Monday, November 27, 2006

Term break draws nearrr..
2 more weeks and it's holidayyy~

but in these 2 weeks, it's dooms day...akakka
3 final projects due next week..
1 on Tuesday,1 on Wednesday and 1 more on Saturday...
of course, there are still some little assignments..and also 2 exams, Photography n Moral..

i won't complain bout these loads of work
lecturers did give us time for it..
but i took time for granted. ahahaha
so, it's best to enjoy ur work, rather than complaining it n make urself more stress...
since "not enough time" is actually my own fault..
this could be a punishment for me then..
anyway, been working on this project for Marker Rendering subject..
basically v need to make a scene..
use pictures from various pictures...and combine them and make it into a scene
something like composition,
then, color it...
so i went on looking for inspiration...
what sort of scene i want..

until i came across David's(photography lecturer) slides of photos
there's a pic he took of a horse wagon,(if im not mistaken) walking on a long deserted road..
n he said..give pictures air..
so tht picture inspired me of a scene with a horse wagon..

here are 3 visual thumbs i need to show my lecturer and let him choose..
all i need to do is find the objects i want, n compose them into a scene...
so i find different backgrounds, and merge them 2gether, make it looks as if it's 1 piece..
thn look for a character and the wagon i want..
place them all together and start adjusting the lightings..'s the question..
where's the horse?
i haven find a good reference for the horse..i need a horse with a back view, but couldnt find any applicable 1..
anyway, i somehow like the 3rd gave me some feeling..
good luck everyone--

Sunday, November 19, 2006

it rained darn heavily, i was having my nap, and the loud lightning woke me
so went downstairs n saw everyone's dad,mom n bro..
looking at photo albums... 0_0
so i joined them la..

the pictures we were looking at are like from year 1981 - 2000...if im not mistaken..

then i came across 2 pics of my siblings n i which i like..
so i scanned them..akakak
Eminem sial..ahahah!! tht's me, 3yrs Mines Wonderland

all the boys pan!!thts my siblings n i, with my Genting
tht's the 1st time i went to Mines Wonderland..until now..ahhaha!!
abit sad
looking at this pic, n look at myself now..
i start to wonder....
who is this young kid(me) going to be in the next 5 or 6 years..
is he gonna be successful??
no idea...
so good if u can take pictures of u in ur future huh..wahahha
but anyway, wanna be successful, i need to work smart...not hard
so...gtg now for DOTA d..

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's already end of da year!!!
after reading Ningli's blog, i's November, thn December, then 2007 d..

when you're studying in One Academy, time is always fast for u..akakak
cz u'll b bz wif work till u forgot bout time..
but i also do hope time passes fast, i wanna quickly get to the working world, and have a taste of it!
and also reaching my aim faster..
relli wanna know how my future is....succesfull?or just there?or...nothing?

anyway, i somehow likes November-December because this is the time where all my friends will be free.
i mean not my frens from coll, but my high skool frens..
frens will be having holidays, n the best part is frens will b coming back from overseas!!
BoonLim, a relli good fren of mine...
he's coming back on the 20th November..wakakak
n then there's Winnie, who's already back..
Eng Ju, dunno when..Wee Kim, no idea..Ah idea also..Ah Teck..langsung no news from him since he flew to Australia..ahahaha

why everyone go Aussie 1????
when i hear someone is going overseas for study, sure Australia 1..
1 day Australia is gonna be all Asians d ler..

speaking bout Australia, i haven get my Sydney prize yet...arrgggg!!!!

but end of the year also is like a nightmare to me, cz this is the time where the lecturers will throw final projects to us...
the last post i mentioned bout Battle Of Bands..
sadly, v're not joining d..
cz i made a mistake, v actually need to play 3 songs..
but tht doesnt made us give up!!!
until.....our lecturer brief us on our final projectS...
v gave up!
now i know why there are very very very few, or maybe none!, One Academy students joining competition like this..aahha

i screwed up my template..i lost my chatterbox!!!
Tao, if ure reading this, u know la wat to do..ahahha!
forget my password, ask me k..hahaha!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

it's 8am...currently waiting to go coll..
but my class actually starts at 630pm..
0_0!!!y wake up so early??
cz of me, darn forgetful!!!
i forgotten to buy layoutpad, the paper i use to draw...
so i went home, VERY SEMANGAT wanna do my marker rendering assignment...
but no paper...ARGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! i have noithing else to do..
went to sleep, planning to wake up early morning the next day n go to coll, buy tht FRIGGIN paper n do it in coll...pass up at 630pm...2 pieces summore..
DARN RUSH!!!but im still blogging here..wahahah

cz im waiting my bro to wake up actually..thn ask him fetch me to KTM not driving today..since he's having exam, so he has the

anyway, an unrelated thing i wanna share..
my band and i are joining a Battle Of The Bands organised by Justea...
auditions on 20th-28th of November..which week..wahahha!!!

have been practising the last 2 weeks, but came out wif nothing..still dunno wat song to play and still dn have our own song..UNTIL!!!yesterday...v finally decided on wat song to play, and also had our own song..but no lyrics yet..akakakaka!!
nvm, at least v have somehting already..

according to the Rules n Regulation, v're suppose to play 3 songs..2 cover song, n 1 own song but it must be a song u make for Justea..LOL
but!!!i made a mistake!!!i thought it's 2 songs read properly..3 songs!!! la now..

v'er planning to go for the audition on the 26th..or earlier
if v get thru, v'll go for the finals, consisting of 8 finalists.. in December
where will it be held, ive got no idea..

but FRIENDS!!!v need ur support!!!hehehe

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

just came back from a cool movie, DEATH NOTE~
the whole story is based from a novel.. n thn from the novel, it became japanese manga..
from manga to japanese anime, n now, movie..woo-hoo~

i din read the manga. cz i dn udenrstand chinese, but i do watch the anime..
n now it's only episode 5.. d 1st episode i watch, i was already stuck to it. .intriguing~

basically the story is about investigation..Detective VS Killer.
wat's interesting is the way the killer kills, n the way the detective tries to catch him, AND the way the killer gets away from being catch..
it's like a merry-go-round la..seriously very interesting. i salute the author's imagination..

the story is about this college student, Light who is call by the ppl, Kira(Killer) who found a note book with the word "Death Note" on it..
he can write anyone's name on it, n at the same time thinking of tht particular person's face, tht particular person will die.
he can write how and when tht person dies..n if he didnt write anything but just names, tht person just die from sudden heart attack..
so this Kira only kills criminals..n he think tht he is God, he will change the world to peace, no more crime...

Death Note is actually own by a Shinigami(Death God) name Ryuk, he dropped his "notebook" to the human world, and so ngam Kira picked it up..
the human who picked it up, can own tht book, n also can c Ryuk..
other humans cannot see Ryuk...
so this Ryuk just follows Kira everywhere...but he isnt bad, nor good..just..playful..
in the movie, Ryuk is a 3D animated character.
i just cant upload Ryuk's picture..dunno why..LOL

bout the other side, the Detective, call as L, is against Kira..
L is a weird person, he acts weird and funny..but looks cool..
his character is tht he has high IQ n has been helping the police solving many cases...but nobody know how he looks like b4...until he wants to go after Kira..
also can't upload L's L is the guy beside Kira, in the 1st picture..the guy in white.

the story sounds pretty unlogic huh? but tht doesnt matter
what matters is the investigation they chase after each other n all..
tht's the main thing tht caught my attention towards this show..
the whole thing is like unpredictable..

i rate it 4/5 because compare to the anime, anime is much more better because the story is more complete.
in the movie, they shorten quite alot of parts..but those important parts are shown la..

i would watch it for the 2nd time...ahahaha
just wanna c L's weird character...akakak

watch it.