Friday, December 29, 2006

was flipping the Astro channel 2day and stopped at National Geography channel..
i mean, this is rare...i don't watch such channels, but i was just too bored

so what i watched was about Leopard. lol
it a story of ONE leopard in Africa...forgotten it's name
basically bout how's its lifestyle la..

the purpose i blogged this is not bout the whole show anyway, but something miracle that i saw.

the leopard, as usual did its hunting and hunted down a baboon.
n then it carry the baboon's body up a tree..
when it's ready to eat it, a baby baboon popped out from tht dead baboon 0_0!!!
i'm like wtf???

nvm..tht's not the point.
the miracle happened after that..

the leopard saw tht baby baboon n i thought "gone la this baboon..just born oni, die liao..."
but to my shocking disbelief, instead of eating tht baby baboon, d leopard was observing it, n then start petting it like its own baby!!!!
then thr was a Hyena trying to grab tht baby but the leopard protected it n brought it to somewhere safe..
after that the leopard was playing with tht baby till night..n then they slept 2gether, the leopard was like hugging d baby, making it feel warm n secure..
just like u c a mother and a baby la..but this is leopard = mother, baboon = baby...or, a pemangsa n a mangsa..

i was so shock seeing that..
i'm like "WTF????is this National Geography or some Disney channel??"
it looks more like a cartoon to me man..
like those animation u always watch in cinemas, the animals can talk 1..
i can imagine the leopard n the baby baboon's conversation...ahaha

1st kill the mother baboon, thn raise the baby baboon.. 0_0!!!
anyway, it didnt eat the dead tht d baby can feed on the dead body's milk..
mayb the leopard wanna wait tht baby grow up d then eat it...ahahahhaha!! cinkak

i dunno whether u've seen this b4, but this is my 1st time..hahah

even the animals can be good to it's prey..
why is there war n killing between humans who are smarted and more rational in thinking???

so such miracles happen in the wild life..
i believe it does happen in our lives too :)

ps : still dunno bout genting, check the last post

Thursday, December 28, 2006

NOTICE for those going Genting on 31st

Bus(1 way) + Cable car fare = RM7.30 ( i bought everyone's tic, just pay me la)
Bus leaving at 1PM
Meet at KL Sentral train station between 12pm - 1230pm LATEST
anythg, contact me k?



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006 everyone!!!
2 more hours to Christmas!!!
n here I present you Grumpy Santa!!!'s Chrsitmas eve...n what am i doing is this...
painting Santa Claus..
a grumpy 1..
why grumpy?prolly cz i was not in a mood when i doing this?

i'm pathetically bored right now..
frens all either having party wif family, or some sick...
now waiting for Pakyin's reply whether we're goin up Genting or not later..
but i got a feeling he won't..hahaha

tomorrow only will have a Xmas Party at Pakyin's hse..
but today, at my house...
partying with myself..akakakakak
but at least i din put my time on waste!!!!

have a wonderful Christmas Day everyone!!!!!

actually the blog ends here...since i'm not doin anything for Xmas eve.....................................

until Boonlim called.
so he said wanna go have a drink..n i thought not a heavy 1, prolly beer or something..

babi...ended up at Rush(club)...
so, went for heavy drink, but i actually didnt drink much..
i admit..i suck at drinking d..unlike last year, still boleh tahan
but ytrday was darn shitty...
i thk less than 10cups, i KO d..
tht was so embarassing!!!
boonlim's cousins all laughing at me..

thn went mamak..everyone went makan, but i was by the drain vomitting..
then nearly slept at the drain also..LOL
sooooo sorry to the others, cant have a good meal at the mamak...taking care of me
all ask me go mamak n sit down, but i resisted..was psuhing everyone away when they tried carrying me..thn scold them n all..
guess tht's y yewjin call me WongFeiHung when i'm drunk..ahhaa

in the end, my frens scared i fall into deeeep sleep by the drain, decided to send me home..
n i vomited all the way home..
drive half way, i'l say "vomit...bring me out of car NOW!!!", n half way, same thing again..until home
damn char la!!!!

then they tried calling my bro to help me inside the hse, but my bro wasnt home yet..
so thy took my hse key from my pocket n brought me in..threw me on bed, n ciao..

now i'm still abit..not ok..head feel heavy..
but i can remember everything i did n said last night..
think back..damn embarrasing, yet stupid n funny..ahahaha
i still remember 1 thing i said when i was home..
i asked my fren to set my alarm clock for me

BoonLim : wat time??
Me : dunno...
BoonLim : wat time is ur party?
Me : 3....
BoonLim : so wat time u wanna get up????
Me : 4....

wat the heck i talking there wei???ahahahahha
the party is at 7 anyway..LOL

anywya, thanks to my friends for taking care of me..
without them, i guess i'm still by the drain now..ahahhaha

there's another party later, n i promise myself..NOT TO DRINK
damn suffer ler..scared edi...
ytrday really damn char...damn damn char!!!!i need to train d..akakaka

Merry Xmas 2006 again!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the picture above is a portrait of my sister, done using Painter.
wat i did this for?

few days back i receive an email from Pinky(ex-lecturer) asking whether if i'm interested in doing a portrait painting for a Facial Mask Product to be place on it's website..
the portrait must be Asian and neck up..
i'm not the only 1 receiving the email anyway..
i bet she did sent it to other students..

so after reading the email, the 1st thing i thought was a pcture of my sister..ahahha
then i decided to paint it and send to her..
since i already said i wanna do some work during this holiday, so, just go for it la..
whether it is wanted or not, i dun least i did something this holiday
won't feel that guilty edi..AHHAHA

i know, compare to ZQ's digital art, mine not there yet la..haha
mine still doesnt look so real..
look more like vector style eh..
but c'mon!! if wanna look real, y wanna draw???
tk pic straight la! ekekek *excuses*

can't wait to go Genting on the 31st!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1st week of holiday...
a shocking 1..
congrats to ZQ n Steph..hahaha
still remember he ask me for advise...
but now u c!he's faster than me!
i also haven make my move on her yet..arggg!!
guess i need to seek him for advise d..ahahahha!

so far wat i did in the 1st week was..lepak lepak n only lepak..
went for movie, Casino Royale..'s relly nice..i dont know y ppl say it's boring..
to me tht movie is nice..
although i once complained bout tht new James Bond, but after watching the movie, i changed my perception towards him..he's cool

wat else i did was..playing PS2 at home, Final Fantasy 12..
i've bought the game long time ago...
n have been waiting for this holiday to play it!!
i actually disciplined myself from touching the PS2 during the whole semester..
cant believe it..

besides tht, went yum char wif high skool frens..n thats all for this whole week..
yea..boring life i had huh?

so wat i plan to do in the following weeks is...building up my ready for the next semester..
no more Pangkor trip, not planning to go Singapore or wat also..
but i hope i relli stay at home n do work la..agahaha
cant relli trust myself la anyway..ahahah!
sure go ta kei n all 1..

this holiday there's only 1 thing i cant wait..
Genting on 31st December..ekekek
my "buddies" are calling for me..
drinking buddies i mean..heheheh
i only drink on special occations anyway..


Saturday, December 09, 2006

went to Justea Battle of the Bands ytrday..
i din manage to collect my hamper!!!!!!argg!!
i went thr late..booth close d..hahaha

anyway,the whole thing was not bad..quite nice..
8 finalists performed, but only 2 bands i thk is good..
the others were either not good or just so-so..

1 of the 2 bands is from ICOM(International College of Music)
they are good in skills and they played really tight..
they played hard rock and they did it really well
as expected from ICOM students la..

the another band was amazing..thy called Borange..
last year i've seen them performed in a competition but they were not that good
tht time they played punky stuff..
but ytrday they were so different..they played pop rock and did it really well..
the band was tight, and their Justea song was so nice!
they played a Franz Ferdinand song n Kau Ilhamku
cant relli compare them to ICOM students cz both bands played diff genre...
but speaking of skills, of cz ICOM is better..

duwanna comment on the bad ones anyway..

didnt know the winner of the competition cz i went back b4 they annoucne the winner..

my band were all so so so so regret for pulling out from the competition..
should have continue on tht time n join the competition la..haihz...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

it's 530am..
just finished Cartoon Character Design project..

930am goin for some workshop training and then hand in the project at 2pm..
not planning to sleep.
but i'm damn sleepy right now..

so what have i been doing this week was project, project and only projects..

1st, marker render project that i mentioned last post.

the 3 thumbs was rejected last week, and i went home and did a new 1..
thn came up with this composition..not very good anyway..
handed in to lecturer..
Lecturer : cannot be save d..too dark..
0_0 sad betol..

then moved on to the 2nd project for cartoon character design..

took about 11hrs for this...
still not very good i think..
for this project, v are to think of our own movie(cartoon), deisng the characters,concept,background n product..
n then make a poster for tht movie..
as u cna c, my movie is based on Music City..
i do hope this idea can be sell in the future..hehehe

anywya, an unrelated thing here..
this noon while i was drving on the way home, listening to Fly FM..
heard about them giving away 2VIP tics for Justea Battle of the Bands this Friday, 9th Dec..
so i just selamba took my fon n sms them..
just to test my luck..

not even a minute the sms was sent, i received a call from an unknown number guess what..
it was the DJ from Fly FM..LOL!!!
so i won 2 VIP tics and a hamper worth rm150..
i was driving tht time...luckily no accident..ahahah

haihz..din join d competition, but wont tics to the competition..
damn weird la..

gtg do assignment d..
so i can go for movie later tonight!!!!