Thursday, March 29, 2007

filled with pure anger this evening!!

was raining, so i cant park at PJS9 as usual..then park at pyramid

finally, a car going i waited for tht car to come out la..

it was a lady driver..a blardee piece of brainless shit lady driver...

i was waiting...n guess wat she was doing in the car..

looking at the mirror, "touching-up" her blardee face, act as if she din c me waiting..

then, there's a BMW behind my car..n tht lady still "touching-up"!!

ok, i moved my forward to let the BMW pass..

when i do that, tht stupid lady come out..WTF..

nvm..i continue n wait for tht parking..

this stupid dumb-ass lady...tell me, her car cant go thru unless i move forward summore..

BITCH!so big space for ur car to go thru la!!!u thk u drive LORRY ar????

FINE, made a round to n went back to the spot..

guess wat...THT BLARDEE FARKterd BMW took tht parking space

wah laoooo...relli burst d tht time..was cursing in d car like mad fella oni...

then i stared at tht BMW driver..n he act like nothing happen..FUCK U!

someone go n scratch tht BMW plz...

anyway, had another MAYA test in class 2day

many students faced fatal error during rendering..

luckily i tak kena..if not, 2day will be so unlucky d. lol

Saturday, March 24, 2007

jz got back from work..
worked for for career Fair at PWTC
i would say..not so bad..but also bad at times..akakak
payment ok, but work like siao..non-stop 1

so my job is to scan ppl's resume into the pc, n key in their particulars into the data..
n yeah..there're SO MANY ppl jobless out there..n also alot of fresh grads..
gila sial..the amount of ppl is like..wah lau..
now u know how's the world like out there huh..hard to get a job sial..

besides, mostly all with degrees...n now i start to think whether i should further my studies anot after my diploma.. -_-

anyway, today's different. i met a special man during work..
he came to my counter n gave me his particulars n i just key it into the pc la
he's disabled, a deaf...

at 1st i din know, i talked damn fast summore..thn he start showing me sign languages..
thn understood i write wat i wanna say on a piece of paper, n he just nod his head or write back to me...kinda hard to communicate at 1st, but awhile, get used to it d..thn i like ask him come to the monitor n i point here n there..n tried my best to help him..i helped to key in his stuff n all with my heart...not like how i treat other visitors...all just bantai key-in there're TOO MANY..akakak

i relli kesian tht man..n hope he get a good job.

v all understand, it's kinda hard for him..since he's deaf..kinda hard to find a job..
anyway, he has a very decent look..u c d, like very knowledgable person look like that..

n after 2day's encounter wif tht man..
ppl tk things for granted..ppl are greedy..they always want MORE..
including myself tho..
abit abit, v start complaining..complaining our life sucks, v're the worst life on earth n bla bla bla..
compare to that suck our life is? v're all so lucky that sometimes v din realise it..

anyway, im not saying tht man's life sucks...but i'm quite's kinda hard to live in the society when u're disabled..he was wif a lady, i dunno wife or fren...but also deaf 1..
u get what i mean?

n, there are ppl who are worse than tht man too..

n i encounter wif this man is like..a fate i guess?cz sooo ngam im doing a movie about disabled couple..a blind and a mute, as i mentioned in my previous blog b4..
thru this encounter, i kinda understand abit on the communication part.hehe..i assume that as a lucky research.

enuff babbling...ahha!
bottom line, i feel grateful with what i have now.
n yes, i want more. that's human nature.
sucks eh?

-again, i hope he gets a job-

Thursday, March 15, 2007

finally, it's done!
here i present u 3D Assignment 2, still life modelling---

got alot of comments from ppl..some say look like toy gun, some say banana, some say hotdog...n also, hair-dryer! AHAHAHHA -_-
sad-nyer..hah! i accept all comments btw.
anyway, i personally like the blood effect! akakaka

went n watch my seniors who just graduated's screening on their final animation film..
after watching them, i got really semangat to do work..
but yea la..this kinda semangat always last for awhile oni 1..
few days, or even hrs later...lazy back d..ahakz! pai seh


Sunday, March 11, 2007

i send my condolence to a fren of mine...
hope she stays strong n will get stronger n stronger in the future :)
well, things just come and go and that's life.
everyone knows this..but none is ready or dare to face it.
which is human's nature..nothing wrong with it..

k..exploration week is this week!
its basically a week of holiday for The One students to catch up wif assignments ler..
but most students tk it for granted n use t to enjoy..ahhakz! including me~

BUT NO!not this time..i cant enjoy in this xploration week...
cz i have fckiing replacement classes from MON- Thurs!!!
so wats the difference?????
n 3 days of those is the class i hate most, MARKET-TENG~~~
jz hate tht class so much cz of the lecturer..Abdul Latif bin BEBAL..
wat's his fcking prob man...
actually he did nothing to me la..jz tht i dn like the way he teach la..thinks he's Mr. Know-It-All..

give u an example of wat he says in class:

BEBAL : who thks that A is better?

quarter of class hands up

BEBAL : who thks B is better?

another quarter of class hands up

BEBAL : so the other half class dunno?not sure?? i HATE "not sure" not sure in my class

(then the other half jz said dunno la..gave up tht question..n wanna know wats the real answer)
Class : Sir, wat about u? u thk A or B better?

BEBAL : I'm the lecturer..u're the student..i choose not to answer ur question.

FCuKER RIGHT????he himself also not sure la teng~

Thursday, March 08, 2007

finally finished analysing the movie, The Prestige..
bu b4 i start typing out wat ive wrtten in MS Words, uchin tagged me wif this farnee survey
at 1st malas to layan..but after reading hers, i wanna play along. ahahaha!!syok-sendiri--
ppl cant tahan lame-ness, can skip this post. wakakka

here it goes: -

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward (next) for each question.
3. Use the song title to answer the questions.

1) How am I feeling today? I Love You_Donna Lewis (0_0)

2) Where will I get married? The Lion Sleeps Tonight (no comment)

3) What is my best friend's theme song? Mr.Spring_Blaxxtraxx 3 (dunno this song..but nice!!din know i have it!!disco type 1)

4) What was high school like? Drive Away_All American Rejek (tak faham)

5) What is the best thing about me? England Hurry Up England_Jim Pursey(YEAH ENGLAND!!)

6) How is today gonna be? It's Your Love_Tim McGraw(emo sial)

7) What is in store this week? Drift Away(Micheal Bolton)

8) What song describes my parents? Belaian Jiwa(LOL)

9) How is my life going? Kau Ilhamku

10) What song will they play at my funeral? One Step CLoser_Linkin Park(ahaha!! to hell???)

11) How does the world see me? A Walk To Remember (sinc when i have this song???)

12) What do my friends see in me? Quando Quando Quando (LOL)

13) Do people secretly lust about me? Gemini_Brian Kahanek

14) How can I make myself happy? Moon On The Water_Sowelu

15) What should I do with my life? What's Up_4 Non Blondes (??)

16) Will I ever have children? Slipped Away_Avril (means wat)

17) What is some good advice? Goodbye Police_Infernal Affairs (oh hell yeah!!!)

18) What do I think my current theme song is? Move Along_All Amerikan Rjek(not true)

19) What does everyone else think of my current life? Say Something_Mariah

20) What type of women do you like? Dont Say You Love Me_M2M (huhh)

21) Will you get married? Cant Take My Eyes Of You

22) Where will I live? Chasing Cars_Snowpatrol (sounds sad eh)

23) What should I do with my love life? History_Funeral For A Friend(ya right)

24) What will your dying words be? Miss You Like Crazy_Moffatts (luff die)

25) When Im having sex I say? Celebrate The Day_FIFA (ahakz!!)

26) When I meet a guy/girl for the first time I say? Twist and Shout_Beatles (siao mehhh)

27) When my parents are angry I say? Stand By Me_John Lennon (-_-)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

watched The Prestige jz now, n i rate it 5/5!!!
real chun-ted sial!!i know im abit outdated la..ahah!
wat 2 do, jz got the dvd recently..n im watching it for assignment research actually..
anyway! have been working on 3D 2nd assignment, still life modelling..
i chose to model an antique pistol, a letter, n an ink bottle..
thn compose it..make it looks like got story behind it..
here it is---
1st stage - modelling

2nd stage - texturing
3rd stage - lighting

i only can do until PC lag d..ahaha
gotta bring to coll n use the pc there to touch up n add some stuff..
planning to add a rose there..
thn need to add some dirty patches on the gun n floor so tht will look more realistic but dunno how to do tht yet..tmr lecturer oni will teach..ahah!!

explore week is jz around the corner!!
not a good news, cz if xplore week is near, final projects are also NEAR!!!lol
as for final film project, we're already came out wif a storyline n started looking for actress n actors!!
this time no more gangsters...scared d..ahah!!gangster movie hard to find pelakon sial..
this time, romance~~erm..basically story about a blind guy dating a mute girl..
guess this would b something diff? 1st u tell a life of a blind, a life of a mute, n lastly both their love life :)
so this time, looking for innocent looking actress n actors!!!
no more still pictures, this time relli act n shoot d..
so thr'll be scripts , but not for the she's mute ma..ahakz!
n for the guy, must train to act blindly---

-have fun- xD

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

k..just got up..n now planning to MAYA kao kao d, so be mou liu abit to answer Karen's tag to warm up my mind..ahaha

the 6 weird thing i have isss....

1. superstitious? ahaha..i pantang alot of dislike d broom ter-sweep my leg, i dislike pl to walk over me when im lying on the ground or something, i dislike ppl tapping my shoulder from behind, n etc. i'll feel that my lucky star will be sweeped away or scared away..ahaha!

2. i need to chew or have something in my mouth when im watching movie or wat..n this is wat i call enjoy life..hehehe

3. i'm very very noisy in front of my frens, but very very cool n quiet in my family..since young already i thk im the youngest..wat i say thy wont i better shut up. thy ask me anythg, my answer is "no/dunno" just to avoid further questions..jz lazy to talk to family, but DAMN talkative when im wif

4. i tell people about my stuff. i dun keep it. i just tell anyone. to me it's just the matter of "should this person know bout it? or shouldnt he/she". if not, i just tell only. ahakz

5. i'm super weird when im drunk. that's all.

6. i hate karen now..she tagged me..n now i dunno wat to say d...ahahahaha!!!!

jk la karen! hahaha! but relli dunno wat other weird stuff i have d. lol

Sunday, March 04, 2007

got up very early this morning..
usually when im drunk ill get up very early automatically..
n yeah, was drunk ytrday during bbq..paiseh
n guys, I DIDNT CRY laaaaaa..n NO suicidal stuff all la!!!hahahaahha!!!
i was just singing loudly n crapping like a normal drunkard wert!!!i remember wat i did ytrday k..where got cry all??? LOL!!
oh asthma like suddenly gone this morning..AHAHHAA!!!

anyway! this morning got up so early, dunno wat to do..
so went n read my old blog posts..just wanna c wat have i written all these while..
overall, i have about 50+ posts since June 2006..

so i read la, the old posts..n also the comments from frens..ahah
from this reading, i can see the way i was n the way i am now..
not only myself, but also people around me.
hmmm..there are some changes i would say..especially my attitude towards my work!!!
last time im like very very passionate towards my work n always aiming high (although din reach high also la)...but now i realise im kinda slack already eh!!
this is BAAADDD!!!! attitude now towards work is like pass-up-can-edi-la attitude..

1 thing din change bout me is, i'm still the emo fag i was b4..LOL..
my post all damn emo sial! i sendiri read also cannot tahan!! ahaha!

n 1 thing bout me..i can be relli pessimistic of the times!!
i always think too much man..always makes things complicated..
a small n simple problem, but ill somehow twist my thinking n make tht problem complicated..
THIS is 1 of my weaknesses..n this is what always make me emo...
but i haven find a solution for this to stop myself from thinking sooo much arh???

i enjoyed reading the old posts anyway..
there were some posts that relli cheer me up..
i mean when read it, i'd flashback the moment n all..
it's fun n nostalgic!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

did this during modelling test in class 2day..suddenly got test 1..din tell earlier
looks fake i know..d texturing not good enuff!!
anyway, was given 2hrs to do this..u gimme 2 days also cannot finish la dude..
actually suppose to have more things in it, but no time to the end, handed-in with just these few things..n there goes my marks!!ahaha
but i like the mood in it..
although pass up d nvm la, i brought back home n try to touch up the texture..just to syok sendiri...ahaha
but the file was pc hang kei when i try to render it..
so gave up n just edit it using Photoshop..
changed the lighting a lil bit n added the text there..
i like the mood, hehehe..looks like got a story behind it..
anyway, the whole thing no meaning 1..
just do for fun oni..syok sendiri only..
-one for u, one for me..cheers!-