Tuesday, July 29, 2008

some snapshots of The Chase x)

front door of the museum..

the CHIU PAI of the museum..LOL

1 of the important element, the bell...gonna change its texture anyway

a display cannon..muahaha

introduction of thief..

introduction for Dracula..
the part for Keong Si..haven render yet..ahah paiseh..

testing on the special effects....STILL testing...

2day, im disappointed...cz i dn c anything new, din c any new result or progress. and it's already August.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Another Phase
yo...long time no update x)
currently, i'm already working and STILL doing the final project...LOL
now in the rendering stage as well as some refinements..i'd say..approximately 20% more to go..xD

i'm happy indeed, cz 2day my group members showed our latest progress to our lecturer.
fyi, it's been awhile since we've shown our work to this lecturer...cz his expectation very high 1....we dn dare show. HAHA
surprisingly, he was fine with it...just a lil bit changes. i wanna tk the opportunity here to tell my group members, all of u have done a good job. and sorry if there's anything that u beh song wif me. muahaha...

aside from this project, i've started working already..due to situations that can't be avoided.
just 2weeks of working only, i've start to understand how my friends feel when it's a FRIDAY and weekend. hahaha it's like...TERM BREAK wei. LOL

i'm working for Summer Sands Creativity and Passion.
erm..it's an event management company and i wouldnt say it's a big company larh. basically there's no office 1. haha. our office is The Curve Starbucks or SS15 Starbucks sometimes. LOL
so, when u're around those area...find me for lunch larh!! wuahaha

basically, there're oni 2 person in the creativity division..including me..and we're short of hand.
SO, if u're a creative person and currently looking for some job to do..look for me la har! x)

before i end this post, i have something for Joshe Moshe Closhe Toshe! my Langkawi gay fren.
i know ur bday over quite long already...ahah! but here it is! the GIF pic x)

* i dunno whether it's working anot*