petaling STreet earlier with both d monkeys..
sudden-plan again..
thought i masuk their car, terus can go their hse do work..mana tau, go KL
anyway, not that bad, my last visit there was like..10 yrs old?
my gosh, i haven been there for 1o years d..

hmm..wat else..
owh, SPiderMan's cool!! Marketing Exam's COOL!! Jeff's NEW hair's COOL!!!TOA renovation's QUITE cool!!

Maya's UNCOOL--
better get back to work x)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

finally got the pics of Cherating camping! x)
those who went were Jeff, Raymond, Sushi, Nelson, William, Tsae Yen, Marcus and I. it was a "selamba" plan to go there--
camped at a beach, lupa the name edi, but it's a clean BEACH.

saw the sea and thought can terus dash in, but still got work to do---set up the tents.it took us some time to set up...wat to do, no exp. -_-
they also got horse riding services.

night time, BBQ time!!! sambil makan, sambil tell ghost stories---
kinda potong-stim..cz like when kan cheong part of the story, suddenly someone will shout "EH EH!!PASS ME THE HOTDOG!!", "AIYA,FIRE NOT STRONG LIAO!!" -_-

after makan, had a stroll along the beach n i enjoyed this the most!!! the sand is soooo soft and cold, can feel ur feet standing on some cloud..like the Sun Wukong's cloud...
then lied down on the sand, watch the skies n the stars are so darn clear..
believe it or not, i saw shooting star..but VERY FAST no more d. dn say making a wish, even u wanna "EH???!!!" also no time. -_-
then all lie down, chit chat lor..bout coll la, gossip la, love la, joke la, wat also got.
then all go tido.

630am..Nelson woke me n Raymond up...see sunrise.
our place is relli strategic, facing the east..hehe
but, me n Raymond got up, went out of tent and look at the sunrise..n i said:
"wah....nice. .........................erm....lidat oni ar?*yawn* i sleep 1st, later call me again when the sun comes a lil bit more out"
then both went back into tent n sleep.
by the time v get up, already 10am -_- i damn regret. aahaha!

take some group pics n went home
n a pic to show our "respect" signature to assignments--

5 hrs journey back..so, gotta do stupid stuffs to keep the drivers awake. akaka...
i'm in Jeff's car..n he told me(sleepy edi) "eh..Ckin..i wanna sleep d la"
wah lao, damn scary..the car start to go left, n right...ahaha!
i straight become be more awake n like talk to him, blast the radio, just to keep both of us awake..
i look at raymond's car also, he's stone stone edi..n his situation is worse..all 3 passengers in his car sleeping. AHAHAHHA!!!

on the way home, i snapped this pic of an AMBULANCE being towed..
looks kinda funny to me. ahaha

photographer : Jeff, Nelson


Thursday, May 03, 2007

hmmm..here's some lil update bout my term break..
not really a break tho..
cz bad things STILL come..n it's WORSE

went to Cherating for camping to "release" n enjoy a break..
will blog about tht camping when i get all the photos..

but came back from Cherating, receive bad news.
1st, i failed my Marketing...not entirely fail, but i gotta pay rm200 to resit the paper n there goes my JobsDB salary!!
2nd, my grandma is goin for operation.

the latter 1 is the worse n i experienced the saddest moment in my life..relli, the saddest 1..
her intestine operation was successful, but her heart gets weak right after operation..
thn with medication, d heart gets stronger...
so it was a sunday, after visiting her in ICU, we went home n thought to visit her again the next day...she cant talk n was very very weak..but she's conscious..

reach home, i play PS2..play play play, i lost the game, n it says "Game Over" on the screen
n right at tht moment, phone rings...hospital calling.

it was 1am..everyone rushed to hospital...her heart is very veyr very weak..even with the strongest medication on..
everyone talked to her, give her strength..ask her to stay strong, ask her not to go...

at 7.10am, she left us...n that's the saddest moment in my life..
she had her last breathe right in front of me..n everyone...

the thing is, nobody expected this..everyone thought it's a minor operation..n after she gets well, she'll be relli in good health cz she doesnt have heart attack, cancer or wateva illness that normally cause death to an old person..it's only her intestine that has a problem..
v thought v can bring her travel around, have some good food..

even she, herself thought tht it's a minor operation...she can even joke with us, high-5 with us b4 she went for operation, telling us what she want after she gets well..

it was really an unexpected situation..the family is not ready for this..
she left not asny last word to us, but only memories..

memories keep flashing back in my mind..childhood ones and also recent ones..
i used to fetch her around Klang, "shopping".
she is like the head of the family..the oldest n the one who everyone pays respect to..
her gone is a very big change to the family.

ok..now she's gone, another problem occur.
due to her funeral, i cant go for Marketing exam to re-sit the paper..
so, i called The One n talked to the Student Register Admin(SRA)...
i tell them my condition and all..n guess wat they fucking say to me..
"so..what you expect us to do now?"
i was stoned over there...
^%*&$%&@*#&*!!!!! BIATCH right??? so fcuking irresponsible right???
then i said la, "er, can i like sit the paper again on another day? i already paid for it.."
n she said, "ar...ar...ar...i dunno la, cz...the test is already over..u wait, call u abck in 15 minutes.."
5 hours has passed, my phone hasnt ring yet..
i dunno, i have a feeling im gonna resit the whole subject for a term...n I DONT FCUKING WANT THAT!!

so, bad things are not OVER..n again, WHAT's NEXT????

-missing her-