Tuesday, October 31, 2006

arggg!!cant sleep againnn..
no, this time not cz of her, not cz of anyone,anything..i just cant fcuking sleeep
got back from coll n i was darn tired, lied on the bed trying to get some sleep so i could wk up in the midnite to finish my assignments..
but failed..roll on the bed for 30mins, cant sleep, BUT very tired..crap rite??
nvm, do my assignment, sleep later..
do assignment..more tired d ma rite?
so, went to bed..n rolled for 1hr this time..
still cant sleep..BUT very tired!!!
wat the fcuk is wrong wif me man??guess i need to visit psychiatrist d..lol
or is it im hungry?wakakaka

anyway, i've been reading this book recently

entitled "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki.
this book is quite old already, 1998 book..d othr day jz saw it out of no where, in my room..akaka
actually few years back i've seen this book around cz i thought it isn't useful for me since im not doing business..
well, this is a very naive thought and i am SOOOOO wrong that time..

so i picked up this book n start reading it..n i'm now so into it..everynight i would read at least a chapter, or a "lesson" before i go to sleep..but not tonight..lol

anyway, wat is this book all about?
this book teaches us Financial Literacy
in skool, v learned BM n English literature...with this, u learn Financial Literature..things that skool doesnt teach..hehe

i'll give a short summary about this book.
basically this book is about the writer telling wat his both dads taught him, financially
1 dad is poor, and the other is rich and both dads taught him 2 total different things just because they're of different background.
anyway, the rich dad isnt actually his dad, is more like his master(si fu) but he calls him dad la
n the poor dad, is his real dad, who is highly educated but struggling for money in his life.

so the rich dad taught Robert(writer) who comes from a poor family, Financial Literacy and Robert start making millions.
this book is not teaching us how to become fast rich, but become wealthy.
Wealthy doesnt mean u work n get high salary every month..u work for money..
but wealthy means money work for u.

where do u employ these money?
it has been following u since u're in ur mother's womb, your BRAIN.

start using ur brain to employ these money to work for u n stop complaning that ur salary very low la this n that..
n again, this is from me, where there's a will, there's a way..muwahahha

this book may b old, but c'mon, financial is always the same, it never change
the market are the ones changing..
dunno whether u udnerstand wat im trying to say here, but...i also dunn how to explain la..akaka

i need to start reading more of this kinda books n start my future
i've already planned my future long time ago. but now is the time to start doing something to make this plan successful.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

guess everyone knows how does it feel when u have a crush or, like someone but you dont know how does he/she thinks about u or feel for u..
n thn, u wanna tell him/her tht u likes him/her but you dont have the guts to do so because ure afraid of being rejected
being rejected is actually no big deal..is just that ure afraid tht this person might start avoiding u, n tht time, fren also no fren d..get what i mean?

hmmm..isn't it good this way that ure both good frens now, both of u can just talk watever, joke whatever, without thinking anyting, feeling shy, kekok or watever..
but if u confess to him/her , both of u will like..start to talk less mayb?feeling shy, kekok when seeing each other the next time..
n thn it wont be as fun and happy as b4..the friendship is gone..

im crapping here, but wtf, i'll still continue..hahaha

k..when u both see each other, u just act like normal......like...
n after that u go back to ur normal life..boring, lifeless..
thn u start to look for ur buddies..so u will stop thinking of him/her, for awhile..
but aftr wif buddies, u go back, u still have to face it..

the feeling of missing him/her...u wanna talk to him/her for like the conversation never ends...
eventually when you talk to him/her u tend to forget everything..eat,sleep,work, whatever..just everything
the time u're with him/her is like..u feel urself as though u're in heaven, u tend to lose all ur worries and problems..

besides, u'll start to do silly things, stupid things in ur unconcious mind. for him/her
even things u hate doing..u'll eventually do it with passion..

so, do you wanna lose this kinda contact wif him/her while u risk confessing to him/her?
no, you woudnt want it..
isnt it good being like that?im cool with u, ure cool with me..

but u somehow want to know how he/she thks towards you..
thn, u start to have sleepless nights, thinking of him/her
u wish you could talk to him/her for the whole night

this is what im facing right now..ahahha..
cant sleep..
somehow miss her, want to tell her, but afraid to
cz i treasure the frenship..
n i know, she will never likes me..ahahha!to her, i'm just a fren la..

she's not from my college anyway, b4 u all, my collmates get misunderstanding, i better say it here 1st..ahahah!

so...yea..i kinda have a crush or, like this girl, a fren of mine
n she treats me just like a fren la..which is hard for me ya know..
but our relationship now is good ler..
n i duwanna spoil it..

guess tht's it..i typed so long..now oni get to the point..wahahhaha!!
lidat oni fun ma..

oh ya..if u ask me.."what bout MY?no more d ar?give up liao ar?"
well, this is what u all want rite?not to thk bout MY again n all..

if u thk "yer, this fella..so fast like other edi.."
go ahead n i dn give a sh*t
n b4 u thk, ask urself 1st k?
n if u're not lidat, good for u...the world loves you

me n MY ar..hmm..i already face the reality la..it took me bout 4-5 months to actually face it..
not really a long time actually..
i also love myself geh..duwanna continue hurting myself, thnking bout her..
she actually did gave me sweet memories n yea, i wont forget these memories..
i'm still keeping her stuff n all..

me n her..no contact d also ler..to her, im like..an enemy or wat i dunno la..
mayb her current bf woudlnt want her to contact me anymore, i dunno..
i dn mind being fren n all still la..but to her, ive got no idea wats in her mind..
who am i to her, i dunno..

MY, if ure reading this, thank you for the memories..
you actually opened my eyes to see things which i dont see before..
frankly speaking, u're the only ex-gf who changed my perspective in seeing certain things..good n bad also got la..
n again, i'm sorry for the things i've done n not being a good n understanding bf which every girl wants..
if u free n dn mind, 1 day come out yum char la..u can bring KG along too..hehe

n oh ya, people, WATCH "Wei Xiao Pasta(Smile Pasta)" nice drama series..the only taiwan series tht caught my attention..ekeke
even i dun understand chinese also i watch k...
now u know how good it is..ahahah!!
can get d DVD in any stores, watch from YouTube, download from internet!!now until episode 15 already!!go go go!!!

promoting sial..

-crap ends-

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2nd year 2nd term already, and my work is still like that..
yes, there is improvement since I enter the coll, i would say..
but not an improvement a 2nd year student should have..

i know whats the problem and where the problem is in me..
it's lack of patience..easy-satisfied..
i easily get satisfied with my work, n don bother to give some touch up, or improve it, when there is actually still a BIG room for improvement..
i'm always like "okay, tht's all, can pass-up already.."

it's the attitude i would say..

i'm studying for free, i should be really grateful and do all my work nicely
but i'm not..

after all, my passion towards animation isnt as much as my passion towards music..
so far, i havent have my own song, because i'm not satisfy with any of them..
unlike how i treat my artwork..
i need a change..this is a path i chose--

-sad,unhappy,down, EMO-

Monday, October 16, 2006

gonna blog about the Mooncake Festival celebration in my coll..
this time, with pics...
i know it's too late la..but i jz got the pics ma...aakakaka

the event starts at 630pm...

everyone were decorating the hall n setting up the instruments..
thn about 6pm, ppl starts to come in...

introducing the emcess of the day!!! n alil bit of ice-breaking in the beginning of the event..

1st part of drama at the start, basically about Chang-Er, the legendary lady on the moon...
erm..tht cute looking "lady" running towards the guy is Caral, as Chang-Er....akakakakak!!
s/he wins the best "actor-ess" man..

then there were live band...
since im in it, i would say..GOOD!!!ahahahahahaha!!!!

then v have a group of choir, i would say, singin..n trust me, their singing were very nice..
n v have Lipwei n Bunny in the house!!singing "Jolin n DT" n Zorro theme song..

during breaktime

then v have the mime performance,
followed by the 2nd part of drama..can c a mooncake ZQ thr???AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!mr.round face

n finally performance by Jackie, Astro Talent Quest 2nd runner-up for year 2006!!!n also won the Best Talent in tht competition..
she' good..really good

everythg ends at 9pm..n ciaoz...akakak

an unrelated thg i wanna say..
a fren of mine said..blogging is more like some sort of an entertainment..
u blog to entertain the others...
you talk about urself, ur lifee n all, n ppl read it, n get entertained about ur life n stuff...
i thk wat she said is true..
so, i hope u guys enjoy my entertainment..

-same time, same place, on kevinck87.blogspot.com-

Saturday, October 14, 2006

went and reshoot the other day...
yeap..David(photography lecturer) didnt accept the 1st shots

this time i went n shoot alone n i thought its gonna b boring..
but it was fun!
i can use the cam how long i want, n go wherever i want to shoot..ahahah
thnks to Ningli for her camera anyway

there are lots more i shot actually, but i wont upload all la..
n finally David selected the best 4..i dunno which 1 edi..hahaaha
but the ones i thk is nice, he din select..n the ones i thk not nice, he select it..

Saturday, October 07, 2006

din realli had a great day 2day, but had a great and "full" night!
K invited us to his place, suddenly~
to makan~~~~~

makan wat?bbq...
not the normal bbq, but those like BBQ Plaza, they call that Korean BBQ..
i tried the one in BBQ Plaza at Pyramid, n it's...so-so la..
but the one i had earlier at K's place was awesome~~
nothing beats home food man..
so..eat at home more...

reach thr at 8pm..i was kinda late, everyone started eating d...thy started without me~
how sad huh..
there's chicken, pork, beef, veggies, n also cuttlefish!!woot`

picture speaks a thousand words--

everyone getting started----

starts to get wild in the middle---

10pm...3 down..Jothan n ZQ on the pc, Km on the comic...they gave up----

fuuuu!!! we're the remaining ones!!!OWNING~

but until 11pm v gave up...alot more left~
lepak at K's place awhile n chao at 12am..

wat to do..v're Cinderellas ma..12am muz balik d..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone~

above is a poster Abby and me designed for this particular festival..

yeah, i got alot of comments..bad comments from people..hahaha!

ppl said tht it looks more like a horror movie poster..sad lehhh

just got back from an event organised by my college for Mooncake Fest..

did a band performance, the songs v played were Move Along, Qian Li Zhi Wai, and Linger~

k, i admit..i forgotten a small part of the lyrics for Qian Li Zhi Wai..ahahha!!!

but anyway, the responses from the people were great!!!give face ma..ahahah!!

Fadzil and Cynthia sang for Linger, they did a great job there!!

Then there was a short drama, done by Marcus and friends..really funny..lol

but i dont understand the ending of the drama..

there are other performances, mostly all singing la..n Astro Talent Quest 2006 2nd runner up also came and sang..

everything was great, BUT!!!! there are SOME frens la..who didnt come for the event..

i wont mention names la hor..abby la..uchin la..ningli la..hahaha!

Ivy stayed and watch u know!!!aiseh man...hehe

miss those days when i was small, every year play lantern during Mooncake Festival..lighting candles around the hse..i bet everyone had this experience b4..n some even still experiencing it..hehe

enjoy Mooncake Festival 2006 then!