Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm not sure if everyone is feeling the impact of world economy crisis yet, but for me, I still don't feel it, but I see it from many others.
Big companies are losing money, closing down, bankrupt, and so on.
Nearly everyone is affected I can say. Even the rich, they became poor. And of cz, the poor, became "poorer".

But I still see ppl spending money like nobody's business. LOL.

I asked ppl bout what they think bout this situation n how it affect the industry i'm in.
basically ppl are cutting their budget n try not to spend more on CG production n stuff.

anyway, this post is not so boring larh actually. I just wanna share with u guys a inspiring positive thought towards this economy crisis.

Someone told me,
Yea, economy crisis affect my company, but I'm happy. Why? because those succesful ppl now are successful because they've gone thru bad situations like this, n theirs is actually worse. For example, World War, 1997 Economy Crisis and so on. But us, we are too comfortable, have not experience any such situation and now is a chance for us to try it. And when we get thru this, we'll get something in return.
well, tht's a very positive mindset and i definitely like it. haha

He quoted in his pm "A smooth sea never make a skilled marine." ^^

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