Monday, September 03, 2007

Impressed xD
just got the movie file from Samuel for the hang Tuah project.
it's a 3D competition held by MSC to promote Malaysian Folkstale, so they gave a few topics for costentant to choose n d group chose Hang Tuah.
it doesnt matter how many ppl u have in a group, 1 also can, as long as u design minimum 5 characters for the story in 2D n 3D form.

v started dividing d group into 2 teams:-
2D artists - Kobe, Boon Chee, Martin n myself
3D artists - Samuel, Jeff n KK

i'm relli impressd with the outcome btw. franly speaking, i admit i actually dn relli follow up this project closely cz of conflicts.
i guess, in d group, i did the least. summore im d one who brought everyone 2gether n decide to join this competition...yea, shit happens, v cant c wat's in d future..
all i did was just sketches, colors and clothes design n textures.

as for the others, they realli did a great job n effort x)
n also thanks to Jason n HuiLing from DG department for their advises n direction!

here, i present to you, Hang Tuah from all of us---

owh, n ytrday was just too bored n free, wanna practise for d coming performance but ended up i did a syok sendiri recording..
actually it's Secret by Jay la..i just play d guitar, lead n bassline separately n record separately then combine altogether using Premier..xD
then i rename it as Siqret! lamee...record in a cheapo way; HANDPHONE...

too bad, no drums n vocal, so..dn relli feel OHM la..n sum part timing abiiiiit out laaa
but nvm!! since it has got no vocal, YOU be d vocal!!!!! u can karaoke with it!! wuahahah
besides, i've already provided the lyrics in pin yin.

at 1st couldnt find d pinyin lyrics, so i semangat listen 2 d song n jot down every single word sang...then i found d original pinyin lyrics sumwhere -_-
then i compared...fuyoh...BIG difference. ahahah!

when i listen to it at 1st, not relli satisfied, but after listen a few times...start to like it already..ahaha...especially when i'm doing sumthg else sambile listen to it..sounds peaceful eh LOL

this Siqret i play got no intro 1, so u gotta start singing when the music starts...paisehh x)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

recently im into editting picturesss wuahaha!! oh, n of cz, drama
thanks to my sis n yian yian, i NEED to dl new brushes n fonts for my pathetic Photoshop.
have been doing namecard n logo design for sis, n poster design for yian yian
at 1st i thought "nah, this is not my thing...character design, animation all can larh..but these, i doubt..."
since im so free this hol, i ma help out lor..dunno y i so good..i usually do things when there's "cheok sou" for me,when im in d mood, or if i thk i can manage..wuahahah.. mayb i change edi?ehehe but still, im a lazy mutha fcka.
i enjoy doing these anyway. like just randomly use the brushes n hentam here hentam there...not nice, just Ctrl-Z larh. still not nice, Ctrl+Alt-Z lorh. wuahahha. syok sendiri.
then adjust lighting here n there, color, stamping n bla bla bla is also fun to play with! ahaha
then i started getting addicted to it -_- until my own photos also i edit edit, but also must c the photo nice n got feel anot larh. akakakka
but nearly every new pics i get now, i'll sure go kacau 1. at least the lighting.
now i know larh y Abby giler editting her pics b4 posting it up...ahahhaha!!
helping my sis was quite &(*#%@!!! cz she's quite yim chim. wat to do, cha-bo ma -_-
helping my fren was fast n easy-satisfied. haha! but also cha-bo eh o_O?
these are my sis's logo n namecard design, personally i feel boring, but she want it lidat so..biarlarh.

n these are the poster design, for Mr&Ms Monash event or sumthg lidat...

n also thanks to those brush n fonts provider on the net. ahakz!
Monash's new campus is cool anyway x)