Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!!!!!

here's a New Year E-card from me to everyone, and here i wish alll of you..
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!! *click on image to view the e-card*

my New Year's resolution:
1. kurangkan berat. LOL
2. learn and earn more
3. produce more good works
4. save some CASH (economy's bad)

i had a wonderful 2008 anyway x)
i turned 21, i graduated, i started working, i'm paying for myself, i found her, i'm getting a niece, i directed a fully 3D animated shortfilm, and last but not least i won something.
of cz, i do have my bad n disasterous times, but let us all forget the bad ones and look forward!
every bad, has its good!

btw, the e-card is done by DG Department of The One Academy x)
credits to:
Chin Kuan Win - layout design, graphic design
Chong Hing - butterfly modelling, animation, compositing
Kevin - butterfly modelling, visual effects

have a good year x)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malacca Trip, 20th December 2008
went to Malacca for the weekend with d Lee sisters and their bfs. LOL

thts Xipey, Xiyuen, Xiteng, Jun, Me, n Solou

stayed at Fenix Inn which costs us only rm98 per night/room. it's recommendable. clean and near to everywhere!

1st meal we had, of course, the Chicken Rice Ball. did our research on the net n found out this shop is the best 1. n we queued under the BLARDEE DAMN HOT sun. LOL. the chicken is great anyway x) RM42

for dinner, we went for Satay Celup, also research from the internet. n GOSH. 7pm queued until 8:30pm. from sky is bright till it's dark!
the sauce is special, but then NOT to say VERY nice till must queue till lidat lor....-_-
no "2nd time" value. RM0.70/stick.

the best meal we had during the trip! baba Nyonya food, taste really GREAT. rm92.40 for 6 person. x)

some group pics, and also my 1st time riding a Beca!! xD tian mi mi

the only time i look serious in the whole trip. LOL
n yes, i rewarded myself a box of brief. xD
it was a great trip, everything was goin smoothly as planned...except for the Eye on Malaysia. can see, but cant reach. LOL the roadsigns in Malacca suxxx

back to work.....T.T

Thursday, December 18, 2008

19th December 2008

a quick paint in Photoshop i did in office..LOL
the other day dreamt of..erm...my wedding. AHHAHA
it was a sweet one tho. and weird..
a wedding in a place like..somehow like survivor camp, got river to swim n stuff, people all wearing swimwear, some wearing tux with shorts. LOL
of cz, the main char is Gwen n I xD
went to office and did a quick sketch n paint just to remind myself the mood and environment.
so..this is somewhat the visual i had in my dream. haha

anyway, went for lunch just now at the new Dai hei Si beside pyramid Kim Gary...gosh, u should take a look at what i had....

i ordered wantan Mee, and this is the size of the Char Siu....
mlm (-_-) mlm

leaving for Melaka tmr for the weekend, hope i wont get disappointed by the food there!! xD
will post some pics when i get back
Happy Holidays peeps!-adioz-