Monday, July 30, 2007

take a deeeep breathe, lepaskan...phew!
Expression Test kao timm...wuahah
was having fun, playing wif facial expression of my character model..
but when comes to animate it, gosh...can die arh. was stuck n i gave up, duwanna do, went to sleep.
lying on d bed..iskk..feel tak puas, feel up n tried again.
n yeapp!! successful! wuahahaha!!!

actually quite simple oni, but i go think until damn complicated. -_-
blardee Maya actually faced fatal error 3 damn times n i gotta redo it, 3 damn times too.
anyway, this isnt d final 1..we're suppose to do lip sync for the character..but now is just showing their experssions n all larh..
so v're suppose to show = very angry, shouting very loud, big smile, sad, and very shock expressions..
then v gotta look at ourselves in d mirror n buat larh all those muka lawak + extreme
n then touch ur face, n feel where the muscles n bones are..

v actually need to adjust each n every part of d faces 1 by 1 to make a relli convincing expression.
for example: 1 model for left eye blink, 1 model for right eye blink then mouth la, nose la,cheek la, eyebag la..
altogether i got 12 models...i heard Chris did 30 models...SIAO 1. ahaha!

yes, it's Vampire again! wuahaha!!
duno y larh this term's work all also do vampire 1..wakakaka
n i thk d expressions can be improve still..

this 1 do for syok sendiri 1. wuahaha!! looks damn cinkak la. summore wif tht lighting n color.
here's d short video of d expression test, it's just a short playblast, haven smooth d character yet 1.. x)

ok, tidor.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's OUT!!! xD

remember this fella???
he's finally er..made! ahah

gosh, was really surprise when Ningli tell me bout this pic.

this pic curik from sum random frenster anyway..

i've got no news, or any calls from Aquaria sound 1..

i thoguth they totally not gonna do anythg bout d mascot d or wat...hmm..not bad! they realli do it!
cant relli say how i felt when i saw that pic..wait till i see d real thing 1st. my own child..ahaha!!

anyway, d real thing look abit distorted from the original rite? n the Aquaria logo use sticker tampal 1...thought they said gonna stitch it during the meeting.. but still, they did a good job! x)

again, thanks alot to those who helped n encouraged me in making this real x) n thanks to Ningli who found this pic!

seriously, im happier in seeing this pic than d prize i get. this pic worth more to me. hehe


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today is Today
Floursack Animation kao tim!! an assignment which is nice to play with but also make u scratch head like of the technical part.
anyway, here are the snapshots/storyboard of the animation..

to watch it, i've uploaded it in Youtube with another previous Helicopter animation x)
ok, while uploading the snapshots, i actually saw a mistake there!! sei for.
if u can c, there's 1 pic the floursack got a very strong highlight under him 1 O_0
dn care la! duwanna touch it d. LOL. still got other work to do mannn...
PS: Jeff's floursack animation is nice n interesting x)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my sleeping time is messed up! sleep in the day, awake during the night..
suppose to do coll assignment,alot summore...
but dn have the mood n all...INSTEAD, i did my own syok sendiri work. -_-
after looking at some pictures of Phonographs, suddenly feel like modelling one.
n there i go, spending 3hrs in Maya. lol

k, i dunno y i so siao so free go do this..ahah! but when the mood comes, it just come xD

*when the mood for asssignment gonne come then?*

if u ask, y Phonograph? i also dunno why la suddenly. i think it's a nostalgic instrument, something priceless, something fragile, something represents a few mood? i kinda like SOME antique stuff 1 ler..akakaka. yah, u can call me lou tou or wat larh. LOL. to me antiques are romantic xD

somehting unrelated, currently very into Negaraku song!!ahaha!

it's not the original song, but this guy sang it in a SLIGHT diff melody n it sounds relli nice to me x) funny also

now i want back my 3hrs!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's Nic's bday! x)
so followed Sean n Joe to KLCC..thought they wanna get Nic pressie, mana tau they go there to get their gf's present -_-
Sean bought a necklace from Tiffany & Co. for rm500+ n Joe bought a small handbag from Coach for rm300+

n gosh, they need like 3-4 hrs to consider b4 buying it.
they will be like calling around asking opinion from others n they will like stand near the ATM for so long before they really go n tekan money. AHAHAHA!!!
i c d both of them also beh tahan
k, i duwanna be a hypocrite la, cz i also lidat 1..wuakakak
but their consideration is cz of the price, i admit, it's expensive also la for us, still students...
but to me, ill consider long cz i dunno whether what i buy will please my gf, will she like it? is this the right thing to buy?
this is wat will bother me la when comes to buying a gift for

then they told me, "haih, buy this d gf happy, but my sakit fly liao..summore i worked so hard for d money!!" ahahah!!
i think it's ok if it's for ur gf..expensive expensive la..if u can afford then can d if my gf's happy, i also happy d..dn care whether money fly cn always earn back 1 ma.
it's like im buying a gift for myself! i mean, that's wat i think la..ahakz
anyway, in the end they still bought it larh! damn fussy rite??
bought a book, Mastering Maya for rm150 -_- sakit hati betul...i also took bout 30mins considering it..ahah!
actually go there wnana buy shoe but fcuk, d shoe i saw in Singapore, here no sales!!!WTF!!!!n its like way more expensive!!!!damn damn damn regret larh!!!
in SG is like $100 after discount, then over here is like..rm350 without discount!! siao arh! Mega sales konon..

it's a love at 1st sight. lolx

then went dinner wif bday boy at Starhill, Bangkok Jazz, d name of the restaurant..Thai food..
nice place x)

Oh, n Nic got himself a present, a tattoo(gangster liao) --- designed by Wayne summore X)

good time has passed, now back to reality

Sunday, July 08, 2007

well, have been browsing through my picture folder nearly everynight.
each picture that shows up relli rewind my mind..hehe..
yah, i should go n sleep la instead of that, but i just wanna bring some nice memories wif me b4 i go to bed, instead of stuff tht makes me think until i go mad...

nuff said. picture speaks louder than words x)

this was while v're still in d same class, 1st year in TOA..d 1st pic at Genting..tht time tht Siao Gu Edmund still around n gosh, when i look at this pic, straight i luff sial...

these ones are pics when we went for Langkawi+Penang trip..from the pics, can tell it's a great n n happy trip we had. extended the staying time over there summore..

although diff class d, some even change coll...v still hang out 2gether, n have some celebration gatherings..

n these are the picture where we celebrated New Year 2007 2gether in Genting!n wow, it's relli unforgettable fun that time..
u ask me to recall how did i look like tht time, but all d look i can recall when im drunk is..

THIS!!! xD