Wednesday, January 14, 2009

finally, i took up the semangat to play "more" with a 3D software, ZBrush.

alweh lazy to play with it cz dunno how to kick-start using it..
but 2day downloaded a super duper basic tutorial on how to use the software...
got semangat, i came home and started playing with it...

n here's the outcome of my 1st "playing"..

Gwen named it Rambutan-Man. LOLL can la can laaaa
this is actually very FAST n easy. finished in..30mins? hahahaha cz i keep on redo n redo, spent 2 hours on it..LOL..they call this 3D sculpting x)

while playing around, realise tht i need to see more tutorials..there's alot of time i got stuck, dunno wat to click or how to continue...even render it out also dunno...AHHAHAHA
nvm, try again next time..

2day Tatsun's(my da lao ban) son came into the department to lepak..he's only 13 yrs old...but damn, he's smart wei. LOL betul betul Tatsun punya anak. ahahah
i was sketching on the paper, trying to sketch a Spartan the same time, i had a reference on my PC.. that looks like this..

so i was applying tht holes on the mask....on my character's Spartan helmet...
n that smart kid saw n said :

Kid: Why are you appying those holes on your character?
Me : Oh, i'm just adding some design lor, make the helmet look abit different...
Kid : That characrter on ur PC has those holes on his mask so that he can look thru his mask...but ur character doesnt need's not necessary..
Me : (stunned...) hmmm............................... (think very long) ...............true. (malu d)

ahahahaha!! betul betul anak Tatsun..^^
yeap! he got his point! in the end, i erased those
some of u might not understand what's happening here, but i learned somehting from here..."anyone could be your teacher." xD