Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Daemon

find out what ur Daemon is here

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Chemical Romance
a tribute for My Chemical Romance's concert at Stadium Merdeka on d 9th of December. LOLx

it was drizzling that day and everyone rocked under the rain!!the crowd was amazing, as in the number of crowd..but then...i'd say that they're very oraganised and ber-moral? no pushing, all queued up nicely and me d crowd's kinda dead la. no umphhh!

bout the concert, i think it ended kinda fast lor...when they end, to me is like "eh?macam baru nak start saje..." n nobody shouting for "WE WANT MORE!!!" also. boring die larh the crowd!!
somehow dont feel like im at a concert more like a show/performance.
jz feel diff from Linkin Park n Simple Plan's concert i went last time...
n i dn relli know all of MCR's songs...ahah! paiseh...some songs i was like "eh Abby, wat song is this?"

anyway, i used to dislike the song Mama. but after the concert, i LOVE it!!! Cancer was relli EMO, n continued with a song, nvr hear b4 1..i think their new song kua..
Black Parade was chun also and they ended the concert wif 1 of my fav song, Famous Last Word!!!!woo-hooo!!

din relli take much pics from the concert..only recorded some videos for I Dont Love You, Cancer and I'm Not Okay...
dunno y cannot transfer Cancer to my pc. iskkkk
I Dont Love You is not complete cz half way recording, i tried to call itu LALA let her dengar..mana tau she din pick up. WASTED my complete recording!!!!aahahah!!!

and here are the videos that i recorded..nth to c also la actually. ahah! can dengar oni..but also not very clear. aihzzz..time to change phone.

I'm Not Okay -

I Dont Love You 1 -

I Dont Love You 2 -

owh and i took a picture of Gerard Way!! xDD

but only his silouhette la...ahaha...sorry man, i tried my best!!!!aihzz

while browsing Youtube just now, came across MCR's concert in London...

now this is what i call a CONCERT is!!!aihhzzz
n also a good recording xD